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Monday, May 29, 2023

The Kerala Story: movie on love jihad releases on 5 May

A movie named The Kerala Story, based on the real-life experiences of missing girls from Kerala, is scheduled for release on 5 May. The movie’s trailer was released on YouTube on 26 April and is two minutes and 45 seconds long. The film has triggered hostile reactions from radical Islamists and a few Hindus In Name Only (HINOs).

The Kerala Story deals with terrorism, including ISIS recruitment through Love/grooming jihad. The movie is based on actual events in Kerala and will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. Produced by Vipul Amritlal Shah, the film is directed by Sudipto Sen.

The Kerala Story stars Adah Sharma as an ISIS bride from Kerala and Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani in other lead roles. The movie is based on the genuine accounts of young Hindu and Christian girls from Kerala who were tricked by local terrorists using grooming jihad before being flown to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS terrorist camps.

The Kerala Story details how Shalini Unnikrishnan, a rural girl who dreams of becoming a nurse, reaches an ISIS terror camp in a foreign land. The film was born in the background of news that women from Kerala are being trafficked, converted, and sent to terrorist camps. The central theme is the story of being jailed in Afghanistan as an IS terrorist.

We know that most male companions were either shot dead or blew themselves up in the name of jihad. The ladies and the children left behind have ended up as mere sex slaves forced to cater to the sexual needs of depraved Islamist terrorists. HinduPost has reported how these ladies are trafficked and openly sold, whipped, and raped.

“My name was Shalini Unnikrishnan. I wanted to help people as a nurse. Now I am Fatima, an IS terrorist in prison in Afghanistan, and I am not alone. Thirty-two thousand more girls like me have been converted and imprisoned in Syria and Yemen,” Adah’s character states in the bone-chilling teaser.

“Dangerous practices of turning common girls into terrorists are taking place in Kerala, and that too publicly. No one will stop it. This is my story. That is the story of 32,000 girls. This is The Kerala Story.” Adam Sharma’s character mentions in the trailer.

The Kerala Story is a film that depicts how specialized Islamist gangs are working in the country to marry girls of other religions by feigning love and bringing them to ISIS. It is noteworthy that most lady victims from Kerala who joined ISIS had converted to Islam from Hinduism or Christianity before joining the terrorist group ISIS.

The Kerala Story teaser introduces Shalini living in a beautiful, greenery-filled rural part of Kerala. It also dwells on images of Shalini’s Hindu family before moving to scenes where Bharatiya intelligence authorities question her. Before stating why she joined ISIS, Shalini explains her grooming jihad past. “Sir, it’s more important to know why and how I joined ISIS than when I joined,” she tells the detectives.

After that, the trailer demonstrates the methodical conversion to Islam of innocent Hindu girls using grooming jihad. The movie shows how young male terrorists impregnate non-Muslim girls, forcing them into marriage. Muslim grooming gangs (women included) insult Hindu and Christian deities.

They glorify the burka and hijab as shields preserving a woman’s dignity. This way, radical Islamists instill vulnerable minds that only Allah can be worshipped. The teaser also depicts the Islamist mullahs’ central role in radicalization.

In Kerala, a terrifying game of transforming non-Muslim girls into ISIS terrorists has progressed for a while. This trafficking of females to the Gulf is caused by growing radicalization in the southern state. It is a direct result of state apathy towards the actions of Islamist groups like the Popular Front of India (PFI) and its affiliated organizations.

HinduPost has long reported how Therbiyathul Islam Sabha in Kozhikode, Markazul Hidaya, or the Sathya Sarani Trust in Malappuram district have openly converted young non-Muslim women to Islam. Grooming jihadis have converted thousands. The Kerala Story teaser also mentions how Kerala CM V S Achuthanandhan conveyed the menace of grooming jihad.

Achuthanandhan openly stated in a press conference that “they (radical Islamists) want to turn Kerala into a Muslim-majority state in 20 years. They are using money and other inducements to convert people to Islam. They even marry women outside their community to increase the Muslim population.”

He said this was way back in 2010, and even today, our young non-Muslim sisters are facing the brunt of grooming jihad. Notably, though supposedly atheist communists still rule Kerala, modern ones are driven by greed for money. This is why they play appeasement politics to satisfy their Islamist paymasters and handlers who function out of enemy countries like Qatar and Pakistan.

Unless the central government steps in a introduce strict laws, such trends will continue. Banning the PFI has only helped move radical elements underground. Authorities have also left the back door open by allowing the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) to function as if it has nothing to do with the PFI. SDPI is PFI’s political wing and is an ally of the ruling Marxist regime with several councilors all over the state.

In November 2022, Congress, too, demanded the movie be banned. It shows they, too, are in cahoots with the jihadis wrecking our society. HINOs from Tamil Nadu have joined in and are frantically spreading conspiracy theories to incite Muslims against the rest. The less said about radical Islamist justifiers, the better.

