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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Love Jihad from the Eyes of a UP Girl

Love Jihad is often defined as an activity under which young Muslim boys / men target and allure girls belonging to non-Muslim communities ( particularly Hindu and Sikh girls ) for conversion to Islam by feigning love. 

For a long time, media houses, Maulanas and even common people thought that love Jihad is a myth and is promoted by BJP and so called ” Saffron Outfits ” to create communal tension and make political benefits out of it. 

But now when several cases have come to notice, people are understanding that Love Jihad is a reality. Although there are many ‘Pseudo seculars’, so called ‘ Liberals’ and Muslims, who instead of addressing the issue, are often seen denying existence of Love Jihad. 

Why is it so? Is Love Jihad a consipiracy to change demographic structure of Bharat? Although Love jihad is happening in other parts of world also in some or the other way, but for now I will be focusing on Bharat only. 

Several cases of Love Jihad have come to light wherein Hindu girls have been lured by Muslim boys / men, either by pretending to be Hindu or by posing to be very open minded and “all religion respecting Muslims”. 

Many people advocate that , today youth are educated and can differentiate between right and wrong, they are not illiterate people or small kids who will fall into any such traps as Love Jihad. My very simple question to them is ” Do crimes not happen to educated people ?” , “Do criminals spare educated people just because they’re “educated” ? Yes? No! 

Most of the girls you can see in the picture below, were victims of  Love Jihad, raped & killed. Most of them were well educated, some of them independent working women. Harshita Sharma, a student, was raped & killed by a Muslim boy named Zubair Khan Pathan. Heena Talreja, another educated victim of love jihad was shot dead by her husband Adnan Khan. Tina Rajawat, who ran a salon and beauty spa, was murdered by her driver Naeem after she spurned his proposal. 


Now , what inspires Muslim boys to do Love Jihad? BOLLYWOOD? MAULANAS? ISLAMIC EXTREMISM?

Bollywood has it’s influence to some extent, but the main inspiration is Islamic Extremism propagated by some Maulanas & Terrorist organizations. YouTube is full of videos of Islamic scholars, asking Muslim boys to lure Hindu and Sikh girls, marry them, convert them to Islam, produce kids and contribute in Population Jihad, throw the girl into prostitution / kill / send to terrorist organizations.

Question that arises is, what non-Muslims are doing about it (OTHER THAN IGNORING THE REALITY)? And what Muslims are doing (OTHER THAN CONSIDERING LOVE JIHAD AS A CONSPIRACY HATCHED BY RSS / BJP TO DEFAME ISLAM)? 

What can Hindus, or basically non Muslims, do to protect non-Muslim girls from Love Jihad?

  • Girls need to be taught about Love Jihad, it’s purpose & consequences. Awareness is the best solution.
  • Girls should talk to their parents, if they are stalked by any suspicious person. 
  • Girls should use their smartness and education to identify the real friend and enemy behind the veil of friendship.
  • Little knowledge of religion won’t cost anything. Now, knowledge of Hindu scriptures for example should not be forced but motivated. Hindus are prone to conversions as they have little knowledge about their religion and are least interested in religious rituals. My simple question is, a Muslim born child takes religious education in Madrasas but why a Hindu born child is taught nothing about Vedas? Why is there no institution for Hindus? Ask yourself.
  • Parents should have friendly relations with their children, they should make sure that their children are comfortable in sharing their problems with them, as many a times girls hesitate fearing an angry reaction from parents.
  • Parents should not act like detectives and check phones of their daughters or spy on them, but should know about her friends, people she is in contact with. Freedom is very important, privacy is also very important, but too much of it can cost a lot. 

What Muslims (not jihadi Muslims) should do to stop Love Jihad? And protect their sons from becoming puppets of hate mongering Maulanas:

  • Muslim parents should teach their sons difference between what Tarek Fateh calls ‘Allah ka Islam’ and ‘Mullah Ka Islam’. Teach their sons that a girl’s cries and sorrow won’t win him 72 hoors (celestial beauties) or Jannat (paradise).
  • Parents should teach their sons not to do anything to someone’s daughter, sister, mother that they would not be able to see happening to their own mother, sister, daughter.
  • Correct knowledge of religion and true secularism is also very important.
  • Muslims should be taught that converting any non Muslim to Islam by means of cheating, feigning love is not allowed in Islam.

Non Muslims and Non-Jihadi Muslims should unite in the fight against Love Jihad. Hindus, Sikhs & other non Muslims should think, if their girls keep falling in the trap of Love Jihad, what will be their future? 

Let me make it clear that, inter-religion marriage and Love Jihad are two very different things.

The true secularists must come forward to stop this evil called love jihad. Extremism of any kind in any religion, will not take your religion or country forward; so be a follower of God and not Maulanas, priests etc. 

Disclaimer: This article represents the opinions of the Author, and the Author is responsible for ensuring the factual veracity of the content. HinduPost will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information, contained herein.

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Shraddha Pandey
Shraddha Pandey
Location: Uttar Pradesh Twitter username : @immortalsoulIN


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