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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Cow Theft- a Reality- Reports from Print Media

With politics going around cow theft, one cannot deny that cow theft is a real issue. In a country like Bharat, where cow is worshiped and holds spiritual value among Hindus, it is also an important household cattle that is found in many homes of Bharat and is treated like family. Such cows are stolen and then often sold to illegal slaughter houses. Here is a compilation of some incidents of cow thefts as reported in print media in past few weeks:-

  • Liyakat Ali, Taj Mohammed arrested. Haarish Mohammed, Irshad fled.6 cows retrieved. They fired 20 bullets and hurled stones. (Read here )
  • Anti-Rowdy Squad arrested Ammemar Imran alias Kutta, 24, of Pudu village in Bantwal in connection with 25 cases of cattle theft (Read here )
  • Imran allegedly slaughtered the animal, belonging to one Nihal Singh, after stealing it, and kept the meat in the houses of Mangu and Indu (Read here )
  • Kurban, a resident of Sahaspur filed a complaint against Salman, Aamir, Ameeran, and Furkan that they had stolen the cow,slaughtered it and distributed the meat among themselves. (Read here )
  • Six who stole and sold cows held in Thane Mohammad Qureshi (24), Monis Qureshi (20), Irfan Mulla (35) and Fazal Qureshi (22) Laik Qureshi (32) and Safique Qureshi (32). (Read here )
  • Three killed in West Bengal for alleged cattle theft Nasirul Haque (30), Samiruddin(32), Nasir(33). According to police,the three had previous criminal records. SP Rathod said that “there is no communal angle to the incident. It is only a case of theft.” (Read here )
  • 5 members of Mewat-based gang held for cattle theft Kamru (27), Parvej alias Rana(23), Lukman alias Tillu (32), Shahzad (21) and Abid. Over 100 cases of robbery. (Read here )
  • Ahmed Kabeer, Aboobacker Siddique, Mohammed Imran arrested. While being interrogated,they have admitted to have stolen cattle in Ullal, Vittal and Mangaluru. (Read here )
  • Tarif,a wanted criminal of Mewat gang arrested “Criminals from Mewat region have been indulging in cow theft, murders, assault on police parties. Also involved in burglary, dacoity and other heinous crimes in Delhi,”said a senior Delhi Police officer. (Read here )
  • Five arrested in Faridabad for ‘stealing, selling cattle’ Aarif, Sahid, Rasid, Isuf, and Mukim. “During questioning,the accused said they would conduct a recce in the day, and return at night,armed with weapons,to steal buffaloes,” (Read here )
  • Pooran Singh, a company commander with a division of home guards was shot dead outside his house when he tried to stop the accused from escaping with two stolen buffaloes Tahir (20). (Read here )
  • “We recovered 23 cows and bulls from the vehicle, out of which five were dead” Aas Mohammed(35), a cattle smuggler was killed on Sunday in Alwar while being chased by police. (Read here )
  • 5 held for stealing cattle Mohd Ayub(54), Mohd Baba(34), Mohd Ayub Qureishi(28), Mohd Haji(30) and Mohd Isaq(47). Md Ayub and Baba have been involved in over 200 cases of cattle theft. The other accused are wanted in more than 30 cases. (Read here )
  • Cattle owners troubled by rampant animal theft, suspect a racket. (Read here )
  • Sarvar Quereshi(42) arrested for allegedly purchasing 400kg of beef and two cows from a man, who was arrested last week. (Read here )
  • Mustafa(27), Abdul Majeed(23) held for running illegal slaughterhouse at Bajpe. Have 6 cases on them. Police raided a spot at Addur and seized 16 cattle. (Read here )
  • Two more notorious cattle thieves in CCB net. Abdul Razak(28) has 9 cases of cattle theft. Mohd Arif has 16 cases of cattle theft. (Read here )
  • 13 apprehended for cattle smuggling.Suspects stole cattle from cattle sheds at unguarded secluded places Kingpin Captain Aziz Qureshi and receiver of stolen animals Mohammed Hussain are still at large. (Read here )
  • Two cow thieves Sharif and Mansoor arrested after dramatic chase in Karnataka They had stolen eight cows from Kodagu. (Read here )
  • Gang of 10-12 men sneaked into Durgapur village to steal cows. Stole cattle from two houses but were caught when they entered the cowshed of one Atul Basu. Md Samiruddin (32),Md Nasir (33) and Md Nasirul Haque (30) were killed. (Read here )
  • Owner Kanhaiya Lal bravely followed the tempo which stole his cow.Helped by others,caught the tempo driver Abid Hossain (26).Others fled.Recovered two other stolen cows. (Read here )
  • Five booked on the suspicion that they had stolen and slaughtered three cows. On owner Deepu Yadav’s complaint Arif, Zaheer, Puttan, Sadiq and Jalal. (Read here )
  • Fear of Gaurakshaks made Mewati gang leave cow but steal buffalo. (Read here )
  • Cow smugglers tried to run over Police. Ehsaan caught while his partner Shabab Qureshi escaped. (Read here )
  • Police arrested two on the charge of illegally ferrying five cows and 16 calves Sadik and Iqbal arrested. Asif and Shameer are absconding. (Read here )
