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Friday, July 19, 2024

“Pakistan is a Nazi state…forced conversion of Hindu girls is not a crime for average Muslim” – Sindhi Muslim Activist

The outbreak of violence against Pakistani Hindus in Ghotki, Sindh, after a false blasphemy allegation, has at least woken up some urban Hindus in Bharat to the plight of their brothers & sisters in an Islamic country like Pakistan. Similarly, fake Facebook posts deemed blasphemous of Islam have been used to incite large-scaled pogroms against Hindus and grab their land in Bangladesh as well.

In an interview with news outlet CurrentTriggers, Sindhi Muslim social activist Asad Chandio has provided several revealing insights into why anti-Hindu bigotry is so widespread and socially accepted in Pakistan. We reproduce the entire interview in full below –

Asad Chandio needs no introduction in the field of journalism. He has been the sole voice working on the forced conversion cases and has also been a street activist protesting against these cases. He was forced to flee Sindh after being threatened by Pakistani agencies. Here is a bare-all interview over the current violence in Ghotki and surrounding areas:

Why was Notan Mal targeted in the riots?

Notan was targeted because when 11-year-old Monika was abducted from Hala, Sindh it was none other than this Notan Mal who gave refuge to them (the girl was one of the rare few reunited with her parents after a court ruling). Monika originally belongs to Hala but later she and her parents left the place and you know who gave them refuge?

Notan Mal!

So is this why Principal Notan is being targeted? For giving refuge to Monika and family?

Yes! Because not only did he keep Monika and family in his house but protected and provided for them.

So all this is for Monika? Why Monika?

Because in their eyes, she escaped from their hands. Also, now after setting fire to so many areas, who will remember Monika? Notan is now staring at death because blasphemy is punishable by death here, and when the entire place is burning, everyone will be thinking first about his safety. In all this, Monika will be forgotten.

The role of Pakistani Rangers also needs to be scrutinized as after they were called, the intensity of the attacks increased, temples were attacked and even the houses were attacked.

So were the Pakistani Rangers there so that the mob could carry on whatever they wanted to do?

So this was backed by the state?

Well! The mob attacked Temple and went after the school buildings. See the police works under the state, but the Rangers work directly under the order of the Government of Pakistan, home department.

So you are suggesting that Islamabad knew about the situation?

Yes. Because the Rangers falls under the Government of Pakistan.

And Notan Mal got targeted because he gave refuge to a Hindu girl marked by the grooming gangs?

Monika was given refuge. And before any allegations could be levied against the influential Islamists, this entire riot took place. Now, that we know all this, tell me is it possible that such a scale of riot can take place without the backing of the state?

But the teenager who accused the Principal of blasphemy, who is this boy?

The boy’s family is a Punjabi settler. Ghotki has many Hindus living there and these Islamists technically work for the Military Intelligence and the ISI. So these Islamists technically work to snatch Hindu houses, businesses, properties and indulge in forced conversion of the Hindus. This is done to ensure that Hindus run away.

Ghotki is now frequented by the Punjabi settlers and it is a Punjabi settler’s boy who ran wild with the accusation. Even in the case of forced conversion of Rinkle Kumari, it was a Punjabi Muslim settler Naved who was involved. These Punjabi settlers are very dear to the Bharchundi Pirs and the State of Pakistan. This is a huge conspiracy. And I believe that the frenzy by Pakistani media on Kashmir has a lot to do with the situation too. They have created an atmosphere where they want a war.

But what has India got to do with the Hindu citizens of Pakistan? How is India even involved in all this?

In Pakistan, India means the Hindus and the Hindus mean India. This is Pakistan we are talking about. India means Hindu and enemy here and India needs to be finished.

And to kill all Hindus is the policy of the Islamic State of Pakistan, every face, be it Jaish-e-Mohammad, be it Lashkar-e-Taiba, or be it the Bharchundis, they all work on the goal of eliminating all Hindus.

Do even the Sindhi Sufis want to finish Hindus?

Who is a Sufi here? No one here. Did any peaceful Pakistani come to Ghotki? Any Sufi came while the Ghotki burned?

They lie to themselves to hide their cowardice with words like these. When the enemy is waging a war, they are sitting silently. So, forget the Sufis (Sindh is considered a place where Sufi Islam is still prevalent)

The way you are talking about the role of the Pakistani Rangers, why are the Pakistani media and human rights workers not discussing them?

Pakistani media and human rights workers are controlled by a mindset. What human rights do the Hindus have here, when they are not even considered humans in the first place.

So you are saying that media and human rights institutions are compromised here?

No, correct yourself, I am saying they are ‘Controlled.’

