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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Maha Dy CM Devendra Fadnavis’ wife Amruta Fadnavis makes reel with Tiktoker Riyaz Aly

Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) Devendra Fadnavis’ wife Amruta Fadnavis is often in the news but this time she is in the news for her song ‘mood banaleya’. The Punjabi song was composed by Meet Bros and released by T-Series on January 6, 2023.

Since then, Amruta has been promoting the song through various means. In doing so, she recently invited Tiktoker Riyaz Aly to the official residence of the DCM where the duo made an Instagram reel to promote her song.

The video has elicited strong reactions from netizens many of whom opined that this sullies the image of DCM Fadnavis.

Someone who holds a constitutional post is always subject to public scrutiny. Therefore, it is only natural that people would react to Amruta’s video in a manner they deem befitting and the DCM would also become part of the discourse.


Amrita Fadnavis may be a singer, she may have ambitions, and she may even have personal choices and beliefs, but when she dances to her song with social media ‘star Riyaz Ali’, somewhere it reflects the ideological impoverishment. Does she have any understanding of how it will affect the cadres of DCM Devendra Fadnavis’s party and how they will react? They can’t be insulted by calling them trollers and nor can their views/opinions be brushed aside.

This can be quite depressing for the cadres and puts them in a dilemma because, on the one hand, they talk of fighting love jihad, while on the other, their leader’s wife is making videos with Riyaz Ali. With the video becoming viral, people are raising questions.


“What is this Devendra Fadnavis ji? You are talking Hindutva while madam is dancing with an Islamist”, one netizen wrote. “This is a good way to fool Hindus. She herself will dance with Muslim boys but lecture poor Hindus on how to protect Hindutva”, another user pointed out.


Some are even questioning if the Fadnavis couple is promoting love jihad.


Even if we leave aside the question of with whom the video was made, considering it to be Amruta Fadnavis’ personal life or her professional work and career demand, the question arises whether it is appropriate to shoot at the residence of the Deputy Chief Minister. Will the residence of the Deputy Chief Minister be used for these works?

People would probably not have objected if the video had been shot at her office as part of her promotional work. However, many have raised objections to an official government residence being used for the purpose.


The biggest apprehension is that the girls who come on Instagram are influenced by such Instagram (Tiktok) ‘Stars’ and become victims of love jihad, like a recent case reported from Madhya Pradesh. Such acts would only create a soft corner for perpetrators of love jihad as the girls would feel that even their party leaders called such ‘great people’.

A politician is responsible to the public. Undoubtedly, this incident has created a wrong impression in the mind of the public. If Amruta Fadnavis wants to further her career using her independent identity, she should have not used her politician husband’s office.

Opposition to such acts is only natural because using the official residence of a Deputy Chief Minister is not dignified and such an act is a cultural shock for all party workers, particularly at a time when Hindus across Maharashtra have been conducting rallies demanding stringent laws against love jihad and forced conversions.

Both Amruta Fadnavis and her advisors need to understand the implication of their actions. The least they can do is not act recklessly and ensure that the dignity of the DCM’s constitutional post is maintained.

(Featured Image Source: Free Press Journal)

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