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Saturday, June 22, 2024

India Today’s Indranil Chatterjee typifies elitist hypocrisy

Indranil Chatterjee, a General Manager of the India Today media group, has made highly insulting remarks against President-elect Smt. Droupadi Murmu in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

In the post, Indranil wrote, “Just as I don’t support Gay marriage, similarly I don’t support an Adivasi President. Few chairs are not meant for “All” & have a dignity attached to them. Do we allow a sweeper to perform Durga Puja? Can a Hindu teach at a Madrasah? These are nothing but cheap socio-political gimmicks of the ruling party in creating a Rubber Stamp Constitutional Head, so that laws can be passed easily showing middle finger to the Opposition parties. Today, we have humiliated not only that Chair of Raisina Hills but also few great souls like APJ Abdul Kalam, Pranab Mukherjee, S. Radhakrishnan, Zakir Hussain, Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma, Rajendra Prasad & the likes. #Baba Indra is against Medieval Age Caste Politics. Strictly my personal opinion.”

Not only did this India Today senior executive insult Bharat’s next President and ‘Adivasis’ (the correct term is Vanvasis), his words reflect the disgusting, elitist mindset typical of many of our Anglophone and feudal elites, who then hypocritically position themselves as guardians of social justice, inclusiveness and diversity.

“Do we allow a sweeper to perform Durga Puja? Can a Hindu teach at a madrasah” – let’s first examine these two pearls of wisdom. Sweepers, laborers and other commoners are the ones who have managed to keep the Durga Puja tradition alive in its pristine form in West Bengal. If left to likes of Indranil, all Durga Puja pandals would be reduced to woke platforms for inane social/political messaging.

Hindu sweepers, like all sections of our society, celebrate festivals like Durga Puja both in private and public. In our homes, we all perform Puja as per our unique family traditions. As for communal worship in public, yes it should be a trained priest who performs the Puja, but in absence of such a priest, a devout Hindu sweeper would be any day preferred to an Adharmic ignorant bigot like Indranil.

And when people holding such bigoted views claim to be against ‘medieval age caste politics’, it reaffirms that mere English-speaking ability does not indicate intelligence, as has sadly become the lazy norm in modern India due to the mental colonisation our polity suffers.

Secondly, why would any sane Hindu want to teach in a madrasah, i.e Islamic religious school where the basic teaching of “There is no God but Allah” is a rejection of the wonderful diversity in Hindu Dharma which teaches us to worship different forms of the divine as Durga, Shiva, Saraswati, Vishnu, Ganesha etc.

Does Aroon Purie conduct some special interview to hire low-IQ specimen like Indranil and Rajdeep for his organization? These people bleat about secularism and Constitutionalism day and night, but don’t understand the simple difference between a secular/Constitutional position being open to all citizens, and a religious community’s right to manage its own affairs?

What makes people like Indranil Chatterjee tick?

Indranil is a HINO – Hindu in Name Only. Now, HINOs come in several shapes and sizes. But let’s do some behavioral profiling to understand their basic motivation and common attributes.

Humans have a natural affinity for PLUS – People Like Us. Indranil’s type can be defined thus – Anglophone, ‘liberal’ worldview (in Western sense, i.e. mostly looking down upon Dharma and indigenous belief systems/social customs as ‘primitive’ or ‘tribal’ or abstruse) and besotted with Western culture (literature, arts, music) – in short, the perfect brown sahibs that Macaulay wanted to create.

This set can be further broken down into ring masters and followers. In the former grouping, we have the likes of Karan Thapar, Shashi Tharoor, Romila Thapar, Kapil Sibal, Barkha Dutt, Siddharth Varadarajan, Shekhar Gupta, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Chandrachud etc. They form the intellectual vanguard for this class of people. Most of them will appear Bharatiya/Hindu if we just look superficially at their dress (khadi kurta, saris, big bindis) or food habits.

Some of them could even come across as connoisseurs of Hindu traditions and art form. But beneath the facade lurks a superciliousness, a patronising attitude at best towards Hindus and their Dharma. In the digital age, they get caught everytime the mask slips – when Aiyar runs down the ‘chaiwala’ as a ‘neech admi’ (lowly man), when Gupta says ‘Hinduism needs reform, not Islam or Christianity’, when Thapar refers to Sri Hanuman as ‘Lord Humayun’, when Chandrachud gushes about ‘transforming (Hindu) society’.

