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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Alpesh Thakor Joins Ranks of Over-hyped ‘Youth Leaders’ Anointed by Liberal-Secular Ecosystem

Alpesh Thakor, praised by media outlets like NDTV as one of the ‘triumvirate’ of new ‘leaders’ who have joined hands with Congress to pose a strong challenge to the incumbent BJP State Government, made a startling statement during an election rally yesterday.

Thakor said that Modi used to be as dark as him in terms of complexion, but eating imported mushrooms from Taiwan has made him fair now. He further said that he has heard each of the mushrooms cost Rs 80,000 and the PM consumes five pieces on a daily basis.

Thakor is the Congress candidate from Radhanpur Assembly constituency and has rapidly become a trusted aide of Congress President Rahul Gandhi after joining the party just recently. He accompanied Rahul Gandhi during his latest three-day Navsarjan Yatra in North Gujarat. Much to the chagrin of long-time Congress leaders, he has been attending Congress’s high-level candidate finalisation meetings.

Since May 2014, the country has seen many such ‘youth leaders’ being praised to the skies by the left-liberal intelligentsia. However, subsequent events have shown these leaders / activists in a less than flattering light –

Hardik Patel

This 24-year-old’s claim to fame is leading a violent agitation to get reservation quota for the Patidar community. His PAAS organization has resorted to arson, destroyed properties and vehicles worth crores, caused curfews, injured many policemen, and left 12 people death. Trying to dissuade Patel youth from immolation, Hardik asked them to “kill two-five policemen” instead.

After claiming to be apolitical, Hardik Patel came out in support of Congress days before the Gujarat elections – but the alliance has not been smooth and PAAS workers have clashed with Congress over ticket allocation. Many of Patel’s close aides from PAAS have accused him of amassing personal wealth and living a luxurious lifestyle by misusing community funds. Many sex videos involving Hardik Patel, his relatives and PAAS workers have also surfaced.

Jignesh Mevani

Touted as the “brilliant face of the Gujarat Dalit agitation” by Hinduphobic propaganda sites like Scroll, Mevani, who is supporting Congress in the ongoing elections, recently received funding from members of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of the Islamist organization Popular Front of India (PFI), under the NIA radar after many of its members were allegedly found fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Mevani has also received funding from controversial ultra-left author Arundhati Roy. Mevani was also in the news for using crude language and making anti-women abuses against a person who had called him alleging misappropriation of funds gathered.

At a campaign rally, when the crowd asked him to say “Jai Shri Ram”, he responded by saying that he would do it only if crowd shouts “Allah o Akbar”. In a bizarre statement which exposes his claims of fighting for women empowerment, Mevani said if he had two sisters, he would marry one to a Muslim.

Kanhaiya Kumar & Umar Khalid

These two student ‘leaders’ from ultra-radical student groups AISA (All India Students Association) and DSU (Democratic Students Union) respectively, shot into national limelight after a ‘cultural event’ organized by them at JNU on 9 Feb 2016 to commemorate the “judicial killing” of terrorists Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat, and against the “Brahmanical collective conscience”.The favourite slogans of the radical mob at this event were “Kashmir ki azadi tak jung chalegi. Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung chalegi” (War will continue till Kashmir is free, till Bharat is destroyed) & “Bharart tere tukde honge, inshaallah-inshaallah” (Bharat will be broken up, Allah willing).

Kanhaiya Kumar is also accused of urinating in public, of flashing his private parts to a lady, of disrespecting his teachers, of whitewashing Congress sponsored anti-Sikh genocide of 1984, and of getting into a scuffle in the mid of a flight and lying about it.

But all this did not matter to a liberal-left ecosystem for which this young man was like a straw to a drowning man. “Modi has met his match in Kanhaiya Kumar” cooed Nayantara Sahgal, writer and niece of Jawaharlal Nehru – also one of the leading voices in the ‘Award Wapsi’ drama launched to bolster the ‘Rising Intolerance’ narrative.

Umar Khalid was indicted by Delhi police for sedition in March this year for his role in the JNU event. Khalid, whose father was the ex-Chief of now banned terrorist outfit Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), has also supported slain terrorist Burhan Wani and frequently travels across the country to speak on the “Bharatiya state’s brutality in Kashmir, Naxal-affected tribal areas and the North-East.”

Akhilesh Yadav

The 44-year-old ex-CM of Uttar Pradesh was heralded as the youth messiah (the word ‘young’ appears in many articles about him) who would deliver the state from its chronic lawlessness, corruption and poor governance, after his storming election victory in 2012. 5 years later, after overseeing one of the worst Governments the state has ever witnessed, Akhilesh was booted out of power by an angry electorate. Today, his aura in tatters, he is involved in a desperate family struggle against his 78-year-old father to maintain his supremacy over Samajwadi Party.

Akhilesh’s blatant pandering to Islamists led to the Kairana exodus, Muzaffarnagar riots, and created an acute sense of insecurity among hapless Hindus of Western UP from which they are yet to recover. Adversity reveals character, and Akhilesh Yadava’s character was revealed when during an uphill election campaign, he abused a TV journalist by saying “गां** मैं बैंस घुसेड़ दूंगा” (I will stick a bamboo in your a**).

