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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Hindu Human Rights UK protests outside NZ embassy in London

Human rights body Hindu Human Rights (HHR) held a protest outside New Zealand’s high commission in London to highlight how Massey University and NZ Herald have been complicit in fanning Hindu hatred and mainstreaming Hinduphobia (Hindumisia) in that country.

HHR cited rising instances of violence were the attackers were brainwashed into believing that they needed to attack the enemy. However, in case of Hindus the hatred has been taken mainstream thereby dehumanizing Hindus and putting them at higher risk.

HHR website detailing their protests says:

Both Massey University and the New Zealand Herald have been complicit in this anti-Hindu propaganda. Despite the stabbings by Samsudeen and the massacre by Tarrant, Massey University, the NZ Herald and especially its Professor Mohan Dutta are directly accountable for inciting racial and religious hatred in the New Zealand community against Indian immigrants and Hindus of New Zealand and Australia.

Statements of NZ Herald, Professor Dutta at Massey University and his supporters, trolls, media and a foreign NGO in support of Dutta have systematically demonised and vilified Hindus as violent extremists for the past month relentlessly.

The prejudiced headline: ‘Police aware of concerns about right-wing Indian Nationalist groups in New Zealand’ repeats the inaccurate claims of Dutta that New Zealand Indians and Hindus are security threats. The headline deliberately stokes fear solely based upon the false allegations of Dutta which he made to police a month earlier. This raises the question of newsworthiness and why the NZ Herald would deem the headline fit for publication.

This is especially considering that NZ Herald published an attack on an Indian immigrant taxi driver in July 2021 where a man punched the taxi driver in the eye saying ‘f**cking Indians’. Our voices have not been heard. Our concerns have been shut down.

Hindus of New Zealand, Australia and the world deserve better than to be smeared as violent extremists from our academic institutions and media. Samsudeen and Tarrant did not just randomly select their victims. They were nurtured through like-minded people and online hate in the murky corners of the web and society. The difference now is that attacks on Hindus and Hinduphobia are being justified and given sound basis by academics at Massey University and the writers at the New Zealand Herald. 

It must be mentioned here that Hindu Human Rights (HHR) is different from US-based Hindus for Human Rights (HfHR). HfHR previously launched a cyber attack on HHR and claimed the HHR knowledge panel on Google.

HfHR is a proxy group setup by anti-Hindu forces associated with the Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference. HfHR is actually an underhanded far-right group, masquerading as a Hindu advocacy group, that supports Hindu haters, denies Hindu genocide and Hinduphobia, and openly wants to wipe out all traces of Hindus and Hindu Dharma.

human rights
An HfHR protest featuring co-founder Sunita Vishwanathan, anti-Bharat propagandist Pieter Fredrich and other Hinduphobes (PC: Hindu Human Rights)

Exposing the true face of HfHR, HHR says:

For the record, these recent upstarts at Hindus (for) Human Rights have nothing to do with us here at HHR but an evident desire to impersonate us, steal our digital property and work against Hindu Human Rights to openly promote perpetrators of genocidal violence in Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, including against Hindus and other minorities. In short they sympathise with the perpetrators of genocide then have the balls to lecture Hindus they are bigots for defending themselves against Hinduphobia.

Hindu Human Rights has worked for twenty years to raise awareness, record and talk about Hindu persecution and all this group and their ‘activist’ community seem interested in doing is being the mouthpiece of Pakistani propaganda on ‘Saffron Terror’ and other absurdly offensive accusations.

HHR has also protested the rampant Hinduphobia in articles published by UK’s The Guardian newspaper, something which HinduPost has also covered in the past:

“For the second generation of immigrants growing up in Britain, violence from neo-nazi groups such as the NF, BNP and Combat 18 was a regular if not daily hazard. Add to that the more general racism that pervaded life. This is where it starts from. The fanatic ideological commitment to vilify an entire community or section of the demographic. This is exactly what we see now, ironically from the self-styled antiracist and anti-fascist Left. In the forefront of this hatemongering, is that liberal mouthpiece, The Guardian.

Founded in Manchester in 1821 by cotton merchant John Edward Taylor and his friends, they did so with money inextricably linked to slavery. Plantation slaves harvested cotton from which Taylor made his fortune. He also sided with cotton mill owners in Manchester against improving conditions for those who toiled in the hazardous environment, which made use of child labour.

In 1862 the newspaper lamented the election of Abraham Lincoln as president of the United States, and supported the secessionist slave-owning Confederacy. Now that racist invective remains with regard to Hindus, enhanced by colonialist invective which has not died. In this, we should not be sidetracked into using terms such as left or right-wing. When it comes to Hindus there is barely any difference, barring the choice of language thrown at the intended victim. Instead of using racial slurs, the Guardian habitually uses terms such as fascist, fundamentalist, extremist, right-wing and Taliban when it comes to Hindus. This imaginary use of words far removed from their original meanings has done an amazing job of fooling the public with its Orwellian Newspeak.

This is so infectious that we see the self-styled anti-racist left using the image of the white damsel in distress at the hands of dark pagan savages. This was used more recently in its defence of Audrey Truschke, an American anti-Hindu academic who herself has links to far-right Christian missionaries. Yet that religious fervour is easily morphed into the secular humanist attack, because that secularism is itself the offspring of a once-dominant church and Christian theology.

Now whenever attacked, the Guardian wheel out their ‘coolies’ writers of Indian origin who as with the local collaborators with colonialist rule, know how to toe the line. But behind these puppets, it is the white master that controls the strings. Strangely enough, this anti-Hindu sentiment does not necessarily come from the masses. Indeed it is the white working-class who themselves are looked down upon by the woke writers of the Guardians, as mere ignorant, Brexit-supporting ‘chavs’. These ‘chavs’ are ironically derided as racist by the same newspaper that is infested with Hinduphobia.”

(Featured Image Source: Hindu Human Rights YouTube)

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