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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Has JNU Become A Den Of Anti-Nationals And Hinduphobes?

On the one hand we have men like Lance Naik Hanmanthappa who sacrifice the best years of their life guarding our borders in inhospitable places like Siachen, while on the other we have ‘students’ at JNU who can’t stop themselves from mourning and eulogizing the few terrorists this nation has managed to punish after protracted legal processes.

As the Rohith Vemula tragedy also showed, social science & humanities departments at many of our top universities, JNU in particular, have turned into hotbeds of leftist radicalization and virulent anti-Hindu politics.

In this light, the recent ‘Cultural Evening’ called by leftist students at JNU to commemorate the “judicial killing” of (terrorists) Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat, and against the “Brahmanical collective conscience” comes as no surprise.

Event organized by leftists at JNU commemorating terrorists; Source: OpIndia.com

At this ‘cultural event’, these students were heard shouting anti-Bharat slogans and hailing ‘Shaeed” Afzal Guru. See the below video where students are saying:

“Kashmir ki azadi tak jung chalegi. Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung chalegi”

        (This war will continue till Kashmir is free. Till Bharat is destroyed)

And when another student group protested against this anti-national gathering, the campus erupted, with Islamists from nearby Jamia Millia Islamia University even brandishing guns and police being called in; all this drama vitiating the atmosphere for genuine students pursuing academics.

In the name of Baba Ambedkar and Dalit emancipation, many radical communist ‘student groups’ have hijacked the genuine struggle of SC/STs. These groups indoctrinate students with an anti-Bharat and anti-Hindu worldview. As Abhinav Prakash, a young research scholar at JNU who also happens to be a Dalit, revealed on twitter –

Abhinav Prakash reveals more in this India Facts article on the outright abuse that Hindu students at JNU face –

“In the JNU campus, the much-vaunted secular ideals vanish in thin air with the constant abuse and harassment of Hindus and their religious beliefs. Open ridicule of Hindu deities is the favorite pastime of the liberal-progressive comrades in comfortable cahoots with the Islamists.

In fact, such was the terror unleashed in the JNU campus that Hinduism was virtually non-existent in public life there until the late 90s and driven underground even in the personal realm. Hardly anyone dared to keep a murti of her deity in her room. People took special care to not to sport kalava—the sacred thread around the wrist, or tilak or be caught visiting the temple outside the campus.

Hindu students, especially from the SC/ST or OBC backgrounds are mentally harassed for being Hindu and sometimes, are aggressively pressurized to boycott Hindu festivals and throw the picture or the murti of their deity, they may have, into the dustbin.

It is to be noted that no such discussion is ever done with regard to Islam or Christianity, which are instead praised to the skies by the atheist and Islamist comrades. And when such abuses are challenged, shouts emerge from the rooftops that ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘secularism’ are under threat as Hindus have dared to talk back.

This then is the hard truth of the left’s commitment to free speech and the pretense of any “debate culture” in its intellectual citadel of JNU.”

Example of JNU leftist ‘art’

Prakash has also blown the lid on the “JNU Mahishasura Day” controversy last year in another IndiaFacts article

“On 9 October, clashes erupted in JNU over the Mahishasura Martyrdom Day. The spark was the distribution of the October issue of Forward Press, a Christian evangelical Magazine, which depicted Goddess Durga in a derogatory manner. While Hindu bashing is nothing new in JNU, it has become worse in the last few years with the emergence of several ultra-left, Islamist and outright racist groups in the campus.

The story asserts that Durga Puja has its origin in the Aryan Invasion of India. According to it, Mahishasura was a just and valiant defender of a buffalo rearing tribe, which is equated with the Yadavs of today. The Aryans failed to defeat him in open battle, so they hired a prostitute called Durga to seduce and kill him by treachery. Durga honeymooned with Mahishasura for several days and killed him on the ninth day. Thereafter, the Aryans committed a large-scale massacre on the tenth day, which is now celebrated as Vijayadashmi.”

Another must read to understand the poisonous cesspit that JNU has become, is this series of tweets by @navfrn


This distorted secular-socialist discourse which dominates the upper echelons of universities like JNU has real consequences, apart from polluting the minds of students. Around a month back, reports emerged that a JNU Assistant Professor Arshad Alam brutally raped a Bangladeshi Hindu girl student doing research work under him. The girl went into shock and returned to Bangladesh. An ‘internal enquiry’ found Alam guilty and the professor was dismissed from service. But a powerful lobby within the JNU administration is hell bent on saving the accused professor, and tried to ensure no FIR gets filed.

Patriotism has been converted into a cuss word or a synonymn of majoritarianism in young minds, by the left-Islamist radicals. But there is hope yet, till the day we have people like CISF Head Constable Prem Swaroop, who should be the real role models for the youth of this nation.

It is not surprising that #ShutDownJNU is trending on twitter, and this tweet captures the feelings of countless ordinary, patriotic, tax-paying Bharatiyas –

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  1. Not has become,it has always been Anti-Hindu & by extension Anti-Bharat just like the man it is named after.JNU has no intellectuality only mame calling.They think they can wrongly criticize Hinduism because it allows criticism but the moment someone opposes their views they are unwilling to participate in Hinduisms culture of debate.This shows their pseudo intellectuality.

    • well said….leftists shout loudest for ‘freedom of expression’, but are extremely intolerant of any opposing views & are hand in glove with Islamists…have you ever heard a leftist ‘intellectual’ speak up against Islamist radicals or advise Muslims to be ‘tolerant’ when someone criticizes their faith?


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