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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Kerala Police found handing over details of RSS workers to the PFI

Kerala police suspended PK Anas after it was found that the special police officer was leaking information about RSS workers to the Popular Front of India (PFI). He was handing over details that included addresses, family member details and exact locations of citizens that Kerala Police themselves had collected as part of a plan to protect them. 

These are mysterious times where such police officers are only suspended rather than dismissed. Pacha Velicham or ‘green light’ as it is called strikes again. It is a dangerous sleeper cell suspected to be embedded in the Kerala Police. 

Not many stand up against atrocities committed by terrorists who officially go by the name of the PFI, in Kerala. The PFI is nothing but a local version of the notorious Taliban. 

Now, a police officer’s misdeeds have ended in a Hindu leader getting killed in Kerala, at the hands of terrorists. The leaked list had details of 150 odd leaders that included the OBC Morcha advocate Renjith Sreenivasan. 

Renjith was stripped naked in front of his mother and children and then hacked multiple times. The perpetrators spoke nothing which shows how such cold-blooded attacks are professionally conspired in advance to the last detail. Renjith was murdered last Sunday and the murderers still roam free.

Kerala Police initially tried to shield Anas by transferring him to the Idukki district, after his alleged connection with SDPI became apparant. Higher-ups were forced to suspend him later after an internal probe of Kerala Police confirmed his criminal conspiracy with the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of the PFI. They found that he shared sensitive information and the leak poses serious threats to the life of the individuals involved.

His links with the SDPI came to light after some SDPI workers were arrested in an assault case. Six of them were arrested after they dragged a scheduled tribe (ST) government employee named Madhusoodhan and assaulted him for allegedly sharing a cartoon of Islam’s prophet on social media. He was brutally attacked when he was traveling along with his children.

Islam now officially accounts for close to a crore of the Kerala population. Will the Kerala Police be the ones who facilitate the genocide that is about to befall Hindus? 

Anas accessed the database of RSS workers who helped Kerala police find criminals in our society.  That database is based in Thiruvananthapuram and it is kept extremely secret for obvious reasons. The complexity of the case can be gauged from the fact that major media outlets skipped covering his suspension.

Kerala police officer Anas even had the audacity to send those details from his personal mobile to none other than a childhood friend and a PFI criminal that he was in contact with. It allegedly resulted in a dozen terrorists approaching Renjith’s house in daylight and murdering the popular leader. 

The real murderers are yet to be caught and the Kerala police sheepishly admitted that they have actually allowed them to escape. To remind fully literate Keralites about happenings at home, a lady from Tamil Nadu had to come for Renjith’s cause. 

Khushboo Sundar accused Pinarayi Vijayan of being hand in glove with terrorists. Why is the government unable to assure its citizens that such political murders will not happen again in the state, she asked. Incidentally, Vijayan has preferred to remain mum on the brutal hacking of popular OBC activist and advocate Renjith, in his home state. 

Local observers believe that if the state fails to act even now, the Kashmir model will be enacted all over in Kerala and the police service will be the ones who facilitate the genocide that is about to befall Hindus. Announcements can be expected asking Hindus to convert to Islam or leave Kerala while leaving their womenfolk behind, exactly as was heard all over the Kashmir valley not long ago. Kerala Hindus still living in Marxism and secularism induced stupor should meet Kashmiri Hindus to understand what happened on January 19, 1990.

The real question is – now that we know that the sensitive list of RSS workers’ details has been leaked, who on that list is next? Is the Union Home Ministry going to crack the whip and demand corrective action from Kerala Police and Pinarayi Vijayan, or are they just going to leave Hindu activists to their fate?

What is noticeable is the fact that this news comes at a time when the CPM and the PFI have joined hands in several constituencies. Local media downplayed the event or tried to whitewash it. Anas’s case comes as a slap on the face for many ‘secular’ Hindus. What they should really ponder is how long before Kashmir repeats itself in Kerala.

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  1. Isn’t Vijayan Pina nai’s daughter married a muslim???
    Hindus in Kerala and India will never awaken until green flag flies in India..

  2. Kerala Hindu killers ” CM Vijayan is the agent, brain behind all these SDPI/ PFI work, Vijayan has 40 years divorced 2 kids daughter to a DYFI leader with 2 kids divorced for this Hindu girl marriage for vote banks / getting Minister to his new son in law, clear case of CM conspiracy, HM Amit Shah to act, book case, get Vijayan to resign after presidents rule, to flush out these PFI/ SDPI members, or provide guns to majority hundu youth with guns/ pistols to handle PFI/ SDPI Islamic fundamentals….other wise another kashmir is on its way…genocide of 1990..Hindus of kerala are to come of left secular mindset and vote BJP for there safety…


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