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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Actress Sai Pallavi makes tone-deaf comments about Kashmiri Hindus, Indian Army; waters down Naxal terror

Disappointed by Bollywood, the Hindus had just turned toward the South Indian film industry. But, in a recent Great Andhra interview, Sai Pallavi proved that the show biz fraternity harbors the same anti-Hindu sentiment across Bharat. 

While promoting her upcoming film Virata Parvam, which is the love story of a Naxal, Sai Pallavi had made an excruciatingly tone-deaf comment about the Kashmiri Hindu genocide. This comment exposes the actress’s indifference to the countless Hindu killings in the valley that have taken place through the decades and is a reality even today. Further, she also equates innocent Kashmiri Pandits, who had never picked a weapon or participated in any crime, to the cow smugglers from the Muslim community. 

Her bigoted comments have hurt Hindus but made her the new icon of the liberals. In the viral interview, the actress was asked for her views on the political divide in society. 

Translation from the snippets of Sai Pallavi’s interview

“Everyone’s perspective is different based on their environment. It is very hard for me to understand the concept of violence. It is very difficult for us to say what is right and what is wrong … They (Naxals) thought at that time that they could only get justice by violence. It happened in the past, long back. Our perspectives may be different. Pakistani people think Indian security forces are terrorists, we think the same for their forces.”

“It is very difficult to say whether it (the Naxal movement) is right or wrong. It depends on the situation at that time. They thought violence was the only way, as per their situation…. If I was from a Leftist family or from a Rightist family, then maybe I would have favored one side, but I was raised in a neutral family where they taught you to be a good human being. The oppressed should be protected irrespective of left-wing and right-wing. I grew up in a neutral environment. I heard about this left-wing and right-wing, but we can’t say who is right and who is wrong….”

“In “Kashmir Files”, they showed how Kashmiri Pandits were killed. But recently in covid times, some Muslim guy taking a cow in a vehicle was attacked and forced to chant Jai Shri Ram slogans. So if you are talking about religious conflict, what is the difference between the two incidents? That happened then, this happened now. What is the difference? The thing is, we should stay fair and just. If we are not good humans, we won’t be just. If you are just and stand with justice, all will be ‘neutral’ around you.”

How can the Naxal militants be glorified?

While she has already exposed herself as totally ignorant of the subject she was talking about incoherently, her laughably misinformed remarks make us wonder if she has done minimum research on the subject on which her movie is based. 

Her comment that the Naxals thought they could get “justice” only by violence and that the “perspective could be different” is ludicrous. The Naxals are a brutal force who tried to destabilize the country for years for no reason. “If one has worked hard and earned wealth, I will loot it because I can’t have it” is the criminal ideology on which the Naxal movement was based. To know that the ideology of looting is wrong and cannot be defended by any justification is not rocket science. It only takes awareness, which we surmise, the actress lacks. 

We must highlight that “Virata Parvam” is not Sai Pallavi’s first film that glorifies these red terrorists. She has been part of “Shyam Singha Roy” as well. In addition to glorifying the Naxals, “Shyam Shinga Roy” reeked of an unabashed anti-Hindu agenda showcasing the Hindu society as steeped in misogyny. Despite working in two moves on Naxals, the actress states that the Naxals are a thing of the past. If only she had spent 30 minutes reading the newspaper, she would have known that the Naxals are still threatening the Bharatiya society and killing our jawans. 

The audacity to liken the Indian armed forces to terrorists?

Her audacity to liken our armed forces to Pakistani terror organizations is vile and threatening to Bharat’s social fabric. It is not a battle of perceptions, as she suggests. It doesn’t take more than the basic knowledge of history and general awareness to know how Pakistan, through its terror organizations, repeatedly wreaked havoc in the Bharatiya territory and killed numerous innocent Bharatiyas. The Indian Army, unlike Pakistan’s terror outfits, has never attacked any country. It has given the supreme sacrifice to defend its citizens. The actress insulted the Indian Army unabashedly and appeared to be a mouthpiece of Pakistan’s propaganda.

Kashmiri Hindus are Still Being Killed by Islamists

The actress claims that the killing of the Hindus in Kashmir is a thing of the past. If she had made better use of her smartphone, she would have known about the dozens of target killings of Hindus in the valley by Islamists in the past couple of months. 

We are assuming that she is just as unaware of the KP genocide as she is about everything – which is evident in her interview. What else could explain her comparing the mass murders, gang rapes, and exodus of Kashmiri Hindus to a random cow smuggler? Unlike the cow smuggler, the Kashmiri Hindus had not lifted a leaf that belonged to someone else’s lawn, let alone steal an animal that is not only worth thousands of rupees but is sacred to its Hindu family. 

Knowing that South Indian films have a massive market in the Gulf countries, one can understand that the actress needs to keep her audience pleased. But it turns into humiliation when one becomes desperate to win the audience at the cost of making a mockery of the sentiment of her society.  

Hindu parents are raising uninformed self-centered children

Because the actress refers to her family as “neutral” in the interview, we are compelled to assert that this statement shows how Hindu families fail to give their children a well-rounded upbringing and make them aware of basic things. Sai Pallavi, much like millions of Hindus of her age, has no awareness of the violence suffered by the Hindus at the hands of Maoists and Islamists.

A Muslim actress of her age will not be this ignorant; using her stage and popularity, she would further the Islamist propaganda. But a 30-year-old Hindu woman who doesn’t have the basic information about the society she is living in is a travesty of her Hindu upbringing. After this major blunder, we hope her PR team will prepare her better before any promotional interview. 

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