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Friday, March 1, 2024

Narco/love jihad? Athira forced to become Ayesha in Saudi Arabia, says husband

Karma News published another story involving narcotics and love jihad (archived here) from Kerala. A young Hindu woman from Kerala was forced to convert to Islam in Saudi Arabia. Athira Mohan, the wife of Anthony alias Benny, a native of Thrissur Olarikara, was converted in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Benny alleged that Keralite Islamists were behind this evil scheme.

Athira’s husband, Benny, revealed that the forced conversion occurred at a mysterious recruiting center in Saudi Arabia. Now jihadis are attempting to smuggle Athira into Syria and force her into the sex slave trade run by the Islamic State. Benny received information about the same from those who led the forced conversion to Islam.

Benny and their only son are now under the threat of terrorists. Jihadis picked up the call when Benny tried to contact his wife, and the response was not positive. Both Benny and his son were called Kafir.

Athira is now a mere possession of a Malayali named Zubair and is held at a secret location in Saudi. Her mobile phone is under the control of others. When Benny contacts Athira, the response he receives from Saudi is heartbreaking.

“Hey, you Kafir. Your wife, Athira Mohan, is no more. She became Ayesha. She will be known as the wife of Prophet Muhammad.” Jihadis informed Benny, “Ayesha does not have an infidel husband and an infidel son.” Ayesha is now on her way to jihad, a mission to Yemen or Syria, her husband Benny said through tears.

Benny and Athira were neighbors and fell in love in 2011 when she worked as a radiologist in a hospital in Thrissur. They married in late 2013, and she continued working in that hospital even after marriage. At that time, Benny had only a small car rental business.

Since Athira believed in Hindu rituals and customs, they tied the knot at the Thrissur Vadanapally Registrar Office as per the Special Marriage Act. Benny said he did not force Athira to convert to Christianity and never forced her to Baptize. Both of them lived a happy family life together. They had a baby boy in 2016.

To strengthen the family’s financial base, Athira decided to work as a radiologist in Saudi Arabia. She got a job in Saudi in 2017, left her husband and one-and-a-half-year-old baby, and boarded the plane. This was when the collapse of the family also began.

Charisma, a travel agency based in Ernakulam, arranged a job for Athira in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She joined an organization called Almas Ideal Clinic, run by Mustafa, a native of Kottakal, Malappuram. They have many branches in Saudi.

Benny said that it was Asif from Kottakal, an assistant manager of this organization, who first misled Athira, and she accompanied him. Asif later handed over Athira to Zubair, a 66-year-old resident of Kozhikode, who is the manager of the firm. Benny also accused the establishment’s owner, Mustafa, of misusing Athira.

Benny alleged that Athira was plied with deadly drugs until she fell unconscious. He added that the young lady was transferred to the 66-year-old Zubair’s room for ‘religious studies.’ She stayed in Zubair’s room for a long time, and drugs were also administered.

Athira was shifted to a secret Jihadi-controlled facility near the Red Sea called Yanbu in Saudi Arabia. This conversion center is located more than 300 km from where they lived. Benny alleged that Athira was secretly converted to Islam and named Ayesha here.

Benny said that his wife, Athira Mohan, is now in a secret center and is under the control of Islamic terrorists. Benny says that neither Zubair/Mustafa/Mohd. is her husband. Athira must be rescued immediately but cannot contact the outside world. She now needs the permission of the jihadists.

Several young Malayali women were in the company where Athira worked, but their fate remains unknown. Benny and their only son are now in distress. Benny tearfully says that his wife is a tool of terrorists in the IS camp. He also released a photo of Athira before she converted to Islam and another one after she became Ayesha.

HinduPost has not been able to independently corroborate this story. But given the spate of such cases where Hindu and Christian girls have been converted in Islamist indoctrination/dawah centers like PFI-linked Markazul Hidhaya (aka ‘Sathya Sarani’) in Malappuram and then handed off to Islamic State terrorists, it is important that central agencies pay heed and investigate whether this is yet another narcotic/grooming jihad case that has gone under the radar?

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  1. Hindus should not be believe on Islamic terrorist. Jobs and money is important but not so much important then our family, peace and satisfaction of mind.
    Please don’t trapped in the trap of jihadis, they are not human they are devil in the form of human be alert from them.

  2. Looks like love affair outside her marriage.There are many Hindu girls in Saudi Arabia got married with Muslim Indians just to stay for long and earn Riyals

    • Typical Islamist attitude. The momin can never do any wrong – it is always the ‘shameless, immoral’ kafir woman throwing herself at ‘believers’. For jihad apologists like you, even the Yezidi women trafficked as sex slaves by Islamic State terrorists, the minor 12-13 year old girls abducted and made sex slaves in Pakistani dargahs, they must also have chosen that life ‘voluntarily’, right?

      You lot are a blot on humanity. Just yesterday, one of your ilk raped and murdered a Hindu minor girl in West Bengal – am sure you must be celebrating that too as a ‘win for Islam’. But don’t think these evil deeds will continue indefinitely without a counter. The clock is ticking.

    • Yes, jihad apologist…that’s all that fascists like you have to say when shown the mirror – ‘fake news’. Its only when a 40+ Muslim man molests a teenager on a train in Moradabad, but then plays victim and falsely claims he was made to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’ – then you want the whole world to believe your propaganda. Uncivilized barbarians.

  3. so why did this idiot go to Saudi Arabia when he should be aware that this country is hostile to other religions and does not allow worship of other faiths including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc. Is he living under a rock. Everyone should research the country and their beliefs and this idiot took his wife and now he blames them. You walk into the bears trap and then cry victim. No sympathy for this idiot.


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