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Monday, March 4, 2024

Mass Graves of 45 Dead Hindus Murdered by Rohingya Jihadis Uncovered in Myanmar

Two weeks back, HinduPost had reported that around 100 Hindus have been murdered by Rohingya Muslim extremist mobs in the ongoing violence in Rakhine state of Myanmar. Now, reports are finally filtering through in MSM outlets like BBC, AFP etc of the horrific ethnic cleansing of the peaceful, minority Hindu community at the hands of jihadi elements within the Rohingya Muslim majority of that region.

But even while international and domestic MSM is finally reporting on the massacre of Hindus, thus far forgotten in this conflict, it is still advisable to rely on local Myanmarese outlets to get the full picture of events as they unfold. Here is what The Irrawady has reported on the recent discovery of mass graves of 45 dead Hindus murdered by Rohingya Muslim extremists –

“Security forces unearthed 45 dead Hindus, including six children, near Ye Baw Kya village in northern Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, according to a statement issued by the government’s Information Committee and later reports from a Hindu community leader.

The government’s statement — based on Hindu community leader U Ni Mal’s testimony— on Sunday said members of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) arrested some 100 men and women from several Hindu villages in Kha Maung Seik village tract on Aug. 25 and killed the majority of abductees.

U Ni Mal told The Irrawaddy this afternoon after he and villagers assisted security forces in searching for additional burial sites.

The community leader claimed the 45 deceased were brutally killed and some were beheaded or had their throats slit. Among the bodies were 20 women, 19 men, and six children. A mass grave of 28 was found of Sunday, with 17 discovered on Monday afternoon.

Twenty eight bodies were unearthed in Rakhine State’s Maungdaw Township on September 24. 

(Photo: Thuta Zaw/ Facebook)

U Ni Mal said that the Hindu community had verbally and officially requested that authorities and Arakan National Party lawmakers looks into the deaths, but that there were delays due to security concerns.

The UN estimates that some 500 Hindus fled to Bangladesh after Muslim militants attacked border police posts on August 25 and resulting Myanmar Army security clearance operations have followed. The refugees are sheltering in makeshift camps on the Bangladesh border alongside a UN-estimated 420,000 self-identifying Rohingya Muslims.

U Ni Mal expressed that the Hindu community “wants justice” for these attacks.

Some 30,000 Hindus and Buddhists in Maungdaw were also displaced to other areas in Rakhine State after military clearance operations began following Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army attacks on border police posts.

During a visit by The Irrawaddy’s reporter in early September, some Hindus expressed that they would no longer live alongside Muslims in Maungdaw if the government planned to relocate them.

“We are not comfortable living alongside them anymore,” said U Ni Mal.”

Even the rabidly anti-Hindu and anti-Bharat BBC was not able to ignore the issue anymore and filed this report (especially noteworthy are the first-hand testimonies of Hindus now living in camps who escaped the attacks by Rohingya jihadis)  –

But so accustomed are we to live in denial, that even after discovery of these dead bodies and multiple accounts from Hindu survivors about how ARSA jihadis and some of their own Muslim neighbors turned against them, many in Bharat still are ‘not sure’ –

And of course, the toxic leftist Hindu-hating media like The Wire is spinning another narrative altogether – one which says that Hindus from Myanmar are fleeing to Bangladesh just like the Rohingya Muslims. So reading between the lines, they are saying that both Hindus and Muslims are being persecuted by the Buddhist-majority Myanmar.   

So lets re-examine the facts. Yes, it is true that around 500 Hindus from Myanmar have fled to Bangladesh. But it is equally true that around 30,000 Hindus, Buddhists and other ethnic tribals have fled to safe areas within Myanmar, especially to Rakhine’s capital Sittwe. HinduPost has spoken to local Hindu leaders and representatives in Myanmar and all have said that they are happy with the relief being provided by Myanmar’s government, and more importantly, Hindus are well-regarded in Myanmar and co-exist perfectly well with the majority Buddhists there.

