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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Media Sophistry over Jihadi Threat to Bharat 

The recent ISIS propaganda video showing Bharat born jihadis threatening to attack the country, and the way it has been covered by sections of media (both English and Hindi), shows our media’s sophistry and denial regarding the clear and present danger that Islamic terror poses to the nation.

One of the most detailed and informative reports about the ISIS video came from the DNA newspaper, and HinduPost had quoted extensively from that report in our previous piece on this topic. But towards the end, the same DNA article goes on to add some oft-repeated platitudes and falsehoods to downplay the threat of Islamic terror –

“The Indian Muslim community — which has second largest followers of Islam in the world — has remained averse to jihad owing to the syncretic form of Islam, as well as the historic roots which dates back to the independence struggle when the Darul Uloom Deoband seminary issued a fatwa calling India as Dar-ul-Aman (land of peace).

The IS video attacks the mainstream Ulema (Muslim clergy) — who sided with the nationalist and pacifist Deobandi school opting for secular India as against Islamic Pakistan. Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind leader Maulana Mahmood Madani and politician Asaduddin Owaisi are shown as examples of Muslims who propagate nationalism, participate in ‘democracy’ as against Shariah and have declared jihad as haraam.”

One is not sure which syncretic form of Islam the DNA reporter Shweta Desai is talking about? Is it the same Sufism that played a key role in Islamizing Bharat hand in glove with the barbaric Muslim invaders such as Bin Qasim, Ghazni, Ghori, Khilji, Timur, Babur, Aurangzeb etc from West & Central Asia? Or is it the much hyped ‘Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb’ that failed to prevent a partition of the country along religious lines in 1947?

Do historical roots of Islam go back to just independence? What about the waves of barbaric Islamic invasions that the natives of this county heroically resisted from 712 – 1206 CE before the Delhi Sultante was finally formed. Even during 1206 – 1707 CE, when the Islamic invaders were the dominant power in the country, various groups such as the Rajputs, Hoysalas, Vijayanagar empire, Ahoms, Sikhs, Marathas etc kept up a fierce resistance, which finally culminated in defeat of the Mughals at the hands of the Marathas in 1707 CE – within a few decades, the Marathas became the dominant power in Bharat.

Are Muslims of Bharat Really Averse to Jihad?

The DNA piece claims “The Indian Muslim community — which has second largest followers of Islam in the world — has remained averse to jihad”. This is an oft repeated assertion by our secular-liberals, which is echoed by Western observers – and this praise for Muslim ‘moderation’ in Bharat is accompanied by dire warnings to Hindus not to elect Hindu nationalists to power, lest the Muslims take to extremism! Today, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are the global faces of jihad, and we are told that since only 23 Bharatiya Muslims are reported to be fighting for ISIS out of around 30,000 foreign ISIS recruits, this proves that Muslims of Bharat are averse to jihad. This superficial analysis ignores some key aspects –

  • The internal jihad of extremist Bharatiya Muslims has been persistent before and after Independence. Communal rioting between Muslims and other communities in Bharat like Hindus, Jain, Sikhs etc is a regular occurrence. As per latest Home Ministry figuresBharat suffers from an average of over 600 incidents of communal violence each year. 
  • Muslims are 8-10% of the population in most states of Bharat, but there are significant pockets where their numbers are much higher – West Bengal (27%), Assam (34%), UP (18%), Bihar (18%), Kerala (27%), J&K (68%). The areas with high Muslim population witness higher incidents of communal clashes and are home to more terror modules.
  • For 30 years, Bharat has been fighting a deadly Islamic insurgency in J&K. During this same period, we have witnessed dozens of deadly terror attacks across the nation by homegrown Islamic terror organizations like Indian Mujahideen (IM), SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India), Al-Ummah (Tamil Nadu) etc., or by Pakistan based terror groups like LeT (Lashkar – e -Taiba), JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed), HuJI (Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami) etc. with deep local roots in Bharat.
  • The lure of the global jihad for Muslims of Bharat is rising. We already know the disastrous consequences of the last pan-Islamic Khilafat movement of 1920, which resulted in the barbaric Moplah riots where 100,000 Kerala Hindus were killed, driven away or forcibly converted. Today, ISIS and its call of re-establishing a global caliphate and encouraging young Muslims to perform the hijrah (religious migration) to join the war in Iraq/Syria is seducing Muslim youth from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, Telangana, Maharashtra, UP, Bengal etc. As this article ‘The real fight against ISIL is online—and India is struggling’ shows, the threat of global jihad catching on in Bharat is real and needs to be tackled with utmost seriousness.  

Does any of the above show that the Muslim of Bharat is averse to jihad?

