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Friday, December 8, 2023

Spitting or blowing into food to make it ‘halal’?

Scenes of a Muslim cleric recently emerged where he was seen allegedly spitting into huge vessels containing cooked food, all in the name of Halal. The food was prepared as part of celebrations at a Muslim shrine and was served to the devotees. Reports suggest that this is not the first time that such food was served there and that the attendees have no issues consuming it.

The cleric mentioned above is someone called Fazal Koyamma Thangal Koorath from Ullal in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. It is on the border with Kasargod district of Kerala, and he has a huge following among Kerala Muslims too.

It seems Muslims believe that Thangals are direct descendants of their prophet Mohammed and they have supernatural powers. This Thangal runs 16 schools and colleges, Masjids, Dargahs and claims to have miraculous powers. They also distribute similar food (‘blessed’ by the Thangal) that includes biryani and meat curry to hundreds of attendees.  

This comes at a time when local police citing covid protocols have been charging fines of up to Rs.5,000/- from offenders, since March 2020. Ironically no cases were filed against the cleric even after spitting into the food of hundreds. Some apologists have claimed that he ‘blows’ over the food – even then, there is every chance of specks of spit dropping into the food.

Islamists tried to whitewash this evil practice using the usual ‘halal’ excuse and even said that food tastes better when such clerics ‘bless’ it! Almost all hotels, even the ‘pure vegetarian’ ones in Kerala are halal certified, which means that the food is Islamically ‘pure’. What is more, a non-Muslim cannot certify food as Halal. That is all well and good for the ones who believe in such superstitions but what about those from other religious denominations?

Even as a huge public outcry is raging, more such horrible videos of prominent clerics and chefs spitting into food and even water started to emerge from ‘God’s own country.’ One cleric was seen sitting in his car and spitting into people’s hands who then spread the saliva all over their own faces!  

Both the police and the administration are yet to take cognizance of the issue and this has led to understandable angst among citizens from all walks of life, especially Hindus and Christians. Why is the political elite silent when it comes to such Islamic superstitions even at the time of a raging pandemic?

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  1. Earlier the peace loving people used to spit in the face of non muslims citing jaziya requirements, now they spit citing Halala requirements; order food from online, they will try to find ways of spitting either in the Hotel or on way through a delivery boy. Order halala mutton, they spit while cutting the lamb. Through Taquiah, they will cheat you and make you eat prohibited food.
    Avoid halala certified foods and save your honour, culture and impurities of these bigots. Eat healthy hygienic food and not halala certified food where lot of money is collected to destroy us.
    We are doomed due to these black robed bigots.
    May the Creator of the Cosmos save us from Jihadis and give us strength to face them with our heads held high.

  2. The ill Literates from the alleged most literate state are defending spitting in the name of blowing. Even if it’s blowing, it’s unhygienic and can spread virus and bacteria


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