So why would some Hindus choose to go to Bangladesh when they are being attacked by ARSA jihadists? Here are the likely reasons –

  • Most of the violence is taking place in northern part of Rakhine state adjoining the Bangladesh border. In a conflict zone, the uppermost thought on someone’s mind is to escape to a relatively safe nearby place. So if that means trekking to Bangladeshi territory 50 km away rather than a safe zone in Myanmar which is 200 km away, some Hindus are choosing the first option.
  • Going to a safe zone within Myanmar means crossing conflict areas, many of which are heavily mined by ARSA jihadis.
  • Some Hindu women & children have been abducted by Rohingya Muslim extremists, taken to Bangladesh and forcefully converted to Islam – they were later rescued due to efforts of local Bangladeshi Hindu groups.

Now, lets see the various first-hand testimonies of Hindu survivors recounting the attacks by Rohingya jihadists.

Hindu survivor testimony # 1

This video shows a Hindu woman who saw her family members, including her husband, sister-in-law and nephew, murdered in front of her own eyes by the terrorists, before she was forcefully converted to Islam. 

Hindu survivor testimony # 2

Here is a clipping of a report by The Global New Light of Myanmar daily, which shows interviews with terrified Hindu refugees, some of whom are relatives of the women and children who were abducted and taken to Bangladesh after their male family members were killed  –

Hindu survivor testimony # 3

Mina Kumari, with whom Muni (an 8-year-old sole survivor of a Hindu family) is living, told The Irrawaddy that she had lost her son in the violence, but had made contact with her daughter-in-law and Muni’s sister now in Bangladesh.

“My daughter-in-law could not speak properly on the phone, she was crying a lot and was very afraid,” said Mina Kumari. Mina Kumari said that her daughter-in-law explained over the phone that she had been forced to undergo a conversion to Islam with seven other women, and that she and her three children avoided being murdered after she gave one of the gunmen her gold earrings.

Hindu survivor testimony # 4

Speaking to The Irrawaddy through an interpreter and on the condition of anonymity, a leader from the Hindu temple in Dakshin Nihla in Bangladesh said that the eight women in question—including Mina Kumari’s daughter-in-law—were brought to the temple by Bangladeshi border police.

He estimated 470 Hindus had fled to Bangladesh. He alleged that the women were filmed by members of the ARSA and told to say they feared attacks from ethnic Arakanese and the Myanmar security forces.

Hindu survivor testimony # 5

Here is the account of a journalist who visited relief camps in Myanmar and spoke to Hindu refugees there –

” I went to [relief] camps and interviewed Hindus. After the conflict broke out on Aug. 25, Muslim crowds threatened them [they said].

Muslims made threats. Some shot with a gun and one [Hindu] was killed. I also interviewed the mother of a victim. She could identify from where the gun was fired. But things are different from what we usually see in movies—not every one of them is shooting with a gun. Some have improvised firearms, some have guns and some have swords. They are a large crowd and it is easier for them to threaten and attack small groups of people. Hindus are the minority there and they dare not talk back to them. What they can do is to avoid conflict. So, they flee. But the town is too small, only four or five wards. So, they flee to Arakanese wards. They escaped, but unluckily some were killed on the way.

(recounting the experience of a survivor, Kamala, from the 6-member Hindu family which wasbutchered)..The [Hindu] family was too frightened and so they fled into a nearby building. Some of the people in the crowd had guns and they shot [at them]. Kamala was hit. She was shot in the chest and lost consciousness. The rest were killed with swords. Witnesses told us that [attackers] said words related to religion like ‘Allah is taking you. So you must go.’[Attackers] left her because they thought she was dead. We can say her account is very credible.

I’ve asked Hindus, and all of them unanimously said they dare not live together with [Muslims]. They will not go back to stay within Muslim quarters anymore and also refuse to accept government suggestions that they live together with Muslims. They asked the government for segregation.”

Despite this mountain of evidence, if someone still harbors doubts about the anti-Hindu outlook of significant sections of the Rohingya Muslim community, then either that person is naive or feigning ignorance.

Going by what the Hindus of Myanmar have endured, Bharat should be extending all help to them instead of sending aid for Rohingya Muslims. And settling thousands of Rohingya Muslims in our country, as the Congress, Left and liberal intelligentsia would have us do, is basically plating the seeds of destruction of our future generations.

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