Controlled? Okay, then what should Pakistani Hindus do in such a situation? Because after every attack, the migration to India increases. And to build a new life in a different country and a different culture is really tough. So is migration the sole solution for the Pakistani Hindus?

There is a solution; Pakistani Hindus must speak freely and boldly and tell whatever is happening to them. It is people like me and you who are telling the world what is happening with the Pakistani Hindus but they never speak up. And since they never speak up, hence, the pressure that needs to be built to get justice never gets build.

The Hindus in Sindh are celebrating Kashmir Day.

Kashmir Day?

Yes, they are celebrating Kashmir Day but look at their condition! First, let the Hindus celebrate their own self! Every day they are facing persecution and they are doing it to please the Army.

I think that could be because if the Pakistani Army remains pleased, then no one will question their patriotism or loyalty.

But has it ever worked?

And what about the Pakistani Hindu leaders like Ramesh Vankwani, Lal Malhi and others? They are living a safe life, they can speak on behalf of the Hindu community?

These Pakistani Hindu leaders are ‘their’ men. Any MNA who enjoys power is selected by the ISI. This is Pakistan. Now, those who want to become Ministers or MNAs etc need the approval of the ISI.

Have you ever heard Ramesh Vankwani expose the situation of the Pakistani Hindus? He always tries to justify the situation. Because this is what his duty is.

Lal Malhi is brave but most Hindu leaders here are sheer opportunists, and they use these incidents of persecution to bag plump posts.

So in such a situation, we are again back to migration?

I think being brave is the solution and say proudly that we are humans because Muslims, Jews, Hindus all are first humans and demand equal rights. Why target us because of India? Because we are not Hindustan. Pakistan was made some 70 years back, but the Hindus have lived there for thousands of years before even the idea of Pakistan came out. Are they agents of RAW? Are they agents of India? If anything happens with India, Pakistani Hindus are targeted to seek revenge.

Let me tell you again that what happened in Ghotki is nothing but revenge for Kashmir.

Do you have any update on the Hindu man Prakash who was accused of blasphemy?

No. This is Pakistan, no one will ever know the depth of persecution, Pakistan is a Nazi state. And all this madness over Kashmir will spill over soon to other areas. Larkana etc will be targeted soon because the frenzy has been spread that ‘Hindus’ are doing ‘zulm’ (atrocities) over the ‘Muslims’ in Kashmir. If you have a problem with the Indian government then target the government but when you say ‘Hindus’ are doing this, then the atrocities will be done against the Hindus.

Even if that is the case, then why hasn’t the world said anything to India? Why is the Indian side of Kashmir more developed than the Pakistani side?

I won’t get into this. But I will tell you what we are told. They say that Kashmiri Muslims are in jails and are getting killed.

So that is why young children like Monika also get kidnapped for forced conversion?

Yes. And what has happened in Ghotki is the trailer, a start and this will continue at an alarming pace with many faces of the Pakistani state like the Mian Mitho or Ayub Jan Sarhandi but all this will be remote-controlled by the ISI.

So if there is international condemnation, then does it help?

Yes, but when the Pakistani media either does not cover or simply tones down the reporting, then what do you expect? Even this riot at Ghotki was actually exposed by me because no one else wanted to do it. Even those who had the videos before me did not dare to share them on social media, but rather sent to me. So why this fear? Are we even free?

What about Monika will she come back? And whether any medical examination is undertaken after the girls return?

Never. Because they are doing jihad. You see these men enter a Hindu’s home and then abduct their children, rape them so this is nothing wrong in the eyes of the average Pakistani Muslim. After the riot in Ghotki, there is a video showing a Mullah saying that you have done a service to Prophet Muhammad, so now I can certainly tell you that the ‘Nabi’ will be pleased.

So despite video proofs, these rioters will likely walk free?

Yes, because the law enforcers are backers of these elements. Please be clear, the Pakistani state is ruled by the ISI and since Hindus live in Hindustan, hence they want to kill Hindus. Now, these elements are doing the same thing; killing Hindus so ISI is obviously going to back them.

Do you think that Monika will come back? Any chances?

No chances, especially now because there is not one soul who can think about her when the entire Hindu community had come under such a ferocious attack. That child will be forgotten in this attack and I am sure this riot had a lot to do with the abduction of Monika.

Now, everyone is worried sick for their own safety, where will they go, where will their children be safe, so who will speak for Monika? Now, everyone will think that since Monika is gone, let’s first save those who can be saved. Because Bharchundi has the reputation that once a non-Muslim child reaches it, he/she is never returned. Hindu parents, after some time of the abduction, just assume that their girl is dead.

