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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Hinduphobic writer Kanika Dhillon used ‘Gau Mutra’ slur, vilified ‘Jai Sri Ram’; netizens call for boycotting her movie “Raksha Bandhan”

The massive trend of Boycott Lal Singh Chaddha voluntarily adopted by Bharatiya netizens could have translated to success for Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan, releasing on the same Friday as the Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer. Unfortunately for Akshay Kumar, things have now taken a 180-degree turn after the shocking stream of Hinduphobic tweets of Kanika Dhillon has come to the fore and gone viral in the past few days. 

Kanika Dhillon is the writer of the movie Raksha Bandhan. At the beginning of her career, she stayed apolitical on social media; there was also one tweet in which she expressed her hope for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But in 2018, she bagged Anurag Kashyap’s Manmarziyaan starring Taapsee Pannu. At the same time, she also started writing for the love-jihad promoting Kedarnath which debased a sacred temple town into a prop for Bollywood’s usual Hindu-bashing romantic fare.

This phase of her career collides, strangely, with the beginning of her newly found hatred for the BJP government, her crude Hinduphobic tweets, and her uncouth Gau Mutra jibes that put her in the same mental league as Adil Dar, the terrorist who carried out the Pulwama attack. 

Did Kanika Dhillon adopt this Hinduphobia to impress Bollywood’s elites? 

Was she catering to Hinduphobic Bollywood masters, or was her inner hate for Hindus finally exposing itself?

Born in a Sikh family from Amritsar, she is married to fellow screenwriter, actor and filmmaker Prakash Rao Kovelamudi. The London School of Economics graduate started her journey as a script supervisor in Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.

We must highlight that Dhillon is an alumni of Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College, which has spawned several of Lutyens’ Hinduphobic elites. Is this where the seed of hatred for Hindu Dharma was sown? 

She didn’t realize in 2018 that by 2022, the Hindus of Bharat would have had enough, and their tolerance would have reached a saturation point. Today’s Hindus have no patience for Kanika Dhillon and her cheap Hinduphobic gimmicks. 

Soon after Akshay Kumar started the promotional activities for his upcoming movie, netizens discovered that Kanika Dhillon was the writer of the same. It took no time for her offensive tweets to go viral. Alarmed by the massive backlash, the film writer hurriedly deleted 17 Hinduphobic tweets in less than an hour. What the writer forgot is that nothing dies on the internet. Netizens had already taken screenshots of all her despicable tweets. 

Here are a few of these tweets

Like Islamist terrorists and other Hinduphobic groups, she resorted to unsavory Gau Mutra jibes at Bharatiyas when the country was battling a deadly pandemic. The Gau Mutra remark seemed to be one of her favorites as she kept returning to it often. 

Source: OpIndia

She also hurt the Hindu sentiment connected with Gau Mata and mocked the same to make a cheap and uninformed political statement against BJP. 

Source: OpIndia

It is difficult to understand her perennial hate for the lovable and gentle animal that is the lifeline of all rural households, and which holds such a special position in the life of the most-revered and loved Sri Krishna. Jumping on to the ‘cow vigilantism’ bandwagon, Kanika Dhillon labeled Hindustan as ‘Lynchistan’ and claimed that ‘horrified cows are looking to migrate to the United States’. These ‘educated’ celebs amplify propaganda churned out by likes of NDTV, Scroll, The Wire, The Print but can’t spend two minutes to google the truth of the cattle smuggling mafia which terrorizes our villages and towns. Do the names Sandhya Topno, Dharambir Yadav ring a bell for deracinated elites like Dhillon?

Source: OpIndia

As if mocking Hindus for their religious beliefs wasn’t enough, Kanika wants to guilt trip Hindus for communal disharmony in society. She extended her full support to the PFI-instigated Islamic rule-breakers during the Hijab row and labeled the Hindu students chanting Jai Shri Ram as ‘hooligans’. 


This was not the first time she had demonized Bhagwan Ram or the chanting of His victory. In this tweet blaming Hindus for the Delhi riots instigated by likes of ex-AAP councillor Tahir Hussain, she says, “They rioted in Ram’s name, burnt houses, looted and killed. After being caught, they were sent safe and sound to their homes. This is the India of those youth who forgave this rioter. Don’t let goons hijack India’s spirit”

Source: Facebook

She has also propagated the anti-CAA-NRC sentiment, a protest based on false propaganda spread by secular-Islamist activists and young ‘thinkers’ like Sharjeel Imam and Umar Khalid. CAA is a humanitarian law that provides bare minimum succor to minority refugees from our neighboring Islamic nations, while NRC aims to tackle the mammoth illegal immigration problem that is wrecking communities across the country. The anti-CAA-NRC protests had led to several incidents of deadly violence. Supporting protestors who said they would refuse to submit their documents for verification, Kanika Dhillon tweeted, “Hum Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge.” (we will not show our papers) 

Source: Facebook

Will Hindus now return the favor by refusing to buy the “kagaz” (ticket) required to enter the movie hall where Kanika’s upcoming film Raksha Bandhan is to be shown?

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