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Thursday, December 9, 2021

“Just Voting will not ensure Dignity and Security of Hindus” – Interview with Shri Tapan Ghosh

Shri Tapan Ghosh is one of the most committed Hindutva leaders working in Bengal, almost like a one-man army. An RSS pracharak for 31 years, Shri Tapan Ghosh left the Sangh to form his own organization, Hindu Samhati in 2008. Today, he has become a beacon of hope for the beleaguered Hindu society of Bengal facing demographic aggression from Bangladesh and Jihadi activities within the state.

In this interview, Shri Mayank Jain talks to Tapan Da on a host of challenges and opportunities facing Hindu society in Bengal and the rest of Bharat. They discuss issues like Love Jihad, used as a weapon against Hindu girls for conversion to Islam, and one of the biggest threats facing the existence of Hindu society in the state. The unending trickle of infiltrators from across the border has turned larges swathes of the state virtually into Bangladesh. Shri Ghosh has played a pioneering role in motivating the Dalits, OBCs and backward classes of the state into a fighting force capable of standing up to challenges posed by anti national elements.

Here is a transcript of the interview –

  • 43 years after our leaders accepted the partition of Bharat in 1947 on religious lines, we saw Hindus driven out of Kashmir valley – this reminds us of Dr. BR Ambedkar’s words that if we don’t exchange population after partition, the seed of (another) partition will still remain in Bharat. The partition of 1947 failed to solve the Hindu-Muslim issue – this was a massive failure of our then leaders Gandhi and Nehru. Today, there are 1000s of mini-Pakistans all over Bharat.
  • Another partition of Bengal is a distinct possibility. Muslims were 19% of West Bengal’s population after partition, and today they are 30% – 30% does not constitute a minority, it is a 2nd majority. And this population has started bullying, they have become dabangg (overbearing). The dream of Dar-ul-Islam and the continuous indoctrination by Wahabbis can cause another partition of Bengal. The land to the east of the Ganga river can become another Pakistan, we need to be prepared for this. We should not live in delusion, and should accept the reality that Muslims have failed to integrate with Hindus, they place their religion above the country, Allah and their rasool (prophet) are above all else for them.
  • I see two rays of hope – 1.) A rising awareness and consciousness about the threat of fundamentalist Islam and the separatist tendencies of Muslim society as a whole 2.) The backward sections of Bengali Hindu society (Namasudra, Dom, Bagdi, Haris) who have always been courageous are now getting empowered to fight back, they no longer look up to the Bhadralok (upper-class, well-educated Bengalis) for taking decisions for them. 70% of the attacks on Hindu community – land grabs, sexual violence against women, temple desecration, attack on Durga Puja – have stopped as a result.
  • I have praised Mamta Banerjee for the development of West Bengal. In the beginning, she made a big mistake by going overboard with Muslim appeasement. CPM had included Muslims in OBC quota, and Mamata took this forward – she carved out a ‘more backward’ category in OBC, and around 99% Muslim communities were added to this new category*. But I believe, others may disagree, that Mamata Banerjee has realized her mistake and is trying to correct it. She has developed Hindu pilgrim centres like Gangasagar and Tarapith beautifully. Recognizing the resentment over Durga Puja restrictions last year, this time she has announced 4 days for Durga Puja visarjan (immersion) – from 19 to 22 October. And on 23rd October, there will be a massive Government ‘Carnival’ with over 100 Durga Puja pandals on Kolkata’s Red Road. This shows Hindus are also in a bargaining position today.
  • There has been improvement on the Bangaldesh border since Modi came to power in 2014 – in particular, cross-border cow smuggling has come down significantly in the last one year. Infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims has come down, albeit not much, but there is still no provision for persecuted Bangladeshi Hindus fleeing to Bharat. Out of the 40 lakh names deleted in the Assam NRC exercise, around 20 lakh are Hindu. There is still no Constitutional provision that Hindu and Muslim immigrants can be treated differently – the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was moved in 2016 for this, but is still not passed.
