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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Sagarika Ghose Blasts ‘Cow Urine Drinking, Cow Dung Trading, Ramayana Believing’ Hindu Who Dared Question Nehru

Controversial senior journalist Sagarika Ghose courageously put her extreme Hinduphobia on full public display while castigating a person who had posed an uncomfortable question to Rahul Gandhi during his recent public interaction in Singapore.

Prasenjit K Basu, the author of Asia Reborn, had posed a question to Rahul Gandhi as to why Bharat’s per capita income grew slower than world average in all the years that the Nehru-Gandhi family was in power, while the same per capita income grew faster than world average in the years after the family relinquished power.

Outraged at this ‘ungratefulness’ shown towards Jawaharlal Nehru, this is what Sagarika ji tweeted while tagging Basu –

The gist of her tweet – you Hindus would have been a backward, uncivilised, superstitious lot if not for Jawaharlal Nehru.

In Sagarika’s worldview, and of many like her in Lutyens’ Delhi, the non-Westernised Hindu is an illiterate savage whose whole life revolves around the cow, cow products and a regressive/mythical/superstitious religion (well, not really a religion, as it does not possess that one defining ‘holy book’ like the ‘real’ religions do).

For Sagarika and her fellow Nehru-fans like Ram Guha, this ‘dirty’ Hindu –

1.) Drinks a glass of cow’s milk before dawn.

2.) Drinks cow urine through the day

3.) Trades in cow dung

4.) Believes in ‘myths’ like the Ramayana (full of ‘nonsense’ like ten-headed demons and flying chariots). Sagarika once also called Bhagwan Rama a ‘divine encroacher’ on one of her TV debates regarding the Babri dispute, during her news anchoring heydays.

5.) Is condemned to remain backward & poor because he/she cannot speak English.

We would like to respectfully submit the following to  Sagarika ji and others like her –

1.) Cow’s milk is good for us humans, even for elderly ladies who are at risk of osteoporosis. And desi cow milk of A2 type is far better than the milk from cross-bred foreign breeds which give A1 type milk – A1 milk can lead to milk intolerance and a range of diseases like diabetes, heart disorder, autism etc.

Moreover, these benefits of A2 milk from desi breeds has been validated by Western scientists – so rest assured, dear Sagarika – it’s not just us unwashed Hindoos saying all this, but even the White Man agrees on this one!

2.) We ‘savage’ Hindoos do not have cow urine tasting parties like your wine-tasting sessions – sorry to burst your bubble, but cow urine is not a recreational drink for us. It is believed to have therapeutic properties when used in the right dose as an ingredient for certain Ayurvedic medicines, and is also used for organic farming and during certain Hindu rituals.

So rest assured, Sagarika ji – we Hindus, like other humans, still drink water as our primary liquid diet!

Moreover, in 2002, a US patent was issued to a group of Indian scientists for an antibiotic and cow urine distillate mixture, where the cow urine served as a bioenhancer.

In 2012, a veterinary science college in Wayand, Kerala (yes, the ‘evolved, civilized’ Kerala..not just any cow-belt state!) started packaging and branding cow urine for the organic farming sector. “Cow’s urine is meant to improve the plant resistance while Panchagavya (mixture of milk, ghee, curd, cow urine and cow dung) will help the growth of favourable soil bacteria and thereby improve soil fertility,” said Dr. Joseph Mathew, of the college. (Note: the doctor saying this is not just another ‘heathen Hindu quack’ masquerading as a doctor, but a follower of the ‘true Lord’ Jesus Christ!)

Other research outside Bharat has also revealed therapeutic benefits of cow urine in fighting diabetes & kidney stones, and scientists have also found that cow urine has antioxidant properties which can help act as a deterrent for cancer.

So dear Sagarika, it’s not just the ‘gibberish’ Ayurvedic texts like Sushrita Samhita and Ashtanga Sangraha which are going ga-ga over Go-mutra (cow’s urine), but this is something that modern medicine too has started acknowledging.

