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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Shekhar Gupta and His Agenda-Driven Journalism

Lets take a look at this tweet of Shekhar Gupta:

Shekhar Gupta followed this up, some three and a half hours later, with another tweet:

However, social media is a merciless medium. It has frequently exposed those who wish to use events for a political agenda and not for the purpose of making an informed analysis.  As is said: “A drunkard uses an electric pole on the street not for illumination but for support.”  The following tweet from three years ago surfaced:

So, from being some sort of charlatan, over a three year period, Swami Agnivesh turns into a decent man who never harmed anyone. And from being a charlatan, Gupta finds Swami Agnivesh to be an elegant person, and that it was heart breaking to see the latter without a saffron turban.

His agenda having been exposed, Gupta entangles himself in knots by indulging in straw-man type of arguments to try and divert attention from his own terrible inconsistencies.  So, we have the following tweets from him:

In bringing to his notice his three-year-old tweet, the objective was not to justify the assault, but to expose the shifting position of Gupta.  And, more importantly, how he puts out opinion based on contemporary exigencies and not an informed discourse. Thus, a charlatan earlier becomes a person to be admired.  Gupta thought he would put those who he has defined as his political opponents on the back-foot and instead found himself to be on the back-foot.

But, being incorrigible is a prime requirement of those who call themselves as intellectuals in Bharat. And so, he tweets promoting an article written by a fellow ‘intellectual’, on a web-portal that he has founded with funds from what are called High Networth Individuals in Bharat:

An attack on ONE self-proclaimed Arya Samaji becomes an attack on ALL Arya Samajis. In this tweet, Gupta pretends not to realise that he has once again exposed his agenda-based journalism. Expressing his appreciation of this tweet by a politician with an anti-Modi agenda, Gupta tells the world what his agenda is:

Some political and social observers of Bharat have commented about the distress of what is called the darbaris of Lutyen’s Delhi, and what they are doing to keep themselves relevant. One such observer is Surjit Bhalla, and he wrote in The Indian Express:

“The Indian people are asking more questions and demanding greater accountability from dynastic political leaders. But the old elite — politicians, corporates, left-intellectuals, academics — cannot be expected to give up their privileges so easily. They will try to derail the transformation and object at every turn: If that means fake analysis, they will do so. If that means intellectual gymnastics, they will do so. The key point is that they MUST do so.” 

Fake analysis and intellectual gymnastics fits the bill with respect to not just Gupta and Malhotra but many, many others. It is time to realise that it is not the politicians who are a danger to our society, but most of those who occupy the intellectual space. Unless they are cleansed (metaphysically, not physically) there will be no informed discussions in our society.


In this article, I have not mentioned how Swami Agnivesh has deviated from the message of the founder of Arya Samaj, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, and that he is indeed a charlatan.  This article is about Shekhar Gupta.

– Arvind Singh

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