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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Radical Islamists have unleashed ‘RULLS Jihad’ in Bharat to threaten the very existence of Hindus

Bharat is a secular country they say, where the Constitution gives absolute freedom to the people of every religion to observe their religious beliefs. Bharat is also a Hindu-majority country, but we all know who really wields influence here.

Historically we have seen numerous Islamic assaults on Hindus, from Islamic invaders like ibn Qasim to the Mughal rule, from Direct Action Day to the Delhi riots. But for some time now, we have seen a strange trend of small but consistent attacks on Hindus. If you look at the data of the last few years, you will find that radical Islamists have started adopting a new policy of Jihad, which is called, random, unceasing, low level, scattered (RULLS) violence.

What is RULLS?

Bharat, i.e. India is a Dar al-Harb which means a region that is not under Islamic rule in Islamic terminology. Jihad is used as a divine tool of Islamic warfare to spread Islam in the Dar al-Harb and convert it into Dar al-Islam. Radical Islamists have unleashed RULLS (The Low Level, Random, Unceasing, Scattered violence) Jihad in Bharat to threaten Hindus and create an environment of fear and chaos.

It is undoubtedly the deadliest weapon of Jihad, which no government or armed forces can counter effectively. The actual strength of radical Islam is the sanction of vigilantism in it. Government, security apparatus, and media can work together and control large-scale terrorism or full-scale war, but there is no perfect solution to vigilantism, as no society can afford to have round-the-clock personal security for every home.

The group of radical Islamist vigilantes ensures that anyone who offends them must get killed or goes into hiding. It doesn’t matter if you speak the truth, take reference from their own scriptures, they will create unrest and orchestrate a coordinated attack on you. Even if you haven’t broken any law of the land, or violated any constitutional provision you will have to fear for your life.

Millions of radical Islamists are always ready to block the streets at the drop of a hat. You talk about their religious teachings, formulate a law that offends them, or take action against illegal encroachments by them, these vigilantes will start stone-pelting, targeting Hindu festivals, creating anarchy, and putting the law and order situation in jeopardy. In such a scenario, the kafir is left with no option except to relent, go into hiding or turn his/her own homeland into a warzone. That is exactly how this radical ideology has been surviving and spreading for ages.

Look at some recent incidents that happened in Bharat, which show how they carry out these attacks on Hindus.

  1. Kamlesh Tiwari Murder – He was murdered for his alleged objectionable remark against Islam’s Prophet.
  2. Anti-CAA protests – These nation-wide violent protests occurred after the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was enacted by the center. People were misguided and mobilized to counter this so-called anti-Muslim act.
  3. Shaheen Bagh and Delhi Riots – The illegal occupation of Shaheen Bagh resulted in the deadly Delhi riots, that caused the death of more than 50 people.
  4. Ram Navami procession violence – Radical Islamists organized multiple attacks on Hindus during Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti across the country – Delhi, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Targeting Hindu festivals is an annual exercise for them.
  5. The killing of Dr. Narang in Delhi – 40-year-old Dr. Pankaj Narang was murdered by an Islamist mob, who lynched him in the name of road rage.
  6. Post Poll violence in West Bengal – Many Hindus were lynched and thousands were forced to flee by TMC goons and their Islamist collaborators after Mamata’s victory in last year’s WB assembly election.
  7. Bengaluru communal violence – Three people lost their lives in Bengaluru after violence broke out in the city allegedly over an objectionable Facebook post.

RULLS – The modus Operandi

The MO or modus operandi of these radical Islamists is very simple. The lives of Kafirs do not matter to them. They must be converted or be killed just like animals. This is what clerics teach to children from an early age, taking references from their religious texts – the difference between a radical cleric and others is that the former exhorts the madrassa students to act on the religious teachings which promote violence. Wherever the kafirs hold political or administrative power, the Islamists keep the violence to a level that doesn’t attract punitive attention from the police or the security apparatus.

They form groups to vandalize kafir homes, block their driveways, block the roads, unleash love/grooming jihad, shoplifting, crowding into kafir shops, and create unofficial no-go zones. The violence against kafirs is low-level but relentless and random in nature to break them mentally, and its relentlessness and randomness make sure that kafirs are never able to take stock of the situation, unite, and respond accordingly.

The continuous barrage of low intensity but targetted attacks leads to a feeling of uncertainty in life among the kafirs like Hindus. They start losing belief in their government, administration, and ultimately in their own existence. They start feeling threatened while celebrating their festivals or even expressing their views on social media. These attacks create a psychological impact that hinders Hindus’ capability to come together and fight against this evil. In the end, they prefer to leave the place altogether, as we have seen in Kashmir valley, Kairana, Karauli, and parts of West Bengal.

Radical Islamists want dominance or complete physical separation

Their ultimate goal is to dominate and create a system governed by sharia. If that is not possible, they want complete physical separation. Look what they did just before independence, how ‘Direct Action’ day was unleashed and massive violence orchestrated in Bengal, Kashmiri Hindus were targeted on 19th January 1990, and 59 Karsevaks were burnt alive to instill fear in Hindu minds.

It is undoubtedly the biggest mass violence act of human existence that these radical Islamists have unleashed on Kafirs. Our secular-liberal ruling class is ready to live with these radicals in the name of equality and secularism, but they never hold these people accountable for such incidents and killings, because they have a fear of being labeled as ‘communal bigots’. Well, it is better to be a ‘communal bigot’ than dead.

What’s the solution?

The solution is easier said than done. Hindus must understand these tactics, which have been implemented against them for centuries. They must stay united, create local groups, and attend frequent religious congregations, which will help them forge a religious identity and unity. Hindus must start acting as a pressure group to keep the government of the day on their toes and ensure they cant ignore their interests at any cost.

Last, but not the least, it is a long battle – only the ones who constantly follow the strategy and stay together will win it in the end. It’s up to Hindus to decide, how to win this civilizational and existential war. You have to fight, as there isn’t any other option left for you.

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