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Monday, April 15, 2024

Terror suspect ‘journalist’ Siddique Kappan granted bail by Supreme Court

On September 9, Siddique Kappan was granted bail by the Supreme Court because “Everyone has a right to free expression.” Many consider Kappan a terrorist working for his Saudi Arabian paymasters, who infiltrated the Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ). Though not associated with any significant media group, Kappan is the KUWJ president! The rot is so deep that it was not just local journalists from Bharat; even the BBC rejoiced in the court verdict, even as the former queen lay dead in her coffin.

Kappan is accused of plotting to instigate disturbances over the controversial Hathras case in Uttar Pradesh where an SC (Scheduled Caste) Valmiki girl allegedly in a relationship with a GC (General Category) Thakur boy was strangled to death and later rape charges were levelled at the boy and his relatives.

Kappan has been released on bail after spending almost two years in jail. The court has instructed him to mark frequent attendance at the police station and surrender his passport. He has been ordered to stay in Delhi for the first six weeks after being released, post which he is permitted to relocate to Kerala but must periodically note his attendance at the neighborhood police station.

The court added that the accused must not abuse his freedom and avoid contacting any witnesses involved in the dispute. Those who helped UP police, including many nationalist journalists, had faced death threats even when Kappan was behind bars. Kappan’s release will arguably result in grave danger to the lives of those witnesses. Taliban ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ mobs do not prescribe to Bharatiya laws but depend more on political Islam and pan-Islamism. Sadly, our courts seem to turn a blind eye to this ugly reality.

Kappan has links to the Popular Front of India (PFI), a quasi-terrorist Islamist group notorious for instigating and causing violence throughout Bharat. Mahesh Jethmalani mentioned a document that was a toolkit for inciting violence and was discovered in Siddique and his group’s possession. They were headed to Hathras to stir trouble and caste violence, he added. This literature was planned to be distributed among the SC community. “Justice for the Hathras victim” was the campaign’s superficial theme, but the real goal was to destabilize the Yogi Government at the state and Narendra Modi govt at the centre. The Apex Court disregarded this risky linkage for some reason.

To prove his ‘unbiased credentials’, Kappan asserted that he had ‘experience’ working for publications like Veekshanam, Mangalam, or Suprabhatam. TG Mohandas, a well-known social activist, alleged that Kappan is known for deceptions and wanted the court to double-check the media outlets he had claimed to work for. Why didn’t the Supreme Court do so before setting bail? Kappan’s allegations have shocked the editors of these magazines. They are unlikely to seek judiciary’s help as they fear violent retaliatory attacks from the PFI.

Chief Justice of India (CJI) UU Lalit presided over a bench that heard the matter. Senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani represented the Uttar Pradesh state government, and leading Lutyens’ attorney and Samjawadi MP Kapil Sibal represented Siddique Kappan.

Stating the charges against the accused, Mahesh Jethmalani said, “Kappan was in a meeting of PFI in Sep 2020. It was said in the meeting that funding had stopped. It was decided in the meeting that they will go to sensitive areas and incite riots. On Oct 5, they decided to go to Hathras to incite riots. He was funded with Rs 45,000 to create riots.”

Mahesh Jethmalani added, “He claimed to be accredited to a newspaper Tejus. We have found that he was accredited by the official organization of PFI. PFI has to be notified as a terrorist group. One State, Jharkhand, has notified it is a terrorist group. He was planning to incite riots.”

However, CJI UU Lalit saw it differently, “Every person has the right to free expression (sic). He is trying to show that victim needs justice and raise a common voice. Is that a crime in the eyes of law?” 

UP police found that Kappan attended a PFI meeting in September 2020. It was allegedly decided at the conference to visit sensitive locations and provoke unrest, and as part of this Kappan and others decided to go to Hathras to stir the pot. In fact, the Hathras case had become a lightening rod for the usual cabal of Hinduphobes, including Bhim Army, Urban Naxals (a college professor even posed as a ‘bhabhi’ of the victim’s family and provocative statements to media), and English-language media outlets who all camped at the village for weeks.

Advocate Mahesh Jethmalani vehemently protested when the bench first proposed providing bail to Siddeque Kappan in this matter and permitting him to travel to Kerala. The CJI declared the bail order after stating a few technicalities and chose to release the suspected terrorist. Earlier, the Allahabad HC had denied bail to Kappan and he then moved the top court challenging the order.

Understanding the risks of disclosing his association with the terrorist group, Kappan initially denied affiliation with PFI. Investigators later linked many Whatsapp messages and a money trail to PFI leaders. After the courts granted him bail, PFI revealed their connections with Kappan. The terror outfit tweeted that Kappan’s release on bail is ‘a relief’. 

The likes of Kappan always manage to hire topmost lawyers and arrange speedy hearings in court. PFI has huge funds accumulated using economic jihad tools like halal etc, and they arranged the best criminal lawyers for their workers. Vast hawala funds keep flowing into Bharat (especially Kerala airports) in the form of gold hidden in the rectum from gulf countries and heroin/MDMA from Pakistan. Not a single day passes without vast quantities of both are not ceased from Islamist carriers in the state. 

Once back in Malappuram, many suspect Kappan will return to his usual Islamist propagandizing, just like Md. Zubair stoked Hindu-Sikh trouble after being let out on bail by SC. Kerala Police anyway have a history of pandering to Islamist. Police personnel have actively participated in the political killings of several RSS workers and drug running. Kerala’s Marxist chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan heads the home department and has a history of turning a blind eye towards such elements in the force. Many consider him and his son-in-law/ PWD minister PA Mohammed Riyas as mere green communists.

Kappan had been detained by the UP Police on October 5, 2020, along with three other people and charged with sedition and violating the strict provisions of the UAPA. In addition to Kappan, UP natives Masood Ahmed, Siddique, and Alam were also detained. All four detained had ties to the radical Islamic group (PFI) and were allegedly plotting to incite caste-based unrest in the state.

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