3.) Cow dung traders? Let’s see what the official site of Denmark (a White, Christian first-world nation, Sagarika ji…not some third-world s***hole!) has to say in an article titled ‘Cow dung – a source of green energy’:

“Traditionally cow dung has been used as a fertilizer, though today dung is collected and used to produce biogas. This gas is rich in methane and is used in rural areas of India/Pakistan and elsewhere to provide a renewable and stable source of electricity. According to the International Energy Agency, bioenergy (biogas and biomass) have the potential to meet more than a quarter of world demand for transportation fuels by 2050.

Biomass has become an increasingly important energy source in Denmark over the last 25 years. Being a carbon neutral energy source, it has already helped make a significant contribution to the reduction of Danish carbon emissions. The conversion of more biomass at power stations will help Denmark reach its target of 30% renewable energy by 2020. Today, biomass accounts for approximately 12% of world energy consumption. Yet the potential of using biogas has so far been unexploited, especially in the form of livestock manure in the agriculture system.”

Sounds like this cow dung trade is a good idea, Sagarika ji….well, what d’ya know – crazy s**t, right!

4.) Ramayana ‘myths’! Dear Sagarika, the Ramayana is a part of Hindu itihas. Yes, we Hindus believe it really happened. But we do not obsess about the flying chariots (pushpak vimana) or 10-headed Ravana (the 10 heads actually is just an allegorical reference to the fact that Ravana was a great Brahmin & scholar of 4 Vedas & 6 Shastras….imagine, we ‘weird’ Hindus even have epics where the arch-villain is an ‘upper caste’ learned person!).

For us, the Ramayana is a text which explains the deeper subtleties of Dharma in an easier to understand story form. We focus more on what the Ramayana & Mahabharata teach us about real-life dilemnas and moral shades of grey that ordinary human beings grapple with, and how the law of Karma plays out.

If the ‘miraculous’ element of Hindi sacred texts bother you, surely you must have taken a similar stand against other miracles like virgin birth, resurrection of a dead man, wine turning into blood, seas parting, flying donkeys, earth being 6000 years old….or the greatest myth of all – eternal hell for the ‘non-believers’? And we are told by the Christian West that miracles happen even today – Christian ‘saints’ can magically cure cancerous tumors in heathens! Yes, we know that Biblical ‘history’ is different from pagan ‘myths’, but what’s your take on all this, Sagarika ji?

5.) Knowledge of English = good life? Is English-speaking ability really the passport to a better life for a person & a nation, Sagarika ji? Then why was Bharat, despite the presence of English-speaking elites of your ilk, beaten to a pulp in the development stakes under the post-Independence leadership of the one & only Jawaharlal (who surely was ‘enlightened’ as he claimed to be the ‘last Englishman to rule Bharat’), while other native language speaking & war ravaged nations like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore..and now China..raced ahead.

By the way, even Nehru’s grand daughter-in-law ‘Lady Bountiful’ Sonia Gandhi cannot speak proper English – do you consider her ‘uncivilised’ as well?

Do you know that even African countries, once colonized like us, are realizing that early years learning is better when home language is used? That UNESCO research has shown that children’s first language is the optimal language for literacy and learning throughout primary school? That a study comparing Canadian and Chinese students found that the latter were better at complex maths (Journal of Experimental Psychology, vol 130, p 299)

One crazy IIT-educated Hindu has even left his cushy IT job in USA to start a movement called – his research shows that our English-medium obsession in education has created an apartheid-like English class system, deprived us of innovators in science & technology & and stunted our growth as a nation.

To conclude, Sagarika ji, it appears that these ‘dirty’ Hindus seem to have undergone some kind of awakening, and are no longer buying the self-loathing that elites like you believe is so essential to your ‘Idea of India’. The unwashed masses are attempting to chart their own independent destiny (ungrateful wretches, we know!), unmindful of the White Man’s burden that brown-sahibs like your good self have continued to bear with such distinction.

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