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Friday, March 1, 2024

NDTV deletes tweet showing Muslim man getting tested for Covid after threats by Sharjeel Usmani & other Islamists

NDTV came under fire from Islamists and was subsequently forced to delete a tweet showing a Muslim man getting tested for Covid. Anti-Hindu NDTV that always gives its own malicious spin to cases involving Hindus in order to peddle its agenda, couldn’t even stand by its own tweet. While NDTV never bats an eyelid before spreading fake news against the majority community, it was exposed to Abrahamic ruthlessness when it comes to bullying.

Hinduphobic Sharjeel Usmani whose sole agenda is to spew venom against Hindus and Hindu Dharma wanted to know “who in NDTV decided to use the picture”, the threat in his tweet was clearly evident even though he sought to make it sound casual.

However, one can be certain that NDTV would have gone to town yelling about “Hindutva bullying” and rising “intolerance” if Hindus were to raise similar objections. NDTV has never let go of an opportunity in creating the bogey of “Hindu intolerance” but was given a dose of what real intolerance means by the very same Islamists it keeps batting for.

NDTV’s Sonia Singh tried to put up a brave front as she tweeted in favor of her colleagues and the media house’s right to free speech. This, however, only came across as a feeble apologetic attempt since Usmani was able to successfully intimidate the NDTV team to do his bidding. This indicates how Islamists and missionaries often get the liberal cabal to follow their agenda.

PC: Sonia Singh Twitter Page

In a similar vein, even the slightest of criticism of Muslim intelligentsia by a Hinduphobe like Ram Guha was not acceptable to Muslims. Guha, who like NDTV had always been critical of Hindu Dharma and society, had written an article advising the Bharatiya liberals how they must oppose Islamic communalism as much as they oppose Hindu communalists. This, as expected, didn’t go down well with the Islamists who chided so-called historian Guha for equating the two.

Responding to Guha, Asghar Ali Engineer had said:

Guha says that Dalwai’s “prediction has come chillingly true”. Hindu illiberalism has emerged with a vengeance. I do not think it is Dalwai’s prediction that has come true. The causes of the emergence of Hindu revivalism do not lie in the absence of Muslim liberalism but should be sought in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s unceasing efforts to bring about this revivalism and the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders’ ambition to come to power on the “rath”, or chariot, of Hindu revivalism.

Engineer seeks to place the blame of Muslim illiberalism on the partition which left behind illiterate, backward, and poor Muslims and an emerging Muslim middle class that saw “much insecurity due to frequent occurrence of communal riots since the early 1960s, besides the rough and tumble of economic uncertainties” adds Engineer.

In other words, Ali not just disagrees with Guha but also tries to insinuate that the latter is favoring Hindutvawadis by using Muslim illiberalism as a crutch to justify Hindu illiberalism. This, despite the fact that Guha’s credentials as a Hindu hater are well-established.

The likes of Guha, NDTV, and others belonging to the liberal Lutyens cabal often bend over backwards to please the Abrahamics by making false accusations against Hindu Dharma. Yet, if they ever attempt to point fingers at Islamists or missionaries, while never forgetting to bring in some “Hindutva extremist” angle in a bid to monkey-balance, the cabal is sure to be at the receiving end of the Islamist ire.

In essence, this shows that secular-liberal Hindus are just useful idiots for Islamists, and the former will be mercilessly targeted if they don’t do the Islamist-missionary bidding.

(Featured Image Source: NDTV website)

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