A huge number of Pakistani Hindus have already migrated out of Pakistan and everyone knows that. Europe, India, USA, UAE, and so many other places. Many Pakistani Hindus have sent their families out and only one male member is living here doing his work/business. Once he feels that the situation will get worse, he too will either leave or die.

And what does the Sindhi diaspora do?

Nothing. Partly because there is a belief that those who are not Muslims are not ‘good’ or even humans. So in the case of Pakistani Hindus, the Sindhi Muslim does not care while the Sindhi Hindu is too careful to not tread on the boundaries set by his adopted country.

So we cannot expect justice? And the Hindu girls who undergo sexual assault, they won’t get justice because there is no inquiry?

There have never been any arrests when the victim is a Hindu girl. If you know of any arrests in which any Muslim went to jail for sexual assault against a Hindu girl, please inform me. Tell me just one such case in which the culprit ever went to jail. Because rape and forced conversion against Hindu girls is not considered a crime in Pakistan!

This (rape and forced conversion) is considered a brave thing by society.

Are you aware that there are a lot of Pakistani journalists, often Hindus too, who write for international and even Indian papers? But they have never spoken these things.

They only want to speak about good things but they don’t have the nerve to take on challenging issues which plague Pakistan and the 22 crore people who live here.

But even the journalists with Hindu faith don’t speak!

That’s because to do such a thing you have to be mad like me.

I just gave two hardly 5-minute interviews to Zee and Aaj Tak on the Hindu girls’ abduction in Pakistan. Then I was picked up and branded an Indian agent. The first time they picked me up and the next time they would have killed me. Just 10-minute interview in the year 2017 was enough to earn me this.

Do you know who abducted you and threatened you?

They never tell names.

So authorities can just take anyone with them without any legal formalities?

Yes, and from anywhere. This is Pakistan, anyone can pick you. Kill you. No one cares.

What does the Dalit Sujag Tehreek do? It was created to raise the voice of Dalit Hindus.

They do business in the names of Dalits and they work against the Hindus.

Jagjit Kaur came back, isn’t this a good sign?

The Sikhs are much beloved of the ISI because they want to manipulate Sikhs to break up India. You know Jagjit Kaur was abducted and the entire machinery worked to bring her back. Because not only was she a Sikh but a ‘Punjabi’ one.

And let me add, it is actually Punjabiyat that is working here.

They are using Punjabiyat, so that is why the girl was returned. But did any medical examination take place to ascertain what she underwent during her kidnap?

No. Never. See they returned the girl, so for a Hindu or a Sikh parent, if at least the daughter returns back, then it is good enough. They think at least ‘jaan bachi.’

I distinctly remember that you covered the case of forced conversion and abduction of another Sikh girl Anarkali Kaur. I also covered it. If Islamabad wants to truly keep Sikhs happy then did it help in the return of Anarkali Kaur?

At that time, Pakistan was not trying to incite any war with India or divide India. Plus, remember that this Sikh girl is not a ‘Punjabi.’

A Punjabi Muslim can be a friend of a Punjabi Sikh but a Sindhi Muslim like me saying that my friend is a Sindhi Hindu will be called a traitor. Why? Because I am a Sindhi and they are Punjabis.

So there is Islamism, ISIsm, Punjabiyat, and god knows what else. How will Pakistani Hindus be able to get justice then?

Please understand that this is very deep-rooted. We are taught from the beginning that the Muslims have come to rule over the Hindus.

So that is why they do sexual grooming of Hindu girls?

Yes, because they know they are powerful and can do it.

Is there anything that you would like to tell Indian PM Narendra Modi.

If Narendra Modi is a good PM and a good Hindu, then he should take a look at the Sindhi Hindu condition. There are two types of persecution, the first case is when you assault someone he shouts in pain, but the second is even worse, you assault him and then tell him to not dare utter a word. The second type is what Hindus are facing in Pakistan on a daily basis. These Hindus have adopted a policy of silence as they are afraid of the ‘vardi (uniform).’

Narendra Modi is being called Nazi by Imran Khan and here you termed Pakistan a Nazi state.

Pakistan is doing what Daesh did with the minorities in Iraq. They want to kill the Kufar or the Kafir from the entire world. They teach young children these things in schools and Madrassas. I am saying this, that India and the world should not fear Pakistan’s atom bombs but this mindset.

And what they are doing with Hindu girls, they do the same with the Christian minor girls in the UK.

But at least they have laws to punish these people. In Pakistan, they get accolades for doing it.

(Above interview was conducted by team, and we applaud them for their service in the cause of Dharma)

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