Incidentally, the film’s release comes when ISIS has renewed its evil operations again. Recently, HinduPost reported how Keralite jihadi ladies like Sumi Rashik from Kochi released ‘reels’ encouraging grooming jihad songs on Ramadhan. Athira Mohan, another young Hindu woman from Kerala, has converted to Islam in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and is allegedly waiting to join terrorists in an ISIS camp.

When we reported this story, The Kerala Story teaser had been watched 35 lakh times.

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  1. there is no fault in islam my brother. because QURAN is the word of allah {GOD}
    only fault was in your ancestors perception that mistook every natural disasters as gods, nobel men as gods
    your definition of god is so cheap even animals are considered worthy of worshiping, statues of dead or fake people are worshiped as gods. the same statue who cant even move a housefly from it are worshiped
    your belief is weak to core image the religion out of these weak belief THAT IS HINDUISM my friend

    • Dear Mohammad Kaif, people like you need mental help. When thousands of young girls are being subjected to inhuman atrocities by fanatical Muslims, your only thought is “there is no fault in Islam”? The rest of us do not care whose fault it is – Islam, maulanas, or fanatical jihadis like yourself…we first and foremost care that innocent lives are being destroyed and our way of life is being disrupted by fanatics.

      What is this obsession with considering worship of a formless God as innately superior? If you have a smidgeon of common sense left, consider this – you hate Hindus for worshipping murtis, but how is your treatment of the Quran any different? At the end of the day, it’s just a book, isn’t it? If a housefly comes and sits on the Quran, does your God send an instant shock to the fly to move it?

      Get help, end this fanaticism which will only lead to disaster for all of us. But maybe, your lot desires that Qayamat ka din (End Times)?

  2. The issue of unity of India is more important than religious division. Let us promote peace and harmony. More pertinent issues need to solved for India like poverty, income inequality, gender discrimination, caste discrimination etc. rather than religious shortcomings. Let us focus on that first, then only we should focus on other such issues. It’s good to have freedom of speech & expression but focus should be on more important things on a priority basis.
    We need to have faith in our Constitution, our judiciary, our legislation i.e. elected representatives, laws like UAPA, NSA etc. to take care of fringe elements and work on things of utmost need instead.

    • you want to brush the very thing which is threatening the unity of India under the carpet, to preserve that unity? it is muddled, dhimmitude like this which has brought us to the state we are in today.

  3. The wikipedia page of Demographics in Kerala religion-wise, simply explain the increasing population of Muslims from about 5% in 1820s; Hindus 83% in 1820s:
    Census year: 1816 – 1820; Hindus (752,371; 82.99%) Muslims (42,058; 4.64%) Christians (112,158; 12.37%)

    ;to about 27% for Muslims in 2011 (& 55% for Hindus) which would have increased further till 2023:
    Census 2011
    Census Year Hindus (18,282,492; 54.9%) Muslims (8,873,472; 26.6%) Christians (6,141,269; 18.4%)
    I wonder what the reasons could be. I genuinely wonder.
    *Edit for missing context

  4. The ruling parties of the center and state of Kerala knowingly giving permission for this hate spreading movie called Kerala story which has no proof for such alleged conversions or forced conversions by any known Muslim Group operating in India. They are doing this purposefully for their own vested interests and to shadow some of their serious criminal cases and misappropriation of public funds . There may be one of such incidents of conversions in all communities predominantly happening from Christian missionaries and never heard of any organized Muslim backed groups promoting such conversions so far in any part of India .

    This film is meticulously planned and engineered movie from a dirty and ill minded producer and director targeting a communal disharmony and tension among Indians mainly Keralites by spreading hate and injecting poison to their sanghi ill minded supporters and to provoke them to ignite a riot similar to what have they done in other parts of India. Kerala was spared from this communal violence because of its educated population , but day by day this dirty minds are injecting poison to their ill minded supporters causing huge amount of communal tensions and disharmony . This will, if the movie’s release is not banned , definitely lead to deep rooted hate in the mind of present and future generations, disharmony and day to day tension which people like us should never tolerate and must come forward to protest for the best interest of the so called “God’s Own country , Kerala . If we keep silence , then it is a free consent that we are all giving to go ahead to such a terrible situation in the near future . No one will be spared and live peacefully in this state going forward . It is a small group who wanted to spread hate and destroy the communal harmony enjoyed by Kerala all these years despite all States in India witnessed communal riots in many occasions. Majorities want peace and love and coexistence and not no existence . Let us be promoters of peace and love not promoters of hate .

    • Typical jihadi mindset….anything which shows the bigotry of Islamism, the hate which this theology and ideology holds for Hindus and other non-Muslims, the crimes committed in its name becomes ‘hate-spreading’ for the believers.


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