The wannabe followers, like Indranil, just want to be admitted into the club. They consume what the ring masters dish out, and regurgitate the same tropes and buzz words. Some of them might even follow some Hindu religious traditions, but they are self-absorbed and don’t really care about Hindu suffering as long as their immediate neighborhood and personal lives are unaffected. The ultimate goal is to win approval from the West, and a US college education/job/citizenship for their progeny.

Can the subaltern speak?

In postcolonial studies, the term ‘subaltern’ designates colonial populations who are socially, politically, and geographically excluded from the hierarchy of power.

India’s Anglophone elites, the left-liberals, claim to be guardians of the rights of the ‘oppressed’ classes – SC, ST, OBC and minorities. On the surface, the villain in this scheme of things is the general (unreserved) category Hindu, the so-called ‘upper castes’.

But only on the surface.

Any subaltern who takes pride in his/her native identity and desires to live in harmony within the Hindu Dharmic family, is marked as a traitor and accused of ‘false consciousness’. Then that subaltern morphs into a ‘Hindu majoritarian’! The real danger to the indigenous vanvasi and SC Dharmic lifestyle – the fanatical Abrahamic proselytizers, who have erased so many civilizations and indigenous religions/cultures across the world – are championed as their allies!

The real enemy is ‘Brahminism’ (a made-up label to slyly attack Hindu Dharma), the subalterns are told. RSS is a ‘Manuvadi’ and ‘Brahminical’ org say these propagandists, distorting the fact that ending caste discrimination and promoting harmony among Hindus is one of RSS’ core agenda whereas political outfits opposed to it are the real casteists, representing the narrow feudal interests of specific caste groups and clans. In the pursuit of the progressive label, RSS even made the mistake of supporting the vested interests that tried to end the ancient Sabarimala temple tradition, before widespread Hindu protests made RSS see sense. Yet, RSS is slandered day and night as a ‘fascist, Brahminical’ org.

The HINO elites WILL decide what is best for these commoners…THEY will tell them who their oppressors/enemies are and who are their allies. If the subalterns dare speak and decide for themselves, and defy their self-declared emancipators in the process….how dare they?!

That is why a senior Congress leader and ex-IPS officer like Ajoy Kumar sputters that Smt. Droupadi Murmu represents a ‘very evil philosophy of India’ and should not be made a ‘symbol of adivasi’. A DU professor (wife of the man who runs the propaganda Hinduphobic portal The Wire), accused of aiding the Maoist murder of a vanvasi man, comes on India Today TV channel and demeans Smt. Murmu.

For our left-liberals, it would seem that only Christian converts like former Chattisargh CM Ajit Jogi deserve to be ‘adivasi’ icons!

It is this loathing for Dharma, especially Hindu Dharma, which makes our Anglophone left-liberal elites team up with other members of the unholy ‘secular’ cabal:

  • Feudalists who run regional fiefdoms – the Dravidianists and SP/RJD/TMC/TRS/Akali type family-run political outfits. The votebank for these feudalists are usually devout OBC/SC Hindus, but the hunger for power and coalition compulsions makes them turn on the religion and culture of their own voters!
  • Islamists led by the Ashrafi Muslim elite who pine for the days when ‘Islam ruled’ and who practice their own form of bigotry and discrimination towards Ajlaf & Arzal i.e. Pasmanda Muslims – all of them united only in their hate for ‘kafirs’.
  • Evangelical missionaries, who are fronts for the Western deep state and further Western geopolitical agendas
  • Marxists and Maoists – pursuing the communist utopia of a ‘classless society’, long after the entire world including Russia and China have given up on this deadly ideology that brought nothing but ruin and death.

These disparate groups are tied together by their hate/contempt/indifference towards Hindu Dharma; loyalty towards some foreign ideology i.e. ‘ism’ – liberalism, communism etc; or just plain old clannishness and hunger for power.

If this mindset were to be captured in one sentence, it would be “Talk down to the Hindu and any Dharmic who identifies with Hindus, look up to the Abrahamics and the West as your guiding star.”

Today, even patriotic Muslims and Christians are speaking up against the dangerous game being played by these #BreakingIndia forces, so there is absolutely no excuse for a HINO to feign ignorance.

It is being reported that India Today group has ‘expressed regret’ for the derogatory social media post by staffer Indranil Chatterjee. Indranil allegedly admitted to a ‘momentary lapse of judgement’ and has been terminated. Knowing how the incestuous Lutyens’ ecosystem works, do not be surprised if this HINO is quietly readmitted back into the club once public attention subsides.

