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Thursday, June 20, 2024

“Many more Yogis and Modis standing in line…” – Devkinandan Thakur replies to the Islamist mafioso from Hyderabad

Shri Devkinandan Thakur gave an apt reply to Islamist mafioso Owaisi who had earlier remarked that Yogi and Modi won’t be there forever and once they go Muslims won’t remain silent.

“I want to tell the police. Remember this. Yogi will not be the Chief Minister forever. Modi will not remain the Prime Minister forever. We Muslims are silent because of the times, but remember we will not forget the injustice. We will remember your injustice. Allah, by his powers, will destroy you, Inshallah. We will remember. Times will change. Then who will come to save you? When Yogi will go back to his matha, when Modi will go to the mountains, then who will come to save you. Remember, we will not forget” Owaisi had said in his December 12 speech from Kanpur that went viral on social media.

Shri Thakur said, “the first message I want to send across to him is that right now you are only seeing one Yogi but he is not the lone Yogi. There isn’t just one Modi either. Among the Hindus, there are numerous Yogis and Modis. At present, these two have got a chance but many others haven’t. When others get an opportunity they’ll come to the fore and you won’t be able to make such threatening speeches. This was, is, and will be the land of Prabhu Sri Ram. We don’t detest you but just because you’ve converted out of Hindu Dharma you shouldn’t insult your ancestors who were Hindus. Respect your grandfather”.

Such an awakening among the Hindu community is essential and it is indeed commendable that Hindu Dharmagurus, sadhus, Katha-vachaks are now speaking up against anti-Hindu hate speech and genocidal elements who threaten to eliminate Hindus if police are removed for 15 minutes. Hindu spiritual leaders with their following and influence among the masses can certainly bring out awareness among common Hindus when they raise such important issues.

Recently, Juna Akhara head Mahamandaleshwar Swami Yatindranand Giri has commented on the issue of Kalicharan Maharaj who has been arrested by the Chhatisgarh police while at the same time asking as to why those abusing Hindu deities were roaming free. Similarly, Shri Kedar Sree Swamiji of the Siddalingeshwara Samsthan Mutt had to face attacks by Islamists after he raised his voice against grooming, conversion mafia, and cow slaughterers.

The Siddalingeshwara Samsthan mutt’s building in Mashal village was attacked on December 30 at night when the seer, Kedar Sree Swamiji was sleeping inside, according to the police. On December 28, Kedar Sree had participated in a program organized by Hindu Jagruthi Sene in Kalaburagi (formerly Gulbarga) and had openly spoken against love jihad and cow slaughtering. The district, which borders Maharashtra, is located in North Karnataka and the region formerly came in Hyderabad state ruled by the Nizam. It is suspected that Islamists angered by his comments resorted to stone-pelting.

Even at the Haridwar Dharma Sansad, there were calls to fight rising Islamist terrorism and the Hindu Sadhus were merely responding to Owaisi’s statement. However, the Islamo-leftist cabal succeeded in putting the ‘hate speech’ tag ably aided by a pliable anti-Hindu media. Hindu spiritual leaders have a profound impact on Hindus and they along with political leaders have the onus to create an awakening among the masses.

Another important change, albeit slow, seen in the Hindu society is the rise of clear-headed Hindu politicians like Suvendu Adhikari who have shown courage in sharing such things, despite living in a state where a fascist regime has been and continues to conduct anti-Hindu pogrom. Such courage, the ability to articulate challenges facing Hindus, and building networks is the need of the hour to preserve Hindu Dharma and safeguard Hindu interests.

Like Shri Thakur pointed out Owaisi knows of just one Yogi and Modi but several Yogis and Modis need to come forward to serve the Hindu society and save Hindu Dharma from Islamists, leftists, and missionaries who are out to destroy Dharma.

(Featured Image Source: IndiaBlooms)

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