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Friday, January 21, 2022

‘Green Light’: PFI infiltration in the Kerala Police force?

A recent Facebook chat saw the official handle of the Kerala Police openly slander Janam TV. The message is clear, beware of the ‘Green Light’. What is the ‘Green Light’?

Janam TV is the only media group in Kerala that has stood up for the Hindus, especially when it comes to matters regarding our rituals and traditions. They have opposed the communists usurping our temples and have regularly run news and evening prime time talk-shows on the recent Halal spitting issue. All this has made them the number one enemy of the Islamist radicals including the Popular Front of India (PFI).

A screenshot of a Facebook chat shows one Mohammad Shihad suggesting that if news has appeared on Janam TV, then it’s probably fake. The Kerala Police official handle concurs and says ‘most likely.’

The recent killing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) worker S Sanjith (27) in broad daylight in front of his wife shocked society as a whole. No condemnation came from either the Congress or the ruling Communist leaders since it became clear that PFI/SDPI workers were behind the political assassination. Around 300 RSS workers have been killed in a similar fashion over the past decades and the murders have picked up ever since Pinarayi Vijayan came to power. 

Sanjith was hacked and stabbed more than 50 times. Though the incident happened around 2 km from the highway and scores of witnesses (including a policeman) on the busy road confirmed that the killers escaped in cars, the police did not put up traffic blocks or search vehicles. Witnesses had confirmed that were 5 or 6 in the vehicle and that they used sharp weapons to assassinate Sanjith. Incidentally, the PFI had tried to eliminate Sajith twice in the past, and yet he was not provided protection by the police. 

Three days later, they recovered a few machetes with blood stains from a place nearby and claimed that they might have been used by the killers. From the images of the weapons, it is clear that they are rusted and it seems unlikely they are the ones used for the murder. Who gains with these attempts to divert investigations?

Local police continued ‘investigating’ and it was after one week that they arrested someone who they claim was one of the killers. Interestingly, even that arrest happened even as K Surendran, Kerala BJP president was meeting Home Minister Amit Shah at Delhi to complain about the complacency and complicity of the Kerala police. There is no trace of the rest of the killers and the public still does not know who the real conspirators are or their whereabouts.

What is the ‘Green Light’ Whatsapp group?

This is not the first time that infiltration of the PFI in the Kerala police force has come to the fore. Many years ago, intelligence reports suggested radicalization and pointed to a WhatsApp group of police officers called the Pacha Velicham (Green Light). It is suspected that sections of the Communist regime also use this group to carry out the party agenda. 

In 2018, Janam TV reported that the Green Light group was involved in anti-national activities. These members were associated with the PFI and most of the leaders of the WhatsApp group were serving at the Kerala Armed Police 3rd battalion based out of Adoor in Pathanamthitta. 

The fact that they were adamant about airport duty raised suspicions and it was none other than the battalion IG Shefin Ahmed who reported these activities to the Cyber Cell and the intelligence department. Further investigations confirmed the same. It was also reported that higher-ups in the police association tried hard to suppress these reports. No action was initiated against any of the officers. 

That same year, during the peak of the Sabarimala agitation, these officers were used by the communists to physically beat up devotees and pilgrims. The police constables deployed at Nilakkal and Pamba who resorted to lathi-charge on devotees were trainees who had not passed out and were not wearing nameplates. Not only did they beat up pilgrims but they also indulged in the destruction of private property. No action was taken against them and where they ‘serve’ now is unknown.  

Such killings and the police/ political support that the radical Islamists are receiving do not auger well for the RSS or the BJP in the state. There is anger and fear amongst the common workers. Who next? Are we going the West Bengal way? Why isn’t the leadership in Delhi taking action?

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