A mere sacking is an eyewash. Indranil Chatterjee should be held accountable for his bigotry and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Sure, he might get an exceptionally quick bail hearing from the top court which always has time for the Lutyens’ cabal, but the stranglehold of these elites must be broken at any cost.

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  1. Unfortunately Mr. Indranil has unwittingly exposed his stupidity. Things like caste, profession, hobbies and so on are artificial. They are created by men and have limited shelf-lives. Stupidity, however, is enduring. That is a curse or a blessing from the Creator. He may be proud in his stupidity and good for him if his ignorance gives him bliss. Whatever, there’s no way he is fit to be part of any civilized gathering.

  2. If we accept that Democracy means govt. of the people, by the people and for the people, then merit should hold sway and that implies: THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE RIGHT POST i.e. the eligibility criteria is ‘fitness’ for a post not the caste or creed.

  3. His comments bring to fore the high and low brahmanical mindset. Hinduism will survive only if it removes the caste hierarchy and sectarian teachings. I shall quote here the words of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru (1927-1999). It is better the Hindu leadership take note of Guru’s message:

    “In order to mold life in keeping with this Age -the Kali, theologians and all believers of various religions should assess this Kali and its composite culture – the samkara mentioned in the Gita. This is a process to be achieved by the present and future generations… A reorganization of our society, of our country, is required. All of us, believers, should free ourselves from the destructive effects of the caste system. We should overcome ethnic and religious differences. All children of this land should come together in humility and in devotion to God. That is the way to reorganize. This will give us the strength of mind, and power.

    “The community that could contribute greatly towards this reorganization is the Brahmin community. In them, intelligence, skill, ability and shrewdness blend as it were. They should give up their Varnashrama caste trappings completely and lay the foundation of a composite—samkara—culture, the culture that is meant for Kali, indicated by the author of the Bhagavad Gita. They should unite with others to build a complete society, totally free from caste or class. They should not be distracted by the differences seen today. The pattern of having one mode of worship for themselves and other modes for the rest should change first.

    “Instead of securing tantric rites people should be firm in the experiential worship of the Divine. Those who strive wholeheartedly for this should lead others who lack awareness. If we do not do this, the births of great souls would be diverted elsewhere away from our ethnic stream. The focus of redemption will move away, and we will be left in a complex of Karma..” (A Dialogue on the Human Prospect”, Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru, Santhigiri Publications).

    • “Hinduism will survive only if it removes the caste hierarchy and sectarian teachings” – this obsession with removing all perceived flaws in Hindu society while ignoring the existential threat it faces from fanatical Abrahamics, is nothing but denial as a defense mechanism. We are afraid to confront the theologies that outright label us our Dharma as FALSE, so we resort to this insistence on ‘remove caste, remove caste..’ i.e. first remove ALL inequality in Hindu society to create a utopian society unlike any seen in the world in recorded history, and everything will be fine! Unfortunately, NO. Even if we were to become an ideal, classless society and eradicate so-called ‘Brahminism’, the Abrahamic fanatics would still label us kafir/pagan and look to convert or eliminate us.

      In this constant self-flagellation, we also forget the long distance Hindu society has travelled over the last century, how untouchability has been eradicated and how young urban Hindus today are largely unaware of jaati (wrongly labelled ‘caste’) differences and do not harbor notions of any strict ‘caste’ hierarchy or ‘caste-based’ professions. As for ‘sectarian teachings’ – are you serious? Hindu Dharma has various sampradayas/sects, but they all exist in far more harmony than the Abrahamic sects do. Our diverse approaches to the divine, while respecting each others’ paths, is what makes our Dharma unique and worth fighting for.

      While it is true that every Yuga has its own social mores and structures, there is nothing wrong if a section of Hindus want to continue following the traditional Varnashrama system. The focus of that system was always on duties of each varna, rather than on their rights, and it never advocated any feeling of superiority in one varna over the other – anyone who harbors such notions is only earning bad karma and harming his/her own spiritual journey. The end goal of all Dharmic paths has always been experiential worship and embodied realization of the divine – but rites and rituals have an important role too for many people as part of that journey.

      Hindus are suffering from such severe trans-generational trauma that we should all repeat each day: “We Hindus are not perfect, but we have the right to EXIST!”. The purpose of this article was to show the elites of our society have by & large abandoned Dharma and are partnering with forces that want to destroy us. So let’s learn to recognize and tackle such external enemies rather than endlessly obsessing over internal issues that frankly no society is free from.


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