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Friday, December 2, 2022

Union Christian College ‘artworks’ trample on Hindu sacred texts: Kerala

The Union Christian College’s (UC College) Centennial Vista 2022 celebrations in Aluva, Ernakulam district shocked citizens after the event turned out to be an open Hindu bashing event. They put up anti-Hindu installations and called them ‘artworks’. One such exhibit received severe backlash for offending Hindu religious sentiments, but the college authorities tried to escape scrutiny and blamed the students.

Many felt that the incident in which the constitution with a picture of Dr. Ambedkar on it was placed on a chair over the Hindu religious scriptures such as Thirukkural, Srimada Bhagavatam, and Shiva Purana was done deliberately to insult Hindus. Notably missing from the so-called artwork were other religious scriptures like the Bible and Quran. By avoiding these Abrahamic texts, was the artwork trying to portray them as above the constitution and the laws of the land?

The fact that the sacred texts, seen with great devotion and faith by Hindu believers, were placed on the ground, and a chair on top of them led to significant criticism. To add insult to injury, they chose a dark and dinghy setting to display their anti-Hindu artwork. Many prominent citizens came forward against this incident which hurt Hindu sentiments. 

Following severe criticism, college authorities asked the Malayalam department that prepared the stunt for an ‘explanation.’ The Malayalam department refused to take responsibility and asked the students that created the artwork to answer the serious allegations.

A college administrator stated that students had erected the controversial artwork to emphasize how the Bharatiya Constitution held the highest place but failed to explain the missing holy books of other religions. This showed that the leftist students and their Christian organizers knew the risk of showing other religious texts in a bad light. 

College officials then came out with a shameless explanatory note to justify the incident. It read –

“As part of the centenary celebrations of Aluva UC College, a mega exhibition called Centennial Vista 2022 was held from November 7 to 12. It has been noticed that various discussions are going on through social media regarding artwork prepared by the Malayalam department in the exhibition. We asked the students who created the artwork and the Malayalam section to explain.

“UC College is an institution that attaches great importance to secular values. The college respects all religious thoughts and scriptures. The installation, presented as a work of art, is understood to have offended religious sentiments. UC College sincerely regrets the serious hurt caused by the negligence of a few students in preparing the installation. In this regard, further investigation and necessary follow-up action will be taken.”

The principal’s ‘apology’ sounded like a mere justification, not an admission of guilt. Hindus remarked that having hurt their religious sentiments, the least that they expected was a lecture on secularism. Rather than dismiss the ones behind this deeply offensive sacrilege from the college, this note attempted to bury the crime.

Hundreds visited the week-long exhibition, and not a single Hindu student complained. It was only when some helpless students felt they could not bear it any longer that they uploaded the images on social media. That is the level of subjugation Christian missionary schools, and colleges employ to keep their Hindu students under their control. They would have easily rusticated Hindu students had they created an artwork scattering Qurans and Bibles all over the floor.

There are also reports that the college manager termed this anti-Hindu bigotry a ‘protest by the marginalized against upper-caste hegemony’. These are severe allegations and point toward the divide-and-rule policy adopted by the British against Hindus. Secular communist Kerala provides the ideal fertilizer for such bigots to thrive. The events were organized to commemorate the institution’s establishment in 1921 and its 100th anniversary.

UC College is managed by an association of members drawn from the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, and the Church of South India. It is a well-known fact that Catholics consider themselves superior to Syrian Christians. Rivalry and discrimination among different Christian cults is so intense that they do not allow inter-caste marriages and even fight over churches and burial grounds. Rather than indulge in cheap gimmicks against Hindus, shouldn’t they work on first learning respect for diversity and harmonious co-existence among Christians?

This is not the first time the Abrahamic fundamentalists and communists have shown Keralites their anti-Hindu attitude. The communist obsession with Islamist ideologies and their fascination for sex, porn, and nudity is legendary. Following the footsteps of the anti-Hindu MF Hussain, leftists have even drawn naked ‘artworks’ and named them Bhagawathi Saraswati. This sacrilegious and degenerate anti-Hindu trend is encouraged by the ruling CPM regime. Incidentally, these students do not dare to create paintings criticizing other religious gods. Should Hindus, too, indulge in Sar Tan Se Juda for this tendency to cease?

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  1. It is necessary to give the desecrators a dose of their own medicine. Then alone the endless provocation will stop. Hindus need artists, film makers, songwriters, comedians of their own to fight back in civil society rather than complain & hope for the best


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