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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Muslim man posing as Hindu lures & rapes schoolgirl in TN; was Facebook ‘friends’ with 5000 young girls

In a shocking case of online Love Jihad & sexual grooming, 22-year-old Ibrahim posing as ‘Siva Idiot’ on Facebook lured a 13-year-old schoolgirl in Tamil Nadu into running away with him. He then proceeded to rape her in a friend’s motel, and later his friend too sexually assaulted the girl. Ibrahim was friends on Facebook with 5000 young girls and had assaulted other victims as well.

Quoting from this NewsMinute report

“It was a usual practice, for 13-year-old Meena* from Tirupur to log into her father’s Facebook account when she came home from school. While she was scrolling through his timeline one day, she received and accepted a friend request from a profile named Siva Idiot on Facebook. When this ‘new friend’ sent her a “hi” on chat, the young girl found no reason to ignore this message. Over the next 10 days, they chatted incessantly and she revealed all her personal details – where she lived, studied, who her parents were and even her phone number. Siva Idiot then proceeded to begin calling her on a mobile phone and their conversations lasted hours. 

Meanwhile, miffed by her lack of focus on her studies, Meena’s parents often chastised her and threatened to take away her laptop and mobile phone. An upset Meena proceeded to complain to Siva Idiot about the ‘problems’ she faced, who provided emotional support to the teenager. He even offered to come meet her outside her home.

Meena’s parents were out in their offices till 8pm every day and Siva Idiot knew this. He met Meena outside her home, when she was still upset about her parents’ advice. Her ‘friend’ then convinced the teenager to leave her house and marry him. Fifteen days after she first spoke to him on Facebook, 13-year-old Meena ran away from home to ‘get married’ to 22-year-old Ibrahim.

“He spoke to her very nicely and formed an emotional connect before she even realised the dangers of the situation,” a police officer told The News Minute. “He was just somebody who did odd jobs for a living but his real life was on Facebook. He has close to 5000 friends and they are all young girls,” she admits.

On April 27, Ibrahim and Meena made their way to Puducherry, where they took shelter at his friend Prabhakar’s motel. That very night, Meena was allegedly raped. The next morning, Ibrahim’s phone somehow came into her possession and when the child surfed through the picture gallery, fresh horror awaited her. It was filled with obscene pictures and videos of young women and children. Shocked, Meena confronted Ibrahim about this and the two got into a loud fight. An angry Ibrahim then abused the teenager who refused to leave with him and abandoned her in the lodge.

When the hotel manager and Ibrahim’s friend Prabhakaran came to investigate the source of commotion, he found a devastated Meena alone in the room. In an effort to ‘cheer her up’ he took her out to eat and bought her clothes. As Meena changed in the room, Prabhakaran allegedly waited outside to make his move. He went into the room with a yellow thread in hand, and when she was ready, tied it around her neck and declared that they were married. He then proceeded, according to officials, to sexually assault the girl.

Prabhakaran had even mortgaged all her jewellery, given her some money and pocketed the rest. On April 29, the frightened and devastated teenager managed to escape from the lodge and make a call to her house from a nearby bus stop. By then, her parents had already filed a missing girl complaint with the Tirupur North police and were frantically searching for her.

Following her desperate phone call, Tirupur police rescued Meena, and went on to arrest Ibrahim in Pondicherry on April 30. Prabhakaran was arrested on May 2. They have been booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POSCO) and other sections of the Indian Penal Code. Police are now investigating if Ibrahim and Prabahakaran have been involved in crimes of this nature in the past as well.”

This case highlights the clear danger from online sexual grooming, a worldwide phenomenon that has spread along with access to the internet. This grooming involves preparing a child or adult for sexual abuse and exploitation. There are multiple factors to be considered here –

