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Friday, December 8, 2023

Palayam mosque Imam disses democracy, implicitly calls for ‘Muslim direct action’ over PFI arrests

Thiruvananthapuram Palayam Juma mosque Imam V P Suhaib Moulavi said that we now see ‘absolute totalitarianism’ (in Bharat). Totalitarianism is a political system that forbids all opposition parties, criminalizes individual and collective defiance of the state, and imposes strict control and restriction on public and private life.

Interestingly, totalitarianism exists in most Arab countries and China. They do not have a democracy, and there are no general elections. Though his tirade was aimed at the BJP, many believe his real targets are Hindus. 

Suhaib said that the government is hunting down all who oppose it and consider them enemies. Organization leaders from the opposition are being jailed using investigative agencies like the ED and NIA. Islamic ummah (community) has to find a way out since this is the route that ‘fascism’ has chosen. Islamic organizations might have disagreements on various subjects; but now, the time has come for the Islamic community to join hands and face the government, especially the central government, the Imam added.

“60% disagree with governmental policies, and hence they (central govt.) do not have the support of the entire population. They oppose this fascist reign. Democracy can be won using manipulation. Muslims must unite in opposition, and they will receive help from Allah. Do not think that those incarcerated now will remain there forever. We should spread the news about the winning days until they are freed. 

“Allah has promised that such fighters will rule the world precisely how their ancestors became leaders. They will live luxuriously, both in this life and in heaven. Bigger fascists have appeared before in history, but Allah has defeated them all,” the Imam spewed, probably alluding to the arrest of quasi-terrorist org PFI’s top leadership in nation-wide raids. 

Mosque imams are using such religious speeches to instigate Muslims in Kerala. Suhaib means that no matter what sin some radical Islamists indulge in, they are our brothers. Sadly, our ‘secular’ system allows such radicals the freedom to incite violence. As per Suhaib, Muslims might indulge in anti-national activities, murder, and work to harm our country, but Islamists should still help them. How will ideologically blind radical Islamist followers of such imams react is anybody’s guess. 

Incidentally, this is the same Imam who speaks about secularism whenever he gets a chance. Foolishly, both Hindus and Christians invite this same person to speak at religious functions. 

In May, Suhaib wanted an apology from former legislator PC George for his ‘hate’ speech against Muslims. George had warned Hindus and Christians that Muslim traders mixed drugs in food to sterilize people of other religions. He asked non-Muslims to choose eateries carefully. 

Under the guise of Halal, almost all the hotels, restaurants, and eateries are owned and operated by Muslims in Kerala. Citizens are also wary of these Islamists spitting/blowing on food in the name of blessings. Suhaib claimed that Islamists do not spit in food in the name of Halal and called such ‘one-off incidents’ attempts to destroy secularism. The Imam knows that if non-Muslims shun Muslim businesses, Islamist plans for economic jihad will be affected.

Two weeks ago, Suhaib joined the anti-national Latin Catholic Christian protests against the Vizhinjam port being built at Thiruvanathapuram. He wanted a combined effort to stall the port being constructed by Adani. Later, videos emerged of these Latin priests allegedly accepting foreign donations from the ruler of Dubai. 

Kerala police and political leaders who raced to arrest George are not interested in Suhaib inciting political violence against our investigative agencies and administration. His speech came after Operation Octopus against the terrorist group Popular Front of India (PFI) last Thursday. Palayam Juma mosque is enormous; it seats 2,000, and thousands congregate on Fridays to hear such speeches. 

Thiruvananthapuram and many other parts of Kerala witnessed Islamist mob violence last Friday during the unofficial hartal day called for by the PFI. How many rioters are associated to Palayam mosque or got influenced by its sermons remains unknown. Like other mosques in Kerala, this one hoisted the Bharatiya flag for the first time in January 2020. 

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