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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Dear Justice KM Joseph, here are 10 vitriolic anti-Hindu hate speeches by evangelists you probably haven’t ‘heard’

The ‘hate speech’ case has acclaimed wide implications after the bench of Justice KM Joseph and Nagaratna directed that all state governments should take suo motu action against hate speech. But it was only after the Solicitor General and counsels cornered them citing hate speeches from Muslims. 

Justice KM Joseph went on a rant against the state accusing it of being impotent and not acting in time. He said, “Hate speech will stop the moment politics and religion are segregated” implying that BJP is the reason for all the hate speeches much like how Nupur Sharma was ‘chided’ for merely quoting from a hadith.

When Solicitor General Tushar Mehta pointed out the Kerala incident in which a boy was made to raise genocidal slogans, Justice Joseph sides stepped and said, “The major problem is when politicians make use of religion for power”. He also slyly mentioned that he didn’t hear any hate speech from the North East, the majority of which the church has brought under its control.

Maybe not from North East, perhaps due to the ‘tyranny of distance’, but here are 10 vitriolic anti-Hindu hate speeches made by evangelists that Justice KM Joseph either didn’t ‘hear’ or perhaps enjoyed, considering his reaction to the call for genocide of Brahmins.

Catholic priest George Ponnaiah

1)George Ponnaiah, the parish priest of Panaivilai Catholic church in Kanyakumari, while criticising Congress for not taking their support in consolidating Christian votes said, “We wear shoes because we don’t want the impurities in Bharat Mata to stain us. TN government distributes free chappals so we don’t get scabies from Bhooma Devi. Bhooma Devi is a dangerous person. You’ll get scabies and psoriasis from her.

2) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi met George Ponnaiah in Kanyakumari during his Bharat Jodo Yatra. At that time while discussing Jesus the priest said, “Jesus is the only real God. Not like Shakti…or this power. He is god in the human form”

Protestant Bishop Ezra Sargunam

3) A close friend of the DMK first family, Ezra is a repeat offender. The most vitriolic of his speeches was when he said, “Hindu Dharma is not a religion. It is a very artificial religion. There is no religion as Hindu Dharma. Take this challenge and tell everyone. Tell them that there is no such religion; that they are fooling the world. If you are not telling then I suggest that you punch them a couple of times in the face. It’s okay. Say ‘God please forgive me, I got angry’ and punch them in the face and bleed them”

4) In another instance, Ezra Sargunam said to his congregation “Our aim must be to convert them (Hindus) from worshipping their disgusting idols, Vigrahas, their stupid customs and make them accept Jesus, that’s how we converted many tribals and other people in Gujarat”.

5) He often uses the Aryan Dravidian divide formulated by colonialists and perpetrated by Draidiansts and once said, “Diwali is a festival that celebrates Aryan victory over Dravidian. The day on which an Aryan killed Narakasuran. Diwali is not at all a festival of light. It is a festival of darkness.

Pastor Mohan C Lazarus

6) A Hindu convert, Lazarus is the most rabid Hindu hater of the Pentecostal denomination in Tamil Nadu. He freely abuses and denigrates Hindus and Dharma to keep his flock together and said, “The Bible says “vigraha Aradhana” and prostitution will bring the wrath of God on the country. We should pay attention to the sin of prostitution in the country. A country where Vigraha Aradhana and prostitution are on the rise invites the wrath of the god. That is why even though India has a lot of natural resources, rivers and other riches its people are hungry and suffer in poverty”.

7) Once he claimed that prostitution is high in Velankanni because vigraha aradhana is also high which is why it was the worst affected area of TN during the 2006 Tsunami.

8) He had to express regret to the court when a video of his speech saying “No other state in India has as many structures for Satan as Tamil Nadu does. Why does Satan have such a stronghold in TN? No other state has as many temples and Satanic structures” went viral.

Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy

9) This pastor was arrested after his video in which he said, “When everyone in a village accepted Christi as their Saviour. They remove the tree gods and stone gods. I call it a Christ Village. In some villages, I had hit the stones and trees with my leg in front of the village people. They only said Pastor Praveen you can kick it. It is only fake” went viral on social media. But the damage was already done as he had poisoned the minds of many Hindus to convert them to Christianity.

Pastor Suresh Kathera

10) Like Praveen Chakravarthy, Kathera also tried to gain approval and sympathy from foreign audiences and abused Hindu beliefs saying, “1.3 billion Indians worship 330 million gods but they need to see who has power, who has Jesus. They practice witchcraft, black magic, and the biggest place for idol worship”. He also painted a bad image of Bharat to foreign audiences claiming that pastors were being killed under the Narendra Modi-led government. Despite such a blatant anti-Hindu nature, Kathera continued to hold a Hindu SC certificate officially. Even the district collector affirmed that he is a Hindu SC officially when activists sought clarification.

One cannot help but wonder if Justice KM Joseph really hadn’t heard these hate speeches while he was a judge, considering the high profile of the people involved and the controversies they created. But then maybe we cannot expect any better from someone who smiled when being told about a DMK spokesperson’s call for the genocide of Brahmins. Perhaps he should reflect on how he fulfilled his responsibilities as a judge of the apex court now that he is due to retire next month.

During the hearing of the hate speech case, SG Tushar Mehta pointed out the serious issue of hate speech and communal violence in West Bengal to which Justice Joseph replied that his order to file suo motu cases was for future cases and not for speeches made in the past.

But these vitriolic utterances cannot be discarded as past incidents as except for pastor Praveen Chakravarthy all others hold significant influence in the political circle and will continue to spread hatred against Hindus. Their speech is in the past but the hate they seeded in the minds of the Christian community is still present. It is as well that the so-called ‘hate speech’ case has snowballed with Hindus also filing intervening petitions and exposing the judiciary’s bias.

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