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Friday, December 8, 2023

Why Islamist KT Jaleel should be punished

Having made his controversial ‘Azad Kashmir’ remarks about Pakistan-occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK), KT Jaleel, MLA from Kerala and the face of political Islam in the CPM, tried to play his victim card. This strategy, too, flopped miserably.

Jaleel moaned that some Keralites offered him tickets to fly to Pakistan. Citizens replied that all Islamists and politicians in Pakistan share similar thoughts about Kashmir, just like him. Those enemies would instead want traitors like Jaleel in Bharat than there.

Jaleel’s controversial Facebook post came when he visited Kashmir as a legislative committee member for “expatriates’ welfare”. Though tourism has revived, what role Pro-Pakistan MLAs from Kerala have in Kashmir is unknown. That his post came when Bharat was busy celebrating our Independence day is suspicious. Allegedly it was done to please his Pakistan ISI handlers and paymasters in the Arab world. Who he met and what he did in Kashmir remain unknown.

National media picked up his anti-national rants, and Jaleel flew from Kashmir to Delhi. BJP activist Adv G S Mani filed a complaint against Jaleel at Delhi Tilak Marg police station. Meanwhile, Jaleel, who arrived in Delhi at 3 am, sensed danger and escaped in the nick of time, boarding a 10 am flight to his home base, Kerala. He went to his Malappuram residence, lay low, and later deleted the controversial posts.

The Islamist MLA canceled an event in Delhi that he had agreed to attend since he feared being arrested and jailed. He very well knows what happened to another traitor, Siddique Kappan. When the police failed to take any action, Mani approached the Delhi DCP, and that case is awaiting legal advice. 

Kerala RSS leader Arun Mohan filed a complaint against the former SIMI activist at Tiruvalla police station in Kerala. Alleged political interference (CM Pinarayi Vijayan manages the home portfolio in Kerala) meant that the police found their hands were tied. Mohan then approached the court, and non-bailable cases were registered against Jaleel. 

According to the FIR, Jaleel is facing serious charges for conspiring to incite unrest through his Facebook post and insulting the constitution. Jaleel allegedly tried to incite violence among the public by hurting feelings and pushing extreme anti-national factions to insult the constitution and the government. It is another matter that the Kerala society was mature enough to comprehend his provocations. 

Jaleel was aware that Pakistan has been referring to the region as ‘Azad Kashmir’ since they invaded Jammu & Kashmir. He took the oath of office on our constitution and still made anti-national remarks. Despite widespread outcry from all over Bharat, Jaleel was initially unwilling to withdraw his statements or even express regret. 

It also reflects upon his 70,000-odd electorate in Thavanur, Malappuram, who voted purely for political Islam. Though Jaleel is associated with the communists, he won as an independent. He does not have a CPM party membership and is close to CM Vijayan and his son-in-law Mohammed Riyas (all three are from Malabar region). Marxists in Kerala have aligned with radical Islamists, including the controversial Indian National League (INL).

Those familiar with Jaleel’s political past will not be shocked by his attitude. He was the leader of “SIMI,” an Islamist terrorist outfit that promoted the divisive and offensive slogan “Liberation of India through Islam.” Banned by law, this organization has carried out several terrorist attacks. Terrorist organizations like ‘SIMI’ have the same opinion Jaleel expressed about Kashmir. SIMI later morphed into the Popular Front of India (PFI).

Jaleel has indirectly declared, ‘I am with you, an Islamic extremist, even though I am on the left,’ subtly. There was a controversy related to Jaleel’s official letter to UAE rulers while he was a minister, demanding that Jamaat-e-Islami’s newspaper be banned in their country. It was part of an internal war between radical Islamists battling for turf in Kerala. His latest post has made it crystal clear that he is a hardline Islamist Jihadi and that there should be no misunderstanding.

It is Vijayan’s support that prompts Jaleel to act against the best interests of Bharat. The chief minister took a stand to protect him when he bypassed the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and wrote a letter to the ruler of the UAE. When questioned, Vijayan remained vague. Even after the CPM said it did not agree with Jaleel, Vijayan never instructed the Deputy Director of Prosecution to file a complaint and investigate. There was nothing much to probe though; Jaleel himself has admitted that he had written that letter.

Jaleel is sure to get full support from the left wing, which has mobilized for his anti-national remarks and actions. He knows that they are obliged to save him. The Left Front government protected him when the controversial gold smuggling case using imported Qurans popped up. CM Vijayan will not be able to get rid of the Pakistan sympathizer even if he has to get rid of everyone else.

Swapna Suresh, the main accused in the gold smuggling case, said CM Vijayan violated protocol and oath when he met the Sharjah Sheikh. The original arrangement was for the dignitary to receive an honorary D’Lit from Calicut University in Kozhikode. Why communist Kerala would award someone for ‘great efforts in serving the Arab and Islamic culture’ is another matter. It was relocated to Thiruvananthapuram without the MEA’s knowledge.

Veena Vijayan’s daughter wanted an IT business hub in Sharjah, and Vijayan and his family engaged in closed-door meetings at his official residence at Thiruvananthapuram. It is alleged that Jaleel was the brain behind the whole scheme.

Jaleel now uses dirty tricks when he says he is still being stalked despite retracting the remark. The Left Front government is protecting someone who has declared unity with Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. Our system is so highly advanced that the Pakistan sympathizer is yet to be arrested. 

Keralites know the central BJP government would like a ‘Congress Mukht Bharat.’ But it is not sure whether the alternatives are the right ones. Criminals will always latch on to new tricks, but why is the ‘nationalist’ central government turning a blind eye? Either our central intelligence is too naive, or they are being silenced. Either way, it does not auger well for the future.  

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