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Monday, December 5, 2022

Najibudeen aka ‘Raju’ rapes and murders live-in partner’s daughter in Chennai; TOI report continuously refers to him as ‘Raju’ to confuse readers

Najibudeen (36) has been arrested for the rape and murder of an 18-year-old girl in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The victim was the daughter of Najibudeen’s live-in partner, a woman who had separated from her husband 5 years ago.

After committing the crime, Najibudeen fled to Mumbai but was apprehended and is now lodged in Puzhal Central prison, Chennai. Investigators found that he was also involved in chain-snatching cases in Mumbai.

As per a Times of India report, Poonamallee police received a complaint on November 12 from a woman stating that her daughter was murdered and that she suspected it to be the handiwork of her live-in partner, Najibudeen who also went by the Hindu alias Raju Mani Nair. Islamists often use a fake Hindu identity to lower defenses of their grooming victims. Even terrorists are now resorting to such identity theft to fly under the radar of security agencies.

The 37-year-old woman had started living separately from her first husband 5 years ago. The couple have a daughter and a son. The woman had started living with Najibudeen, the accused, since the last few months. Her daughter came to live with her a few weeks ago. The sexual predator Najibudeen started eyeing the young girl and misbehaved with her.

The woman had then chased him away from her house, but the lady’s decision to establish any sort of relation with an Islamist would prove fatal, as we have seen in case after case.

Najibudeen continued stalking their home, and barged inside on November 12 when the girl was alone. He sexually assaulted her, and then strangulated her to death. He also took away her jewellery to make it look like a murder for gain, police said. The victim’s post-mortem confirmed that she was sexually assaulted. Based on CCTV footage, police zeroed in on Najibudeen in Mumbai.

Data proves that live-in relations aren’t just unhealthy and bad for offspring of such unions, they also expose the woman to a far-higher risk of intimate partner violence than witnessed in married couples.

Here are a few more examples of live-ins between a Muslim man and Hindu woman that ended badly for the woman:

Muslim man immolates his Hindu live-in partner over Instagram video upload: Kerala

Muslim live-in partner sets ablaze Hindu woman, her daughter & grand-Daughter, all 3 dead – Nashik, Maharashtra

Muslim live-in partner prime suspect in murder of Tribal woman & her 5-year-old daughter – Ranchi

Of course, there are many other cases of Muslim men murdering their Hindu ‘wives’ – many such marriages are sham, unregistered marriages carried out with connivance of maulvis or through some dubious temples.

Times of India resorts to usual tricks to confuse readers

Two abiding principles of English-language (and even some regional-language) mainstream media outlets are: 1. “Downplay a Muslim perpetrator’s identity and possible religious motivation” 2. “, “Hype up any Hindu perpetrator’s identity, his Hindutva-connections (real or imagined), and caste angle (again, real or imagined)”.

Knowing full well that the perpetrator is a Muslim man who assumed a false Hindu identity, Times of India still refers to him as ‘Raju’ on 7 different occasions in their report, compared to only 1 instance where his true name and fake alias are mentioned.

This is how the print version of TOI reported the case – note how the caption in bold accompanying the accused’s pic refers to him as ‘Raju’.

And this is how the online version of Times of India has reported the story – again, note how the featured image accompanying the article identifies accused as ‘Raju’.

This is no random act. The TOI team – the reporter, sub-editor, editor – all know exactly what they are doing. They know that readers often skim through such reports and by repeating the fake alias ‘Raju’ 7x times compared to his true name, they have ensured that most readers will come away with the impression that a ‘Raju’, and not a Najibudeen, committed this murder.

A similar tactic is used when reporting crimes committed by Muslim black-magic occultists – often the stock photo accompanying those reports shows a Hindu sadhu and words like ‘tantrik’ are splashed in headlines.

These are the depths to which our media elites have plummeted due to their hate for Hindutva.

Another favorite trick of our media and left-liberals is to proclaim “Hindu men also commit violence against women,” and hence such case should not be ‘communalized’. This is a logical fallacy, a false argument, similar to the ‘straw man argument.’

No one is denying that any community or society is immune to the problem of violence against women. Christian, Sikh, Jew and Hindu men all commit brutal sexual and other crimes against women – and HinduPost has been outspoken in calling for police & legal reforms, and Dharmic value-propagation (much derided sanskars, and self-control through yoga and pranayama) to combat that.

But the issue here is about Muslim men preying on non-Muslim women, especially Hindus. The reverse just does not happen – there is not a single case of a Hindu man faking a Muslim identity to lure a Muslim minor, then sexually blackmail her for conversion and vivah or pass her around to his male family members as a prostitute.

There are now several recorded cases where girls have revealed the torture they experienced, how they were trapped, sexually abused (including by Muslim clerics), then pressurized to convert and dehumanized by Muslim in-laws for being Hindu. Yet, all such cases are brushed aside by our left-liberal elites with the stock statement “Love Jihad is an Islamophobic conspiracy created by Hindutva….”.

Have these people no heart? Can’t they just listen to the victim testimonies (like this) with an open mind? Has their Hindu-hate blinded them and made them lose basic humanity? And all this for what – in pursuit of some vague idea called ‘secularism’ or to feel good about themselves for being ‘liberal and tolerant’?

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