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Monday, March 4, 2024

Did you know? Sharad Pawar publicly admitted to masking jihadi nature of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts

On this day, 27 years ago, Mumbai – the commercial heart of Bharat – faced its first major Islamic terror attack. 12 co-ordinated serial blasts ripped through the heart of the city, leaving 300 dead and over 1400 injured. It was the first time RDX explosive was used on Bharatiya soil. Mumbai would never be the same again.

Over the next 15 years the city saw repeated Islamic terror attacks, with the last major one being the horrific 26/11 attack perpetrated by Pakistani jihadis.

The Maharashtra CM at the time of the 1993 serial blasts was Congress’ Sharad Pawar. Pawar later left the Congress in 1999 and formed the NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) in ‘protest’ over Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origins. But when Congress-led UPA came to power in 2004, Pawar again cozied up to land a ministerial berth.

Let’s take a look at what Sharad Pawar said about the blasts during his interview with Shekhar Gupta for NDTV’s Walk the Talk program which was aired in August 2006, at a time when Pawar was the Agriculture Minister in the UPA-1 government –

Transcript of the above clip –

Sharad Pawar: “I straightaway went to television, and misled people, deliberately misled people. Instead of 11 bomb explosions (there were 12), I said 12 (he actually told state broadcaster Doordarshan that 13 explosions had taken place).”

Shekhar Gupta: “I see.”

Sharad Pawar: “And one of the place I mentioned (as an explosion site) was Masjid Bunder, which is dominated by minorities. So I tried to send a message that its not only Hindu areas (which were targeted), but also Muslim areas. And I also…because I immediately visited the Air India building (a bomb site)…I said I visited the Air India building and the (explosive) material which has been used is essentially the type of material used by some of the Southern Indian side terrorist organisations.”

The full interview can be seen here.

So the then CM of Maharashtra brazenly lied to the public right after the worst terror attack on his capital and Bharat’s commercial heart. He not only concocted one bomb blast out of nowhere to play the ‘secular’ balancing game, but even created a fall guy to take the blame for the blasts – LTTE – to deflect public anger away from Islamic terror, the most likely source of the devastating attacks.

Also note how the interviewer Shekhar Gupta, notorious ring-master of Lutyens’ media, did not skip a beat when this senior politician admits lying through his teeth about such a sensitive national security issue. No tough questions were asked. To this day, Lutyens’ media projects Sharad Pawar as a ‘secular’ force for good, fighting the ‘fascist, Hindutva terror’ of RSS/BJP.

Investigations proved the 1993 serial blasts to be the handiwork of Muslim terrorists working for the Mumbai underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who is believed to be safely settled in Karachi, Pakistan under protection of the notorious Pakistani spy agency ISI. The ostensible motivation for the blasts? ‘Revenge’ for the 1992-93 riots which broke out in Mumbai after Islamists murdered Hindus and policemen (eerily similar to how Delhi riots were triggered) in the wake of the demolition of the disputed Babri Masjid at Ayodhya, UP.

The masterminds of the 1993 Mumbai blasts are still absconding. Only one major accused, Yakub Memon, brother of prime accused Tiger Memon, was convicted for the blasts and hanged to death in 2015 after much breast-beating and delaying tactics by left-liberals, including a midnight Supreme Court hearing for clemency.

Soon after the serial blasts, most of the key accused like Tiger Memon fled to Pakistan. Many observers at the time had accused the then Pawar-led Congress Maharashtra government of being hand-in-glove with the underworld and facilitating their escape.

Last year, Enforcement Directorate had issued a notice to Sharad Pawar confidant Praful Patel for an alleged financial deal between a company promoted by his family and the kin of Dawood Ibrahim aide Iqbal Memon “Mirchi”.

Now, it has emerged that NCP has nominated ex-MLA Fouzia Khan, who in 2006 had hosted 26/11 Mumbai terror attack terrorist Abu Hamza (aka Abu Jundal) in her room at the MLA Hostel in Mumbai, for the Rajya Sabha.

‘Secularism’ is the mask under which many ugly secrets of Bharat’s modern history lie buried. Covering up for jihadi terror is like a rite of passage for every ‘secular’ politician and left-liberal intellectual – whether it is Sharad Pawar lying about the 1993 blasts, Lalu Yadav calling the 2002 Godhra train burning an “accident”, or Congress’ Digvijay Singh spreading conspiracy theories about 26/11 being “RSS’ handiwork”.

The logic proferred by the ‘secular’ camp for these lies – it avoids stereotyping Muslims and prevents ‘communal polarisation’. The truth – it only emboldens Islamists and jihadis to carry out more such terror attacks, while keeping the nation in a permanent state of confusion and indecision. If lying in the interest of communal harmony had really worked as Nehruvian secularists claim, why has the country witnessed repeated communal riots and Islamic terror attacks over the last 70 years, with the worst violence being witnessed during ‘secular’ Congress rule?

The chain of peddling false narratives after every major terror strike or communal flare-up was finally broken in the recent Islamist-triggered Delhi riots. A string of alternative media outlets, and most importantly social media, finally enabled the common man to see first-hand the reality of communal conflict in Bharat. Did it stoke further violence? No. Did it enrage Hindus elsewhere to take ‘revenge’ against their Muslim neighbours? No. Will the truth empower the state to act with a free hand against enemies of the nation and radical Islamist organisations who plotted these riots? Yes.

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