Partition of Bharat, Role of Deoband

Labelling the Deoband seminary as ‘nationalist and pacifist’ requires mind-boggling mental gymnastics. The writer conveniently ignores that the Deoband movement started in 1866 CE with the avowed objective to overthrow the British rule in undivided Bharat and restore Islamic rule. The much touted ‘Silken Letters conspiracy’ planned by Deobandi ulema to overthrow the British Government with the aid of Islamic countries was aimed at establishing an Islamic Government in Bharat – how is that nationalist?

Most of the dreaded Islamic terror organizations in South Asia like Jaish-e-Mohammed, Sipahe Sahaba etc. have emerged from the Sunni Deobandi school of thought – how is that pacifist? If passing fatwas is the benchmark, what about the Deoband fatwa against ‘Bharat mata ki jai’, or the fatwa banning women from the workplace, or the fatwa in favor of triple talaq?

Bharat suffered from a bloody partition in 1947 along religious lines, with around half a million being killed, as per conservative estimates. Muslims of undivided Bharat were solidly behind the Muslim League and their demand for a separate Muslim homeland of Pakistan – in the Constituent Assembly of Bharat elections of 1946, the Muslim League won 425 out of 476 seats reserved for Muslims (and about 89.2% of Muslim votes) on a policy of creating an independent state of Pakistan. Despite voting for the formation of Pakistan, millions of Muslims decided to stay back in post-partition Bharat not because of any love for secularism, but because of practical reasons (no one likes to become a refugee unless there is a threat to life), and safe in the knowledge that Hindus are generally passive and that with Congress and Nehru at the helm of affairs, there would be no pressure on them to integrate with the mainstream.

ISIS jihadis calling leaders like Maulana Mahmood Madani, Asaduddin Owaisi and Badruddin Ajmal as ‘nationalists’ and ‘democrats’ is either ignorance or taquiyya (deceit) – JUH’s Madani was the one seen promoting the book ‘26/11 – RSS ki Sazish‘ & JUH was behind the 2012 rampage through the heart of Lucknow in a ‘protest’ organized against the “atrocities on Muslims in Assam and Myanmar”; Asaduddin Owaisi, standing in Lok Sabha, threatened the country with a ‘third wave’ of Muslim radicalization over the 2013 Assam riots, while his younger brother Akbaruddin had threatened to wipe out Hindus from Bharat if police were removed for 15 minutes; Badruddin Ajmal (who has studied in Deoband and sits on its advisory board) is an abettor of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigration into Assam and recently exhorted Muslims to ‘unite against Hindus’.

And this line in the DNA piece takes the cake for sophistry –

“Islam is believed to have come to India through peaceful means when Arab traders landed on the Malabar coast in early 7th century AD.”

This is a classic example of negationism of Islam’s bloody record in Bharat, something which the scholar Koenraad Elst has written extensively about. However much our fiberals might twist and turn, the fact cannot be denied that conversions to Islam in Bharat occurred due to the threat of the sword and the subterfuge, missionary zeal and inculturation of the Sufis.

After whitewashing Islam’s bloody history in Bharat, the next step for our terror apologists in media is to empathize with the ‘misguided’ Muslim youth who have executed dozens of lethal terror attacks on Bharat in the last few decades. Cue, the various justifications such as Babri and Gujarat 2002 crop up. No one questions why a dilapidated, neglected mosque being brought down in UP should ignite rioting in Karnataka, Bangladesh etc; or why a riot (not one-sided pogrom like 1984 Sikh killings or cleansing of Pandits from Kashmir valley in 1989-90) in Gujarat should provoke educated youth sitting in Hyderabad to join ISIS. If these justifications for terror are valid, what message are we giving to the Kashmiri Pandits who were thrown out from the valley? Or to the poor Hindus who suffer day in & out at the hands of Islamists in Bangladesh, Pakistan and West Bengal?

Each and every terror arrest made by investigative agencies is viewed with suspicion by media. The suspects’ family is provided a platform to claim victimhood, but we never hear from the families of the policemen and soldiers who sacrifice their lives in the line of duty. Acquittals in terror cases become front page news as they strengthen the narrative that the Bharatiya state is prejudiced against Muslims, but news of convictions in terror cases are ignored or relegated to back pages. And in the case of certain celebratory terrorists like Yakub Memon, “And They Hanged Yakub” is splashed on front pages the day after the terrorist is hanged as per the law of this land, after exhausting all legal options, including multiple appeals to the Supreme Court and the President of Bharat.

Media Sophistry Jihad Threat

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  1. This shows that India under Congress rule opened it doors to all anti-nationals refugees and islamic terrorists who enjoyed the Indian hospitality and are hell bent to destroy India and Hindus. Now it is Rohingyas turn along with millions of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims


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