  • In many border areas, Hindu population has shrunk to such an extent that schools have stopped doing Saraswati Puja and now celebrate Nabi diwas (Islamic prophet’s birthday), Islamic jalsas. This is a direct result of demographic change. 3 districts in Bengal today – Murshidabad, Malda, and North Dinajpur – are totally Muslim-dominated, while 5-6 districts (South Dinajpur, North & South 24 Parganas, Birbhum – this is far away from the border) have Muslim population over 30%. Over 100 development blocks in Bengal (out of total 341) are Muslim majority. However, the exodus of Hindus to urban areas has stemmed somewhat due to staunch resistance by backward class Hindus.
  • Love Jihad (sexual exploitation and conversion of non-Muslims girls by grooming gangs) has increased – a usual trick is to lure girls by assuming Hindu names like Raju, video-tape the unsuspecting girl, blackmail her for sexual exploitation, and finally force her to convert and marry. Dawah-jihad (dawah means proselytization of Islam) has also increased – vulnerable individuals are identified and either brainwashed or incentivized to convert… so while women are targeted through Love Jihad, men are being targeted through Dawah.
  • My appeal to Hindu girls is to check the identity of the boy before falling in love or having an affair – check the boy’s Aadhar card like we do in everything else. Urban, educated Hindus have weakened in their faith – puja is no longer performed daily in households and has reduced to merely festival times. Parents need to end their consumerist and self-centered attitudes and rectify this. Hindu girls are trapped by Muslim boys who initially pretend that they too are irreligious, it is only after marriage that they are forced to adopt Muslim norms & their freedoms are snatched away.
  • In a recent case, an educated girl working in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) and earlier employed with Accenture, had an affair with a Muslim boy working in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) who introduced himself as Mithun Mandal. The girl found out that the boy is Muslim, but he claimed that he is not a practising Muslim so she continued the relationship. The boy even agreed to get married in a Hindu temple to allay her fears, but they did not get their marriage registered under the Special Marriage Act which allows interfaith couples to marry without changing their respective faiths. Soon after marriage, he had to go abroad for work and needed to add spouse name to passport for visa purpose. So he talked his wife into signing an affidavit to change her name and she became Haque from Mukherjee. They lived in Germany for 1 year – upon return they had a child who was given a Muslim name. Now the husband started dictating his wife to offer namaz, keep roza, not attend Durga Puja celebrations. We have rescued this girl, and I have tackled several other such cases.
  • We are also seeing a trend of Muslim girls awakening to their plight in Muslim society and preferring to marry Hindu boys. But many Hindu boys lack the courage for such relations – we have helped several such Muslim girl-Hindu boy couples to settle down.
  • The only way to safeguard Hindus in Bangladesh is for Bharat’s Army to ensure their protection. Or, Bangladeshi Hindu refugees in Bharat need to be settled in the 20% of Bangladeshi land which is rightfully theirs and from which they have been evicted and forced out. We require political will to accomplish this.
  • The whole of Bharat is grappling with Islamic extremism, and the problem is especially acute in East Bharat (Bengal, Assam, Tripura, even Bihar). If Hindus want to live in a secure and dignified manner in this country, what price are they ready to pay? If all they are willing to do is press the voting button once every 5 years, i.e. rely solely on the Government, will this suffice? Yes, vote for the right party, but don’t expect too much from the Government – we have to organize our society, generate courage. Can we generate courage in society? Yes, but an easier option is to strengthen & respect the courageous sections which already exist within society. Don’t leave everything on politics and Government. RSS leader Moropant Pingley used to say that the one major flaw of democracy is that it generates a mentality that ‘once I vote, the Government will take care of everything else.’
  • The Islamic separatism that broke our country into pieces, which drove Hindus out of Kashmir…to combat this, we need to support those fighting for the dignity and self-respect of Hindu society and we need to give respect & social equality to backward-class Hindus. This alone will save Hindu society.

*As per this Sify report, it appears that the decision to carve out the ‘more backward’ OBC category to benefit Muslims was also taken by the CPM Government in Sept 2010, just a few months before the 2011 election where Mamata Banerjee stormed to power

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