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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Muslim Blockade of Narayana Temple in Kalpakanchery, Malappuram, Kerala

In Kashmir, when one fine Friday afternoon calls for Jihad against Kafirs were made from religious places, the whole of Bharat was caught napping. Kashmiri Pandits suffered in an allegedly secular Bharat, with their temples desecrated, houses destroyed, lands usurped, women raped and unspeakable atrocities against a section of population whose only crime was that they were Hindus.

Back then people depended on newspapers and Doordarshan for news, and if they didn’t cover an event , the event simply had not happened for the wide majority of masses. The atrocities on Pandits were largely censored by the press, and also the despicable cruelty in the name of Jihad. Tragically, this censorship on crimes against Hindus continues to this day, as can be gauged from the fact that this horrific crime in Amravati, Maharashtra that happened a few days ago has still not been covered in any national media.

After 25 years of Jihad in Kashmir, another state is going the Kashmir way. This time its Kerala where minorities Christians and Muslims constitute more than half of the Kerala population. Worse is the situation in Northern Kerala often termed as Malabar.

What if tomorrow a group of Hindus encroached the land of a mosque, blocked the way to the mosque and don’t allow Muslims to offer Friday prayers or the Namaz five times a day. Needless to say, the entire region would have faced riots and also the persons who blocked the way to mosque would be in jail, if not already subjected to beheading by the believers.

To know what is the real situation on ground, come to Muslim majority district of Malappuram in Kerala. Here there is a 1000 year old Sankara Narayana temple, in Kalpakancherry in Tirur Taluk. The temple owns 34 cents of land. The temple is in ruins having suffered the wrath of believers in 1921 and subsequent riots against Hindus. Hamsakutty, a Muslim who lives near the temple claims that 30 of the 34 cents of the temple land is his. And to seize the property, he along with others constructed a fence and blocked entry of Hindus for worship to the temple.

Photo of fence built by Muslims to block way to Narayana temple
Photo of fence built by Muslims to block way to Narayana temple

What happened next? Actually nothing, until Kshethra Bhumi Samrakshana Vedhi (KBSV) entered the scene with one devotee calling KBSV’s Vice Chairman Ratnakaran requesting help. The next day Ratnakaran along with other KBSV activists visited the scene and made local enquires on the same.

It was very clear that the Muslim who was blocking the way to the temple had support of Muslim organisations like Muslim League, as well as Jihadi outfits in the region. Also, every bureaucrat who had a say in the matter was siding with the encroacher. Vice Chairman Ratnakaran then moved legally on all available forums and held meetings with the District Collector, Police Superintendant and also other  revenue officials. It was made clear that the authorities will be made responsible for any law and order situation if they allow this assault on Hindu right to religious freedom.

On 16.7.2016, the Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) held a meeting with all parties including Hamsakutty. Religious fanatics were of the view that they can only confirm any decision in the meeting after discussing with the local mosque committee. It was objected to by Hindus as a mosque committee can’t decide on matter of blocking of a Hindu temple.

Finally RDO issued orders allowing temporary relief for Hindus. Hindus are allowed entry and prayers inside Narayana temple for 30 days, after which a final order will be pronounced on the matter.

Govt of Kerala order allowing temple entry 1
Govt of Kerala order allowing temple entry 2

This is indeed a success for Kerala Hindus, as Malappuram is a district where many Hindu organisations prefer to placate and compromise with Jihadis, rather than take them head on. Vice Chairman Ratnakaran of KBSV exhorted Hindus of Malappuram to be brave and protect Hindu Dharma and their right to religious worship.

Kshethra Bhumi Samrakshana Vedhi Bharat (Temple Wealth Protection Front) is an organisation started to reclaim and protect temple properties in Bharat and renovate the destroyed temples. The activities of Kshethra Bhumi Samrakshana Vedhi can be tracked via twitter page http://www.twitter.com/kbsvbharat

(Disclaimer: This article represents the opinions of the Author, and the Author is responsible for ensuring the factual veracity of the content. HinduPost will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information, contained herein.)

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  1. Where are the sikulars so-called leaders and corrupt media ? This is not news for those hurting Hindu temples and sentiments. If it’s other wayround, they will be here to create chaos and color it as intolerance. Individual’s Dharma is killed in present day.

  2. This is what happens when you take US advice. Whether in 1962, in Kargil or Obama’s “tolerance” chorus. We, who were turned into Third Class citizens by the PANGOLIN* Constitution and deprived of our temples, treasure, land, water bodies, forests, religious freedoms,educational Institutions and the protection of law in 1959 by the Indian Republic must reflect. Only violence pays.

    We should understand that there is nobody to help those who are descendants of those who were People of Dharma prior to 1921 other than themselves and that we are at war with an enemy that comprises anthropomorphic beasts. The Constitution, the laws, the courts and the Government are your proven enemies.

    We need to create a band of highly trained and well equipped Dharmic Executioners who can rid the country of filth. Saffron Terror, so far, has remained in the fevered imaginings of the Nehru-Gandhi Parivar and the rest of their “Family that loots together to stay together” arising from their knowledge of all that they have done to persecute Hindus and the over due reprisal this should have brought.. It is now well past time to make it true.

    Prepare a list of those to be executed. Judges, Bureaucrats, Mullas, anybody who is an enemy of National Security and Prosperity. Study them. Choose the best, (easiest and simplest) method and the weapon to do so without endangering oneself. Prosecute.

  3. “where many Hindu organisations prefer to placate and compromise with Jihadis, rather than take them head on.”…sounds familiar all over India, off course in Kashmir situation and it will this “ill Compromise” hindus will keep on suffering unless they wake up from a pro-long bear sleep.


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