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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Lutyens’ media blanks out pro-CAA rallies

As tensions flared by violent protests against the CAA ebbed and flowed across many cities in Bharat, a warm and fresh movement supporting the Act washed away the negative and malicious protests and riots that made life pointlessly harder for the common man.

Everything said and done, the orchestrated mob that disrupted the daily lives of crores of people, spat on the state, devalued the mandate of the people and attacked state agencies like police, is contemptible at the least.

Our sources on the ground have informed us of many rallies in support of Citizenship (Amendment) Act across multiple cities, but unsurprisingly most of these rallies failed to find any mention in mainstream media sources. The mainstream media, dominated by Hindu-hating left-liberals, has deliberately forgone covering these stories in order to not hurt its anti-CAA narrative, and has worked tirelessly to manufacture public opinion and incite the mob to hold violent protests across Bharat.

One more accusation brought forward by the left-liberals, and the slant given to the few pro-CAA rallies that English-language media did cover, is that they were all organised by BJP, ABVP, RSS or other ‘Hindutva’ organisations. Yes, there were a few. This doesn’t nullify the fact that we had many which were organic, citizen-driven rallies as well. And why is the same media sweeping under the carpet the fact that anti-CAA riots were stage-managed by deadly Islamist organisations like PFI, Jamaat-e-Islami etc acting in cahoots with the Congress-led Opposition?

People who will directly benefit from the CAA, the poor persecuted Hindu refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh, were obviously in celebratory mood, with reports coming of their joyous relief from places as far apart as RajasthanPunjab, Raichur in Karnataka, Delhi’s Majnu-ka-tila, Mehsana in Gujarat, Yamuna Nagar in Haryana, West Bengal, Jammu. One overjoyed family even named their newborn daughter ‘Nagrikta’ (citizenship) to celebrate CAA!

But even ordinary citizens, who understood the humanitarian gesture, towards a persecuted minority who have nowhere else to turn but Bharat, that CAA represents, turned out in droves to cheer CAA. Let’s take a look at such rallies across Bharat.

Mumbai saw many such rallies. Sanvidhan Sanman Manch had organised a huge rally outside the Dadar railway station in response to the anti-CAA rally organised in Gowalia Tank maidan which was attended by Bollywood celebrities among others.

Another rally took place at Goregaon station:

At Vashi, Navi Mumbai:

At Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal:

Mega rally of students at IIT-Bombay:

Pune too witnesses pro-CAA rallies, including a massive one where a human chain was formed from the Balgandharva auditorium to Deccan Gymkhana, spanning over a distance of approximately 500 metres.

Another rally took place in PCMC area of Pune:

None of these seem to be motivated by political ends. These were organised by independent volunteers who were appalled by the indiscriminate politicisation of CAA by the Opposition and media.

There were peaceful rallies in support of CAA in Bhilwada, Rajasthan and Roorkee, Uttarakhand as well:

Additionally there were mega rallies in Gopalganj, Uttar Pradesh and Nagpur, Maharashtra:

One of the biggest turnouts in support of CAA was seen in Bengaluru:

This rally in Amravati, Maharashtra shows how deep the disgust with the anti-CAA vandals has sunk into the hinterland.

Support for CAA has been shown by NRIs in as far as the United States, where multiple peaceful demonstrations were carried out in various cities like Austin, Seattle and Rayleigh. Did the BJP, ABVP, RSS or allied bodies organise those as well? Do left-liberals believe Hindus lack agency to hit the streets otherwise?

Pro-CAA rallies in parts of the US (Image Source: Swarajyamag.com)

This should be tight slap to all the left-liberals who are claiming that CAA doesn’t have the support of the people. The widespread support for the act speaks volumes in itself. They cannot suppress the people’s will by selectively not reporting on the various support marches all across Bharat.

Here, the opposition leaders, the media, and universities like AMU, Jamia Millia Islamia, stand guilty of disrupting the expression of people’s will by exhibiting terror tactics. The guilty should be dealt with sternly while damage to private & public property must be recovered from the violent anti-CAA protestors.

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