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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Modi Can Get Me Killed: Arvind Kejriwal

In a video message released today, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has claimed that PM Narendra Modi can even get him killed out of anger and frustration over AAP’s ‘success’.

Here is the 9 min video released on AAP’ official YouTube channel, titled ‘Arvind Kejriwal’s message to the common man’ – 

For the benefit of non-Hindi listeners, we have translated the above video into English –


I have something important to discuss today with all citizens who care for the nation. You must be seeing how there is an attempt to crush AAP over the last few days – 10 of our MLAs have been arrested; 21 MLAs are under disqualification threat due to ‘office of profit’ issue; 1 MP Bhagwant Mann was suspended from Lok Sabha. CBI raids, ACB is foisting false cases and investigating Satyender Jain and Manish Sisodia (both cabinet ministers in Delhi Govt).

I was thinking why is all this happening? Some people ask me, “Arvind, why do you keep repeating everyday that Modi ji is conspiring against you?” Income Tax Department, Delhi Police, CBI – so many departments who are after us, they must be having some mastermind. Who is that mastermind – it is Amit Shah, PMO office, and Narendra Modi ji..ultimately it is Modi ji who is directing all this. Why is he doing it? I can’t understand the reason for this…its having a negative effect. Common people are saying this is wrong, this is crossing all limits…so this is creating a negative perception in people (against Modi ji). Then, why is Modi ji doing all this?

The inside information I have got is that Modi ji is very frustrated with us (AAP), he is very very angry. He is not thinking logically about this. All our MLAs that have been arrested came out of jail after a few days. They have not been able to prove anything till now – courts have dismissed whatever the investigative agencies have submitted till date. So it does not make any sense? But people are telling me that Modi ji is totally frustrated and angry, hence he is not using his mind.

I am getting different feedback about the reason’s why Modi ji is upset: some people are saying that lot of good work is happening in Delhi while the central Government is not performing, which is showing them in poor light compared to us; some say that he is still not able to digest the loss in Delhi state elections; some say that he is fretting due to our growing support in Punjab, Gujarat, Goa. I don’t know the real reason. But this much is clear – that he is taking all these decisions out of anger and frustration.

This worries me – if the king of a country starts taking decisions out of anger, it is very dangerous for that nation. If the PM can take such thoughtless decisions with regards to AAP, he could be doing the same in other matters. Our MLAs are now used to this – they are arrested, then released on bail after 3 days. Modi ji can arrest us all. The important thing is : Is the country in safe hands? The more I think about this, I am unable to sleep. We had centuries of friendship with Nepal, but today our relations are not good. With Pakistan, on the one hand you blame them (for terrorism), on the other you go to greet happy birthday (Modi had paid a visit to Pakistan on Nawaz Sharif’s birthday) or invite ISI (Pakistani investigators were allowed to visit Pathankot airbase after the terror attack there). We see such wild swings in many decisions taken by Modi ji; all these decisions are being taken without thought – this is dangerous  for the nation.

Modi wants political power – that is not bad, all politicians want power. One way is to do good work, and public will support.  Like we are doing in Delhi – we provided cheaper electricity, free water, improved hospitals, schools,  did so much for farmers. BJP and Modiji have failed on all fronts – all segments of society are upset with them. Dalits, minorites, farmers, youth, traders…inflation is sky-rocketing. The second way of gaining power is to crush your opponents. This is what Modi ji is doing now. Have you seen any Congress leader speaking up recently? They have crushed all political opponents. You must have seen the recent Dalit protests – those Dalits were crushed; Rohit Vemula was crushed; Students and youth are being crushed. They have not left any stone un-turned to crush AAP. But we have refused to bow down before their oppression. Hence they are dejected, frustrated and angry.

Today, I want to address all volunteers, MLAs, ministers and party workers – this is a critical time for us. You all think carefully, talk to your families. This oppression (by Modi) is going to get worse in future – these people can go to any length. They can get us killed…they can even get me murdered. Going to jail is nothing – I am sure all MLAs will have to go to jail, not once but multiple times. But be ready to sacrifice even your life, else take a break.

Jai Hind”

After earlier calling PM Modi a coward and psychopath, followed by allegations that PM Modi is an ‘ISI Agent’, the above video message does not come as a surprise. Politics of Bharat has produced some interesting characters over the years, but Arvind Kejriwal is in a different league. We think the following tweet sums it up best –

And Kejriwal ji would also do well to listen again to this 2 month old video message by a Delhi citizen addressed to him –

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