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Friday, June 9, 2023

Communist writer gives image makeover to Abbas Siddiqui, blames Hindus for ‘fleeing East Pakistan’

Ardent Communist Writer Soumitra Dastidas penned down an article for Bengali news daily Ei Samay with the intention of promoting CPI(M)’s & Congress’ electoral ally of the season, Indian Secular Front, with the Muslim cleric of Furfura Sharif dargah, Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui, helming the alliance.

Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui is the same Muslim cleric who, on record, had prayed for the death of 50 crore Bharatiyas in the global pandemic. Siddiqui had also made unspeakable sexist misogynist remarks about TMC parliamentarian and actress Nusrat Jahan. When countered on a television interview if he knew his words went against the Bharatiya Constitution, Siddiqui admitted that he had no idea about it.

A man who is oblivious to the Constitution of the country has been nominated as a candidate to a constitutional position, and with the unconditional support of his indoctrinated Muslim demography chances of him reaching the Legislative Assembly are high.

A political ideology which claims that ‘religion is opium for the masses’ joining hands with a fanatical religious cleric is just another one of the abnormalities of Bharatiya democracy. However, with its non-existent chances to reclaim power, an alliance with the Congress and ISF was the best deal CPM could secure. But entering an alliance is not enough; one must market Siddiqui to the commoners of Bengal. And the onus of it was taken admirably by the author of “Ami o Amar Moulana Bhashani”, Soumitra Dastidar, a Kolkata based journalist and documentary film maker.

Now before we delve into how outrageously Dastidar has whitewashed Abbas Siddiqui and given him an image makeover with the hope of making him acceptable to Bengalis, let us all agree that

‘It is not only the Radical Islamists who are perilous for the Hindu existence. A communist Hindu proves equally treacherous.’

Presenting Abbas Siddiqui as a ‘leader of the working class’, Dastidar writes in his misleading article that Muslims have been marginalized in Bharat from pre-independence days. He suggests that Hindus have been ‘jealous’ in their treatment of the Muslim community, thereby preventing their development. He blames Hindus for their ‘communal, Hindutva-infested mindset’, and says that Muslims tried to adjust to the ‘growing Islamophobia in Hindu minds’, but they lacked the resources and education to confront them.

In a brazen display of negationism, he glosses over the 1971 genocide and religious-ethnic cleansing of Bengali Hindus to claim that “Hindus of East Pakistan fled their homeland as they grew uncomfortable with the progress of the Muslims, and now their successors project the same aversion to the rise of a Muslim cleric, Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui”.

By writing this obnoxious article, the writer has not only negated the genocidal rapes of Hindu women, the bloodcurdling butchering of Hindus, men, women and children alike, but also insulted their sufferings, their loss of honour, separation from families, loss of family members, loot of wealth, the pain of displacement and every single inexplicable and unaccountable torture Hindus have faced at the hands of the Islamists just for following a different religion.

The attacks on the Bengali Hindus were not limited to the Noakhali Riots or the Great Calcutta Killings preceding the partition. Hindu Bengalis were slaughtered in 1950, 1964, and the horrors of 1971 are spine-chilling and tormentous. Around 2 lakh Hindu women were abducted from their homes, schools, from the roads, tied down, and gang-raped for months. This was official policy of the Pakistan Army to ‘cleanse the soil of East Pakistan.’

Many women who managed to flee to Bharat, or were rescued, later committed suicide due to the bestiality they had undergone. The atrocities endured by the Hindu Bengali in 1971 were nothing less than a genocide – it is estimated that out of the 3 million Bengalis who died in 1971, 2.4 million were Hindu.

Hindu Bengalis were faced with this naked dance of death again in 1992 when the Bangladesh administration could do nothing to protect its minorities hunted down by violent mobs to avenge the Babri Masjid demolition in Bharat. Incidents of Muslim fundamentalists attacking and razing down Hindu villages dot the entire history of Bangladesh, from the day of its origin till today. And a communist writer found it so easy to take a broad brush of myth and deception and paint the bloodstains white.

Regardless of Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui’s victory or loss, Hindu Bengalis must understand that the enemy within is more dangerous than the known adversary. They have suffered like no other race in this sub-continent. With a sliver of land still to call their own, the onus of protecting themselves is completely on them.  The communists have never been an ally of the Bengali Hindus and their alliance with the ISF and such propaganda pieces to hide Islamist crimes proves this beyond any doubt.

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