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Friday, December 8, 2023

PFI women’s group ‘Shaheen Gang’ and student body CFI were promoting Love Jihad in Karnataka

A women’s group ‘Shaheen Gang’ active in the now banned Popular Front of India (PFI) outfit was involved in enticing Hindu girls into Love Jihad. This was unearthed during investigation by National Investigation Agency (NIA).

This well-trained ‘Shaheen Gang’ worked in tandem with Campus front of India (CFI), the student wing of PFI. They would introduce Hindu girls to Muslim boys and influence them to start a relationship. Later, the girls would be trapped using standard Love Jihad tactics. The gang was active in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Kodagu and Shivamogga.

In a recent shocking case from Ghaziabad, Aas Mohammad alias ‘Sameer Sharma’ married three non-Muslim girls and was found to have preyed on at least 15 other Hindu girls – grooming them before raping and torturing them by biting their body parts. He too was being funded by PFI.

During the Akhila/Hadiya episode too, NIA investigators had found PFI-run Islamic conversion centre Sathya Sarini in Manjeri, Malappuram was involved in brainwashing the young homeopathy student to convert to Islam and hurriedly marry a PFI goon and terror supporter. The centre was using “hypnotic counselling” and auto-suggestion techniques to indoctrinate neo-converts undergoing an ‘Islamic learning’ course there, that other faiths were inferior, the NIA probe found. An India Today sting showed PFI’s founder member admitting on tape that their ultimate goal is to ‘make India an Islamic State’.

However, a Supreme Court bench, including far-left liberal judges like DY Chandrachud, overturned an earlier Kerala HC judgement annulling Akhila’s marriage, and sent her back to her husband Shafin Jehan. The usual cabal of Lutyens’ lawyers like Kapil Sibal, Indira Jaising, Dushyant Dave received around 1 crore in fees from PFI for arguing this case in SC.

Despite its findings and submissions to SC, by October 2018, NIA wrapped up its probe into the Kerala Love Jihad racket, saying it had found no “prosecutable evidence to bring formal charges under any of the scheduled offences of the NIA”. Media like Hindustan Times went to town with this news, running misleading headlines like ‘NIA ends Kerala probe, says there’s love but no jihad‘, whereas the body of the article presented a somewhat different picture, quoting anonymous officials as saying that while there were efforts to ‘facilitate conversions’, there was ‘no evidence of a larger criminal design’.

Now, NIA has again revealed the role of a PFI women’s group ‘Shaheen Gang’ in running Love Jihad/Grooming Jihad rings. But whether they are able to produce ‘prosecutable evidence’ and manage convictions under Bharat’s labyrinthine and virtue-signaling judicial system, is another matter.

PFI is not the only Islamic organization whose name has emerged in love jihad/grooming jihad racket. Others Islamic religious outfits like Islamic Dawah CenterJamia Imam Waliullah Trust have also been charged with such crimes in the name of ‘spreading Islam’. The reality is that both informal and formal networks of mosques (like this one in Fatehpur, UP), maulanas, dargahs, lawyers, NGOs and safe houses support this activity.

But however much data Hindu rights activists gather and present; irrespective of whether these organizations and individuals are successfully prosecuted or not – the dominant narrative in mainstream media (both in Bharat and the West) and mainstream information dissemination channels like Wikipedia, big tech algorithms and ‘fact checkers’ will remain that “Love Jihad is an Islamophobic conspiracy theory that Muslim men are luring Hindu women into converting to Islam”.

Because facts and data are secondary for those who control the narrative. They have established a sophisticated eco-chamber ecosystem where powerful liberal voices amplify each other. So if a Scroll and Quint ignore 100 grooming jihad cases, and report only the one where a false case was lodged, then those 100 cases sink into an information black hole for the Western outlets and fact-checking tools that rank Scroll and Quint as ‘reliable’.

The news outlets that do report truthfully on these crimes are classified as ‘unreliable’ as they are labelled ‘pro-government’, ‘vernacular/reactionary media’, ‘Hindu supremacist’ or ‘unrefined’ (based on language/sentiment analysis). Much-touted data journalism can also be used to turn reality on its head – remember the old adage, “if you torture the data long enough it will confess to anything”.

This is a reality which we will have to live with for the foreseeable future – till the time Bharat attains true sovereignty, digital and otherwise.

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  1. Oh My God! There is no let up of Love Jihad forces! Political parties as well as Govt. should make people aware of this silent killer.

  2. what is stopping bjp/rss in making a big movie on love jihad and making it tax free to create awareness to general public about dangers of love jihad.


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