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Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Christian Missionary Art of Forgiving Criminals for Conversions

“Malayalam actor Dileep who is prisoner number 523 in Aluva sub-jail spends his time by reading Bible since last 2 days. He got the Bible from a corner of the jail, left by those who read the Bible for peace of mind in the jail. Dileep read the entire Bible in one go, and read it again and again. He’s still reading it and hoping that he’ll get a positive verdict which will grant him bail. But he felt hopeless after the verdict was against him. Still, Dileep who has been arrested in the case of the abduction and molestation of an actress, is telling other jail inmates that he is innocent.

Many jail inmates read the Bible to regain self confidence and peace of mind. Bible is also the only friend of Dileep in the jail. Dileep had said to the prison wardens that reading the Bible gives him peace of mind and relief. The other inmates in the jail have also noticed a change in Dileep’s behaviour after he started reading the Bible.

The superstar started to mingle with other inmates after he started reading the Bible. Along with reading Bible, he has also started praying. Even when a film was played for the prisoners on Sunday, Dileep didn’t go to watch the film. Instead he was busy reading the Bible. The jail inmates have also started praying for the swift release of Dileep from the prison.”

The above narration, which almost sounds like a public relations piece for actor Dileep and Christian missionaries, appeared recently in a Malayalam news site. Dileep was arrested on 11 July for his involvement in the abduction and sexual assault on a popular film actress in Ernakulam on February 17 – police have charged him with abduction and gagnrape.

It is a trick of Christian soul harvesters to convert people by providing them Bibles and offering them a shortcut to absolve their sins. It doesn’t matter if their target is a criminal or not. They will convert the criminals by stating that Christ will forgive all their sins, no matter how gruesome their crimes and irrespective of accepting guilt, asking for forgiveness from their victim(s) and purifying their minds. Every human has the spark of divinity within and even the worst criminal can achieve moksha in this lifetime, but only by truly atoning for his/her wrong deeds and striving hard to cleanse the mind.

It is no wonder the Bible is popular among criminals inhabiting the prisons like in the case of Dileep narrated above. Another case which gives more light to this is of Govindachami, also known as Charley Thomas, who killed a girl named Soumya back in 2011 by pushing her out of a running train and raped her on a railway track. He had close connections with a Christian evangelical group named Akashaparavakal which also allegedly supported him in the case.

The sole objective of the Christian evangelists is just to harvest more souls for Christ, the good or bad character of their targets doesn’t matter, even if he/she is a hideous criminal. Also, the criminals may continue to do as many crimes as they want since all of their crimes will be forgiven by Christ. In umpteen cases of sexual abuse involving priests, we have seen the Church hierarchy use the same twisted logic to forgive the priest as per ‘God’s plan’, and try to brush crimes under the carpet.

We had earlier written about another dirty trick played by Christian evangelists to appropriate Hindu culture. We will continue exposing more such tactics of the soul harvesters.

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Dauhshanti & Paanchajanyaa
Dauhshanti & Paanchajanyaa
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    • Caste system has been the prominent feature of last 5000 years of Indian history. Rape, discrimination, hunger and poverty of Dalits is the prevailing highlight. Ghar wapsi, love jihad and cow vigilantism is the manifestation of that caste system ingrained in the society. Patanjali, ramdev, yoga and aurveda is the symptom of the stupidity that comes along with it..!.!

      • what is the feature of the ‘thought’ which emanated from West Asia? No need to give history lessons, because what happened 1500 yrs back is still happening today in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan!

        • Increasingly Hindoo girls are eloping with Muslim boys and bjp rss is calling it love jihad. Instead of acknowledging that Hindoo girls have khans as their favorite Bollywood heros and like circumcised rough guys and don’t like bhagwa clad pot bellied bjp rss guys they have imaginary love jihad to blame.


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