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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Quack Healing is a Central Tool in the Christian Missionary Arsenal

Recently an incident surfaced on twitter about how a few aware Hindus confronted a young woman who was distributing pamphlets to Hindu devotees coming back from Ganesha Visarjan in Mumbai.

The pamphlet was actually advertising material of the ‘divine power of Jesus’ and how even serious medically incurable diseases like HIV Aids, Brain tumor etc., can be cured by believing in Jesus. It calls people to pray to Jesus if they want to be rid of their ailments, problems and want eternal life. It claims that Jesus’ name can make the blind see, help the lame to walk, cure leprosy, bring corpses to life and end poverty.

Source: @iasandip on Twitter

This brazen act of predatory proselytization (predatory because vulnerable people are being targeted with false claims of magical cures) took place in a city like Mumbai and that too during one of the biggest festivals of Hindu Dharma, Ganesh Puja.

The missionary network is wide spread in every state of Bharat, from small towns, villages to big cities. This is a well laid trap by Christian evangelists, heavily funded by foreign groups. They strategically target the gullible, emotionally, financially or physically suffering people. They play with their emotional mindset with the only aim to make them accept that ‘Jesus is the only true God’. And promises of miraculous cures are central to these unscrupulous missionaries. 

Here are some other incidents where such techniques of quackery were used to trap unsuspecting Hindus:

1. in 2016, Mumbai Police raided the prayer centre of self-proclaimed Christian divine healer Sebastian Martin.

He claims to cure any disease in the name of Jesus. This large scale drama conducted like a stage show is designed to trap more and more innocent Hindus. According to experts, such tactics do not cure anyone medically, but it is just state of trance where they feel they have been cured. This can be done through hypnotism and other means.

2. In this video, a fraud missionary in a southern part of Bharat shows how a DVD has ‘healing powers’ and sends a woman into some kind of trance from which she will emerge ‘whole’!

Here’s another variant of the miraculous DVD ‘healing’ a woman with a swollen kidney when she places the DVD against her stomach and repeats the magic word Jesus!

3. As reported recently in News 18, around two dozen Dalit Hindu families converted to Christianity in Jaunpur, UP after attending weekly group prayer meetings where their long-term illnesses and ‘demonic possessions’ were ‘cured’ within months. The villagers claim that they have not converted, but just go to Christian prayer sessions for their physical well being.

Apparently, apart from crooked healing techniques like slipping real medicine in guise of ‘holy water’ etc., the missionaries are also savvy enough to coach neo converts to hide their religious identity in order to not lose the reservation benefits which accrue to Hindu Scheduled Castes?

4. Here’s another demonstration of the ‘divine healing’ power of Christianity where grown men fall down, writhing in ecstasy at the mere hand-wave of God’s chosen one – the Christian missionary! Adult women jump up and down like excited teenagers while receiving ‘faith-healing’

5.  In another recent incident from Jaunpur, a young woman was kidnapped by missionaries and her entire family was pressurized to convert to Christianity. The mother of the victim said that people’s health is being affected by the chemical-laced water that missionaries offer them to drink.

It is a known strategy of missionaries to create certain ailments and then claim to heal the same through a ‘miracle’ (in reality an antidote to whatever harmful drug was given earlier). The way this whole curing session is staged by them is a well-prepared drama to scare the already suffering people and trap them into conversion in the name of Jesus.

6. The quack-healing missionary network is active amongst Sikhs of Punjab too. Here a young Sikh claims to have been miraculously cured of an accident-related ailment by attending open church near Amritsar and Kapurthala

7. Hindi daily Punjab Kesari reported that a man named Anil used to organise a mass and prayer session on every Sunday at his home in Gorakhpur, UP. Many Hindu women used to attend that mass, lured by Anil’s promise of curing them of serious diseases.

8. It is often seen that after every natural disaster, the missionary network works to make the poor and backward classes believe that they suffered as they were non-believers, and they can only be ‘saved’ from disasters only if they believe in and pray to Jesus. Bibles, translated in local language, reach the relief camps overnight to exploit the misery of the people.

9. Another technique is to target relatives of hospitalized patients and claim to pray for the patient – if the patient heals due to the medical treatment he is receiving, the missionaries will claim that it is due to ‘Christian prayers.’ If the patient doesn’t recover, the grieving family will hardly remember that prayers failed. The unscrupulous missionary fraud has nothing to lose!

10. The Indian missionaries are just implementing the ‘quack healing’ template developed in the West. Here is an expose of the famous evangelist missionary & charlatan Benny Hinn – who has been described as “showman, salesman businessman….a 1-man multinational religious conglomerate… It is estimated his ministry brings in more than $200 million per year – based on his pledge that you will be healed if you have enough faith, and especially if you attend his miracle crusades.”

In 2005, Benny Hinn recorded a ‘crusade’ with attendance of 7.3 million people (in three services) in India, the largest ‘healing service’ in recorded history. In 2014, he again planned to returned to Bengaluru but cancelled at the last minute despite Karnataka High Court overriding protests from Hindu groups that Hinn was a fraud missionary who was openly abusing his tourist visa.

These 10 examples are just the tip of the iceberg which show how quack healing is used by missionaries, especially in a developing country like Bharat where millions still don’t have access to quality health services and basic infrastructure like toilets – something which is finally being rectified after being ignored for 70 years by so-called ‘secular, socialist, pro-poor’ Governments.  

There are several other tools in the missionary arsenal – like first targeting married women and then trying to lure the whole family into their web –

The short-term counter to these predatory proselytizers is eternal vigilance, spreading awareness about their fraud and divisiveness, strict implementation of the law (how different are these quack healers from chit fund scam artists or multi-level marketing pyramid schemesters?) and ending abuse of tourist visas.

But this is an asymmetric battle in which non-proselytizing, pluralistic Dharmic faith systems just cannot, and should not be asked to compete against a massive, billion-dollar, exclusivist religion. Article 25 of Bharat’s constitution which says “all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion” has been abused in every possible manner by missonaries. The legal machinery of this country has been trained to ignore or soft-pedal any appeals against the missionary cabal, lest they are accused of being anti-minority and offending secularism. The only solution is to amend the constitution to outlaw the proselytization of exclusivist, non-plural religions like Christianity.

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