Tejashwi Yadav

The second eldest son of the scam-tainted former chief ministers of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav & Rabri Devi, Tejashwi (28) is a 9th class school dropout who was anointed as the Deputy-CM of Bihar after his father’s party emerged as the single largest faction in the 2015 Bihar state elections. After CBI and ED registered criminal cases of corruption and money laundering against Tejashwi, father Lalu, mother Rabri, and brother Tej Pratap, Tejashwi refused to resign and the coalition Government broke down. Recently, brother Tej Pratap threatened to skin PM Modi alive for downgrading Lalu’s security from Z+ to Z category.

But the two “youth icons” who are the perennial darlings of the left-liberal cabal are Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal

Enough has been said and written about Kejriwal and his meteoric rise on the national scene from an apolitical, anti-corruption crusader to the founder of a new political entity AAP in Nov 2012. Incredibly, Kejriwal was touted as a potential game changer & challenger to Modi in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. After winning a paltry 4 Lok Sabha seats, Kejriwal registered a thumping victory in the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections which again sent his stocks soaring with an intelligentsia desperately seeking a counter to Modi.

AAP has seen a rapid decline from its euphoric initial days of promising ‘new politics’ – bitter internal politicking, splits, allegations of cultish control of the party by Kejriwal and his close coterie, financial misappropriation, spit-and-scoot politics, sexual exploitation & mysterious deaths of women party workers, hobnobbing with Khalistanis and other anti-national groups and much more.

But what probably defines this manic party and its attention-seeking leader is this video released by Kejriwal to all his party workers last year, in which he accused PM Modi, BJP of plotting to kill him.

Rahul Gandhi

After being the heir-in-waiting for 13 years, Rahul Gandhi, the 47-year old scion of the Nehru dynasty, was finally ‘elected’ as the Congress President earlier this month. His ascent to the top post in Congress was rightly compared to Mughal dynasty succession by veteran Congressi Mani Shankar Aiyer.

Rahul Gandhi has been launched more times than any other brand in history of modern Bharat. His pre-political life details are hazy, as are details of his periodical foreign trips to recuperate from stresses of electioneering, but the most serious allegation against him is that he was arrested by FBI in US for holding high amount of cash and a white powder (suspected to be cocaine), and was freed without any charge due to high-level intervention of the AB Vajpayee Government.

After being elected MP from the family stronghold of Amethi in 2004, Gandhi was marketed as a ‘self-effacing, reluctant politician, but keen learner’ in the 2004-09 period. He was hailed as a master politician after the Congress’ victory in 2009 LS polls, especially for the party winning 21 out of 80 seats in the state of UP (it’s highest tally in the crucial state after 25 years). Sample this mirth-inducing ode to prince Rahul Gandhi titled “LS Polls 2009: Rahul Gandhi’s summer of content – The 2009 elections will shine in the Gandhi family lore” which appeared in in mainstream (self-professed neutral) media outlet

“The 2009 elections will shine in the Gandhi family lore. The year saw a stunning transformation of the Gandhi heir apparent into a shrewd strategist and politician as he emerged from his mother’s sheltering shadows to campaign tirelessly in the blistering summer heat, addressing as many as 10-15 rallies a day

The Congress general secretary in charge of youth affairs who became MP for the first time from Amethi in 2004, Rahul Gandhi proved to be a relentless campaigner, turning on his charm on voters, trumpeting the Congress’ achievements with panache and demolishing opponents with withering sarcasm.

He travelled extensively across Uttar Pradesh, which is the size of Britain and France combined, stayed at the homes of Dalit families and kindled hopes of revival for the party that once dominated the state….The party is upbeat about the man who could be king tomorrow, the long-distance runner who knows that time is on his side”

However, doubts started creeping in even within the formidable left-liberal PR machinery after Congress crashed to a measly 28 seats out of total 403 in 2012 UP Assembly elections, and even the most-staunch Nehru-Gandhi loyalist was floundering after the party recorded its worst ever electoral result in its history, winning only 44 seats in LS 2014 elections.

But bestowed with the miraculous power of repackaging, the Rahul Gandhi product is back in the market. Rahul Gandhi v 10.3 is now being sold to the masses as the steely fighter who will ensure minorities, oppressed Hindus, youth and women get their rights; who will ensure the little man is not crushed in the mad scramble for the dirty D word development; the man who will bring a ‘kurta-pyjama sarkar’ as against a ‘suit-boot ki sarkar’.

One fascinating aspect of this whole ‘youth leader’ anointment by our left-liberal media and elites is how similar age group leaders, but from the opposite end of the political spectrum, are ignored. Compared to likes of Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav and Arvind Kejriwal, other leaders in their 40s with far more political and administrative experience, such as Yogi Adityanath (45), Smriti Irani (40), Dharmendra Pradhan (48), Kiren Rijiju (46), Himanta Biswa Sarma (48) are never exhorted as ‘youth leaders’!

One thing is for sure. More such ‘youth activists/leader’ will be unearthed, polished and presented to the masses in the coming days and months – as long as ‘fascist, majoritarian’ forces continue to wield political power. Once the masses drink their kool-aid and the pendulum swings back to the Nehruvian ‘Idea of India’ gang, the ‘youth icons’ will be nudged aside and the old pecking order will be restored – Sibals, Chidambarams, Khurshids, Antonys, Digvijays, Amhed Patels, and queen Sonia will be back in the game.

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