  • Parents and children need to be made aware of the dangers of unsupervised internet and social media use. Just like schools and parents are now waking up to the phenomenon of child sexual abuse and making children aware of ‘good touch, bad touch’, similarly children need to be imparted basic training on internet usage. Parents should utilize internet filtering tools to gain visibility and control over a child’s online activity, while winning the child’s confidence that such measures are for their own well being.
  • It is very important to have a trusting  relation with the child, so that even in difficult teenage years the child feels confident enough to approach a parent with any problem such as emotional blackmail or online bullying, without fear of being blamed. Parents need to stay involved with their child’s lives – know their friends, school schedules etc – and not let work pressure impact time spent with children. If the child has succumbed to the manipulations of a paedophile, it is crucial not to blame the child in anyway as that could leave permanent psychological scarring.
  • As families get smaller and smaller, children have no reliable adult to approach except parents. So involve grandparents, relatives, community of friends – in the child’s upbringing. Help create a healthy peer group of friends for your child, instead of leaving him/her to their own devices.
  • We need to impart Dharmic values to our children. Far too many urban Hindus believe that their culture or religion has no meaningful role in modern life – they view Hindu Dharma as a set of obscure scriptures and mindless rituals, and attach it with negative connotations like gender inequality, discrimination, and repressive morality. Truth is far from this – Dharma in its true form creates a moral compass that will serve us at each stage of life. These values can be imparted in a modern setting through various fun-filled ways like telling Panchatantra stories, teaching itihasas like Mahabharata and Ramayana, explaining meaning of rituals and festivals, yoga/meditation classes etc.
  • Dharma teaches that sex (kama – desire) is a natural part of life and nothing to be squeamish about – it is definitely something that can and should be discussed with children in age-appropriate ways.  But obsession with sex is not healthy – we should teach children the 4 puruṣārthas of a well-balanced life: Dharma (duty to society and civilization), Artha (prosperity, career), Kāma (pleasure, love) and Mokṣa (liberation, spiritual values). Our civilization has grappled with questions of human nature and meaning of life for millenia – we should share this knowledge proudly with our children. A child who is well-rooted in Dharma and confident about her/his identity will be less likely to fall for some sexual predator.
  • While online and real-life sexual predators come from all socio-economic backgrounds, there is no denying that many Muslims regard non-Muslims, especially ‘idol-worshipping’ Hindus, as intrinsically inferior. For them Hindus are accursed people living in a state of jahiliyya (ignorance or darkness). Brainwashed Muslim youth regard Hindus as immoral – distorted propaganda about historical Hindu icons like Draupadi (vilifed as a ‘promiscuous’ woman who married 5 husbands), Sri Krishna (‘womanizer’) etc. is etched far more deeply in Muslim minds than political correctness allows us to acknowledge. Hence, it is no surprise that Hindu women are branded as ‘loose’ in the minds of such Muslim youth, whereas Muslim girls are considered ‘pure’. Such regressive Muslim mindsets are revealed in cases of Hindu Goddesses being abused in the vilest way imaginable, or the abuse of Olympic medal-winning wrestler Sakshi Malik for ‘exposing her thighs’. The fact that Hindu women are not covered from head to toe like a ‘good’ Muslim girl gives more credence to this line of thought for the brainwashed Muslim –

We should teach our children about this fundamentalist Muslim mindset and impart knowledge on common tricks used by such unscrupulous & dangerous operators to trick girls. Left-liberals have created an atmosphere where people are loathe to talk about the very real social evil of Love Jihad – by not discussing this important matter with your teenage children, you are putting them at risk solely out of a misplaced sense of secularism.

In a case similar to this one from Tamil Nadu, 30-year-old Muhammad Shafi was arrested in February for sexually assaulting more than 30 Hindu women in Kerala after deceiving them by posing as an NRI surgeon. He is also accused of stealing more than Rs. 50 lakh from the women he trapped and exploited.

Shafi is a high school dropout, but to trap the women he disguised himself as a Hindu doctor named Satish Raghavan working in Dubai and made matrimonial ads to get in touch with Hindu women.  When asked why he chose only Hindu girls, he said he can’t trick girls of his own community. “A devout Muslim, he thinks it is a sin to molest a Muslim girl,” said an investigator. Investigators said he never felt any remorse, as the victims were Hindus.

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  1. These people are only following their religion. In Hadith, Mohammed clearly encourages muslim men to rape non- muslim women. See this Hadith, which is followed by all Jihadis.

    Sahih Muslim 3371—We went out with Allah’s Messenger on the
    expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab
    [at the time non-muslim] women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of
    our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them (by selling them). So we
    decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing azl
    (withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid
    conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger
    is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger, and he
    said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to
    be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.

    In other words, Mohammed says “go ahead, rape them as you wish, don’t even bother about impregnating them.” All of this is so-called “sunnah” meaning tradition of prophet which all muslims agree is legal for them.

    • great narration brother . Truth prevails. Mlechhas are always around in some form or other among us . we must follow dharma tenates like, sathe sathayam sadacharet.

  2. Extremely horrible story. Mr Sitaram Goel had clearly mentioned about the danger of Islam and we hindus should recognize this . We should arm ourselves with our Culture and Values from Ramayana and Mahabharata to fight out this bloody Islam

  3. horrible. muslims have no fear . to rape hindu girl. facebook wen ban account if posted against islam religions should take responsibility of such fake jihadi account who are making fake profile of and rape non muslims. facebook is responsible for luring such islamic practise and wen someone expoe islam facebook suspends their acc. what kind of behavior is this ? why to fear of this muslims and apeaase them we should fearlessly kick them not to listen anything they say. no human rights to muslims bus that is only way to make them understand they are not behaving human.

    • facebook itself is propagated by the mulla and muslims , they pretend to be tech savvy and lure innocent girls in flesh trade. the society has drifted to very low level and there is no reason to leave it as it is. we must fight to get this menace arrested asap.


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