  • Truck laden with 10 tonne of beef seized by police,driver tried to run over Police.Driver arrested but the main supplier of the beef Kurban Ali escaped. (Read here )
  • COP Basant Singh Bora RUN OVER, KILLED BY CATTLE SMUGGLERS. (Read here )
  • Mahavir noted that some persons were loading stray bulls in their vehicle. He parked his car in front of their vehicle and challenged them.Smugglers opened fire and a bullet hit Mahavir in the chest. (Read here )
  • Two people Monacha and Basheer arrested in cattle theft case.The two had reportedly received the stolen cow. (Read here )
  • Police rescued 24 cows which were transported for slaughter and arrested Sayyed Sultan Sayed Mehboob Qureshi. (Read here )
  • Inter-state cattle smuggling racket busted.8 arrested. 8 knives were seized. Mobin, Alijohn, Mushraf, Nissar, Nannu Singh, Amir Khan and the two brokers Mansoor and SK Ismail Khureshi. (Read here )
  • “A truck was seen approaching the barricades but after seeing us, the vehicle turned around….People in the truck opened fire at the police… We found six bulls and two cows in the truck and two of the animals were dead…” Zakir arrested. (Read here )
  • GauRakshaks tried to stop a van. Firing done by men in a Scorpio who were acting as protection for cow thieves. Gaurakshaks informed Police. Scorpio escaped but van was stopped. 14 cows recovered. Sunny Khan arrested. (Read here )
  • 16 cows rescued. Case against smugglers Rafik, Shah Chauka, Hasam, Haneef. (Read here )
  • Cow meat seized. Rizwan and Irshad escaped from the house. Horns, skin, meat found in the house. (Read here)
  • 27 cows-bulls were recovered from a container.Being taken to Kolkata. Hussain Khan, Javed Qureshi, Zakir Khursheed and Vikalu Qureshi arrested. (Read here )
  • 42 skins of cows recovered from a pickup truck. Case filed against Nizamuddin. Accused fled from the spot. (Read here )
  • Shaane Alam, Furqan and Mohammad Yahia arrested for cow slaughter.Large amount of meat, skins recovered. Ahsan alias Gandhi escaped. (Read here )
  • Cattle meat caught with smugglers. Smugglers Saddam, Nadim, Mohammed Zeeshan arrested. Meat was being transported for one Rashid. (Read here )
  • Tahir, Shahid arrested for cow-bull slaughter. Zahid, Naushad and Nanhe Qureshi escaped. Accused said they were doing it for years and earn a lot of money by selling it in the villages. (Read here )
  • Thief Mohammad Asif sells stolen cattle to slaughter houses, arrested. (Read here )
  • 2 cows being transported in a milk tanker rescued. Cow smugglers Shahid, Istakhar, Israr, Shoaib arrested. (Read here )
  • Police rescued 6 cows from slaughter. Ishtaq arrested. Imamuddin, Haseen and Azad escaped. (Read here )
  • 13 cows and 8 bulls rescued from slaughter.Caught while bieng smuggled in 4 pickup trucks. Police arrested Arif, Mustafa, Sallu, Tasavar, Pravesh, Bura. (Read here )
  • 135 skins of cows recovered from a vehicle. Case against 4 brothers Iqbal, Shakeel, Vakki and Mubeen who were in this business for a long time. (Read here )
  • Police rescued 18 cows from cow thieves. Shahid Hussain, Irshad, Rakki escaped. (Read here )
  • Two bulls saved from slaughter by Police. Accused Aas Mohammad and Hakmuddin ran away. Case filed against them. (Read here )
  • Police arrested Mehraj, Boora, Hamid, Mehrban for cow slaughter crime. Meat, skins and tools for slaughter were recovered from the spot. Protest before Police station saying that they were innocent. Police resorted to lathi-charge. (Read here )
  • Police arrested Intezar S/o Anwar for cow slaughter.6 cow skins,heavy amount of beef found.2 accused ran away. (Read here )
  • Cow slaughter: Boora S/o Haneef arrested.4 others (Abrar, Badrul, Shakeel, Chutka) ran away. (Read here )
  • Cow smugglers who were selling cow meat arrested at different places. Mehboob with 30 kilos of cow meat. Liaquat with 45 kilos of cow meat. (Read here )
  • Police rescued 5 cows from cow smugglers. Case against Zakir, Kala, Sajid. Accused ran away. (Read here )
  • Police raided house of Shahbuddin to recover 75 cow skins. Women started throwing stones and firing too was done by smugglers.Noticing heavy police force,Cow smugglers ran away. Case against Farook, Shahid, Siraj, Ninno, Dinu, Ayub, Aashiq, Ali and 15-20 others. (Read here )
  • Police freed 21 cows being taken to slaughter in a container. Accused Farooq ran away. Case filed against him and two others. (Read here )
  • Rinku, a Gaurakshak attacked by cow thieves with stones and firing. Successfully stopped a van from getting away with cows but couldn’t stop the other vehicle. What do they get by voluntarily trying to save cows from slaughter? A label like goon. (Read here )
  • Two cops Ranvir Singh and Ravi Dutt hurt in encounter with cattle smugglers Sabudin, Shokin and Umar arrested. While firing from the running vehicle,they pushed the cattle onto the road. (Read here )

(Courtesy Varun Reddy  on twitter)

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