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Thursday, June 13, 2024

College student forced to lick shoes, tortured, sexually assaulted for refusing to marry friend’s father: Pakistan

A college student was abducted and inhumanly tortured by an influential businessman and his family in Pakistan’s Faisalabad city for refusing to marry him. Shockingly, the victim was a friend and classmate of the accused textile businessman Sheikh Danish Ali’s daughter Ana Ali. Danish Ali is around the same age as the victim’s father.

A video of the atrocities meted out to the girl, including being made to lick shoes, has gone viral on social media and led to a nation-wide outburst in Pakistan at the rampant misogyny and lawlessness in the country.

(Video archived here)

As per a report in The Express Tribune,

Khadija, a final year student of BDS, was Ana’s friend and would often visit her home. Danish began to develop feelings for Khadija and asked his daughter to send her a marriage proposal. Khadija, however, spurned his proposal after which Ana began sending the victim death threats. Upon receiving these threats, Khadija cut off all contact from Danish and his family.

On August 9, Danish and his daughter, along with a group of men, broke into Khadija’s home and kidnapped her as well as her brother.

According to the FIR, they also stole valuables including Khadija’s Iphone 13 Pro Max, gold bangles and Rs. 500,000. Taking the victim to their lavish residence, situated in one of the most elite areas of Faisalabad, the culprits began torturing Khadija in front of her brother.

Danish and his daughter, along with other members of the household cut her hair, and even made her lick their shoes all the while recording this extreme form of abuse and humiliation in a video, which the culprits themselves later posted on social media.

Khadija has also alleged that she was forced to perform a sex act on Danish which he also recorded.

Police arrested six suspects after footage of the victim being attacked and humiliated spread like wildfire on social media. A total of 16 people have been booked in the case. Another female classmate of the victim, Maham, could also be seen thrashing and abusing the victim at Ali’s upscale Paradise Valley residence.

The medical report of the female medical student has confirmed torture marks on multiple parts of the body along with injuries on face, eyes, elbows and hands. Her eyebrows and head was shaved forcefully. As per the FIR, the accused also demanded PKR 10 lakhs and threatened the girl that they would upload the video clips on social media if she did not pay up.

Ana, one of the main accused has not been taken into custody so far. As the footage went viral, netizens called for heads to roll over the extreme humiliation meted out towards the victim and asked for an end to violence against women that is pervasive across Pakistan.

In July, an American vlogger was gang-raped in Pakistan and had to run from pillar to post before one rapist was arrested. Last year, a shalwar-kurta clad woman shooting a TikTok video in a famous Lahore landmark on Pakistan’s Independence Day was surrounded by a mob of hundreds of men and groped and tossed around like a piece of meat. Apologists for the sickening violation later said the woman was wearing ‘tight clothes’ when ‘na-mehram’ (i.e. in midst of non-family males where Muslim women should observe strict purdah as per Islamic law).

Muslim women not safe, but plight of Hindu ‘kafir’ women is far worse

The victim in this case belonged to a reasonably well-off family. She was staying with her elderly mother, and has two brothers residing in UK and Australia. As the accused businessman is influential and apparently politically connected (there are images on social media showing him on campaign posters of PM Shehbaz Sharif’s party PML-N), many Pakistanis suspect that he will manage to get off by intimidating the victim and working out some ‘settlement’ with police.

If this is the way an educated Muslim woman can be abducted in broad daylight and assaulted, one can well imagine the plight of poor Hindus and what chance of justice they stand to get from the Islamofascist state of Pakistan where denigrating Hindus is so mainstream that it doesn’t even register as offensive to most people.

Most times, when a Hindu girl is abducted, raped, converted and married to her abductor in conversion factories like the Sufi shrine Bharchundi Sharif in Ghotki district, the common Pakistani Muslim just shrugs his/her shoulders and considers it a ‘noble act’ that a ‘kafir’ has been brought into the ‘light of Islam’ – the ends justify the means theory.

All evidence of forced conversion, the heart-rending pleas of the parents and girls who are lucky enough to be rescued as Kareena Kumari was, are ignored or dismissed as ‘conspiracy to defame Islam’ by selectively quoting the Quranic verse – “there is no compulsion in religion”.

And this is the nation that left-liberals in Bharat and the Pakophiles that exist in all strata of our society want to portray as ‘just like us’. Bharatiyas are brainwashed into thinking that our conflict with Pakistan is limited to Kashmir or due to Army-ISI interference in Pakistani politics. But that’s the partial truth. Pakistan is an enemy state because its idea of nationhood is steeped in the notion of Islamic supremacism, especially over ‘kafir, cowardly/backward’ Hindus. Some human rights activists in Pakistan also admit this, but self-absorbed and deracinated Indian elites dismiss any critical analysis of Pakistani society and its attitudes as ‘hate mongering’.

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  1. Their phone line is busy with Washington and China, who has got time for such a daily occurence. Probably in their mind the victim should be grateful they let her live.
    It doesn’t matter who your friends are, imagine your friend becoming a pimp for her father. What kind of Doctor she would be.

  2. Pakistan is a lawless country where brute force prevails over human rights. Just see the victim is a Pakistani woman. If she were a Hindu woman, can you imagine her plight? Most likely she would have been converted, forcibly married, subjugated to slavery, and possibly killed under trivial pretext. Here justice is denied and Hindus stands no chance to get justice from the pro-Islamic state of Pakistan.

  3. A disdainful act that deserves exemplary punishment. But can the Pakistani Govt. take such a punitive measure? That’s a BIG QUESTION!


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