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Monday, January 17, 2022

Hindu God-kicking Pastor Praveen and his ‘Christ Village’

The missionaries have infested Bharat for long. Had the mission of the missionaries been only to spread love for Jesus, it wouldn’t have been an issue. But the propaganda of the Gospel-people doesn’t stop with spreading love in the name of Jesus but there is a hidden motive – spreading hate towards Hindus & brain-washing Hindus to abandon their ancestral faith and convert to Christianity.

The Official website of a documentary film ‘Christ Village’ will leave you stunned. The website shows a Durga Murti being moved by a crowd of Hindus. The words emblazoned across this image exemplify the bigotry of the carriers of the Gospel.

Screenshot of christvillage.com

“We will no longer offer sacrifice to gods of wood and stone.
We will throw out the Hindu priests from our village and worship only Jesus.

We are a Christ Village.”

The above are the venom-smeared words of those who claim to spread the ‘Good Word’ of the Gospel. This is the way most missionary work is carried out at one stage or the other – by creating a burning hate for everything Hindu. Some expose this bigotry right at the outset, while others hide it behind a secular facade of some charitable work at the beginning before revealing the true face later.

In this case, the missionaries work under the cover of providing clean drinking water in disadvantaged communities – through the South Carolina, USA based organization Water of Life. But beneath the facade of humanity lurks the sinister agenda – spread atrocity literature about Hindus, untouchability (which was banned in Bharat right at Independence and is non-existent today), canards around ‘animal sacrifice’, calling RSS ‘Indian secret police’, and what not.

But Hindus are finally waking up after tolerating these hate-mongers for long. Rights organization ‘Legal Rights Protection Forum’ has filed an official complaint against Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy and his organization which was misusing foreign funding for this religious conversion work.

In this now viral video, Pastor Praveen not only calls Hindu Dharma ‘fake’, but also boasts to have kicked the heads of murtis of Hindu deities and recalls fondly how that act of degeneracy invigorates him. He accepts that he and the evangelists of his agency have convinced innocent villagers into accepting Christ and the entire Village has denounced their ancestral religion and, conditioned by the likes of Pastor Praveen, accepted Christianity. The Pastor claims that he and his ilk have not only harvested souls of one odd village but countless such villages.

The entire website narrates story after story of how Pastor Praveen and the Sylom Pastors League have partnered with Water of Life International to indoctrinate poor Hindus into believing that all their sorrows are due to the Hindu Gods they worship.

A look into the ‘Christ Village’ documentary unravels how such propaganda is being created by foreign evangelists. Filmmakers (more of evangelists) Peter Hansen and Ken Beale are working in association with Water of Life International, an organisation dedicated to convert vulnerable societies of Bharat and Africa under the guise of providing access to clean drinking water.

Over the years, Christian missionaries have proved to be the biggest enemies of global peace & harmony. Time and again they have been caught spreading their vile message through fake hysterics. We have all seen dramatized videos of pastors performing ‘miraculous’ healing on patients who couldn’t walk, talk, speak – all later proven to be fake.

Clearly, these evangelists are not coming to Bharat to serve the poor or spread love & brotherhood, but to destroy diverse Bharatiya society and impose their exclusivist faith. They are no better than the British colonizers who bled Bharat dry. The British had come through the path of trade, and the Evangelists are entering Bharat through the path of social work.

At a time when the BJP government at the centre is bringing in one historic bill after another, we expect the home ministry to table an anti-conversion bill applicable for the whole country, and to ban FCRA altogether or limit it only for OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) & PIO (Person of Indian origin) individuals. Nothing else can stop the bigotry of the likes of Pastor Praveen in their goal of preaching the Gospel.

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