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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Dear Tej Pratap Yadav, No Need to ‘skin PM Modi’, Here’s Why Your Dad Lalu Faces Little Security Threat

Tej Pratap Yadav is livid at his father Lalu Yadav’s security cover being downgraded from Z+ to Z, and has threatened to skin PM Modi alive for this perceived impudence.

Alleging that this is part of a conspiracy to murder his father, he told reporters at the state assembly “Laluji ko maarne ki saazish ho rahi hai. Hum chup nahi baithenge, Narendra Modi ji ka khaal udhedva lenge (A conspiracy is being hatched to kill Laluji. We will not stay silent. We will skin Narendra Modi ji).”

Notwithstanding the fact that Lalu Yadav still retains Z security protection, i.e. 22 dedicated security personnel plus extra security by CRPF/Delhi police and one escort car, here are 4 reasons which show why even this is a wasteful expenditure on Lalu Yadav, given the low security threat against him –

1.) Lalu Yadav is hand in glove with dreaded criminal turned politicians like Shahabuddin. Lalu’s motto during his ruinous 15 year stint at the helm of Bihar from 1990 to 2005 was “loot, and let loot.” The criminal section of Bihar would give anything for the return of those heady days of jungle raj under Lalu when apharan (kidnapping), and firauti (extortion) gangs were the fastest growing start-ups, and many such (criminal) enterprises were recognized and rewarded by Lalu’s RJD via assembly seats.

2.) Lalu’s corrupt, casteist misrule provided the perfect breeding ground for Left-Wing Extremism, aka Naxalism, to grow in Bihar. Bihar’s descent into darkness under Lalu is captured in the bookConfessional Terror: A Dateline to Death‘. The violence unleashed by Naxalites and organized crime syndicates could be controlled only after the JDU-BJP coalition under Nitish Kumar came to power in 2005. So, Naxalites would love nothing more than a return of Lalu raj. 

3.) Islamists are a big fan of politicians like Lalu, who will pander and appease the most radical Muslim cleric as long as it guarantees a few votes for the Lalu clan. After all, why would jihadis target a man who parades a fake Osama Bin Laden in an election rally?

4.) Lalu is a big favourite of the Hinduphobic liberal-secular ‘Idea of India’ gang based in Lutyens’ Delhi which masquerades as neutral journalists and public intellectuals. Many of these smooth operators have global connects and are thinly veiled overground supporters of Islamists, Naxals, Khalistanis, Missionaries and other #BreakingIndia forces. They know how vital Lalu is to their designs of preventing a strong & prosperous Bharat, especially in light of the upcoming 2019 elections. More than any security agency, Lutyens will ensure via their handlers that Lalu stays safe and sound to try and divide Hindus along caste lines.

Given his privileged upbringing, nepotistic outlook towards life, and the fact that he was made a senior minister in the last Bihar cabinet despite having no governance experience (and also being twelfth class fail), we can understand why Tej Pratap is seeing this security downgrade as a slight to his father.

Threat perception calculations and institutionalized decision frameworks under which Lalu’s security was downgraded from Z+ to Z, along with ex-Bihar CM Jitan Manjhi (an NDA ally) and senior leader Sharad Yadav, are probably too much for young Tej Pratap Yadav to absorb – but he should rest assured that those who pose a real threat to Bharat’s security and integrity will want his father to have a long life.

In fact, a very strong argument can be made for Lalu ji’s security cover to be further reduced to Y or X category.

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  1. Lalu’s son’s threat to skin out Modi shows the character and quality of Lalu and his family. His mother’s outburst against Modi a few days ago is not forgotten. Now all these sickularists and minorities’ appeasers, have one enemy and Modi is the common enemy. Modi has exposed their ugly sickular face and corrupt veins. The demonetisation has paralysed their riot-engineering tactics and stone throwing schemes in Kashmir. The corrupt and anti-social elements have joined hands to oppose Modi


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