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Friday, December 1, 2023

Sexual predator maulana killed by OBC victim’s relative, Owaisi spins issue to blame Bajrang Dal

Muslim clerics and fakirs/occultists/pirs/exorcists have earned an unsavory reputation of being predators in guise of providing black magic cures. Media, driven by Hinduphobia and secularism-inspired urge to protect Islam, often mislabels such criminals as ‘tantriks’ and shows images of saffron-robed men in their reports.

In another such case, Maulana Ataullah Qasmi (aged around 40) sexually assaulted a Hindu woman who was brought to him to cure her illness. Qasmi is from Palamu, Jharkhand but was plying his quackery in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh.

Angered by this breach of trust, the relative of the woman – Shivshankar Yadav (28), a driver by profession – killed the occultist and burnt his body. Qasmi went missing on September 21 and within days police solved the case and obtained Yadav’s confession.

Yet, this was enough for the entire Islamist ecosystem across the subcontinent to spin the issue as one of ‘Muslim persecution’. The propagandists like Muslim portal Jamia Times even managed to invent a Bajrang Dal link, whereas Yadav has no such link to the outfit.

This fabricated nonsense was quickly picked up AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi who challenged the PM to ban Bajrang Dal like it did PFI. Congress MLA from Assam Abdul Khaleque echoed Owaisi’s sentiments. Even an Islamist from Bangladesh chimed in.

This is standard operating procedure for Islamist supremacists. They will completely gloss over PFI’s hundreds of terrorist acts, Ghazwa-e-Hind ideology, economic crimes and nefarious links with foreign terror outfits; and draw false equivalence with Hindu outfits. For an Islamist, even a criminal Muslim is worthy of being saved if he is accused of doing a crime against a kafir. For them, the very act of a Muslim being judged by kafirs is anathema.

It is a shame that Asaduddin Owaisi is touted by mainstream media (MSM) as the ‘inspirational, articulate’ face of Muslim politics, whereas the man and his party are inheritors of the barbaric Razakar mindset that wanted to merge Hyderabad with Pakistan. Both Owaisi and his brother have made rabid anti-Hindu speeches, using coarsest of language, yet dhimmi MSM anchors fawn over him as Owaisi ‘sahib’.

This incident also shows the ignorance that is rife in Hindu society that many of us still trust such occultists and quacks. This is the result of directionless, i.e. failure of our Dharmic institutions to spread the true teachings of Dharma across the country. Of course, the degradation of Hindu Dharmic infrastructure is directly tied to the draconian control exercised by the secular state on Hindu temples and their assets, and the hostile anti-Hindu attitude of the Republic and its institutions like judiciary.

Our law enforcement system also needs to introspect as to why people like Shivshankar Yadav feel compelled to take law into their own hands – for eg. lynchings of Islamist rapists are common in North East. When rapists and terrorists are routinely let out on bail/parole by left-liberal, virtue-signaling judges or due to incompetent investigations, is it any wonder that trust in the system has hit an all-time low?

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