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Friday, December 1, 2023

“Hindus are a virus”: Ex-Hindustan Times journalist

The Hinduphobia among India’s elites was hidden before 2014. Since then, it has gradually risen to the surface as this class grows increasingly frustrated at being sidelined by ordinary citizens latching on to the gigantic fraud that was perpetrated on them by these same elites. Democratization of discourse by social media has played a large part in this awakening.

So, here we have it. The anti-Hindu hate is finally clear for all to see –

Avantika dreams of the day Hindus are a minority, and wishes the community is ‘treated with hate and violence’. She calls herself a Hindu (by birth only) and then adds, “We (Hindus) are a virus.”

But why dream? She should go and meet Pakistani Hindu refugees in Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi to listen to their stories of persecution in an Islamic nation. And if that does not gladden her heart, she can fly to Hingalganj in North 24 Parganas and listen to the stories of Hindu girls and women who were raped to ‘teach them a lesson’. That violence, by the way, happened and continues to this day when Hindus are (still) a majority.

Or closer to Delhi, Avantika could meet Prachi Rana’s parents in Himachal, and rub her hands with glee over how that 15-year-old was murdered by her adult Muslim stalker. Or she could meet Nitika Tomar’s parents in Faridabad, or Ekta Deswal’s, or Ankit Saxena’s, or Rinku Sharma’s…

Avantika Mehta’s twitter bio says “The Ladies Compartment; journo, lawyer, volatile woman; retweeter-at-large | law, crime, human rights, culture”, is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Ladies Compartment, a portal that helps women decide which sex-toy to buy among other things. Previously, she was a senior news reporter with Hindustan Times (HT) for around 3 years as per her LinkedIn profile (archive) covering “Law, LGBTI, women’s rights, social justice, and everything under the sun. Dream assignments: Conflict zone reporting, longform old-school investigation pieces.”

Actually, it is good that the masks are falling off and we can see our society as it really is. At the top is a layer of deracinated, self-hating elites, who have zero empathy for practicing Hindus as Avantika has been open enough to admit, but which likes of Shekhar Gupta, Barkha Dutt suppress in order to continue gnawing away from within.

It is good that she has admitted she is a Hindu by birth only, as we at HinduPost and others like YugaParivartan have consistently addressed this class of people as HINOs (Hindu in Name Only). And it would be a grave mistake to assume this phenomenon exists only in Westernised elites, as the HINO club includes Hindi journalists like Ravish Kumar or Ajit Anjum, Dravidianist ideologues like K. Ravishankar, Dalit activists like Dilip Mandal, and quite a few regional/feudal politicians and activists. Indeed, these days we have many crypto-Christians with Hindu-sounding names moving around in our midst to harvest souls using any means possible.

Here’s another tweet by Avantika which caught our eye –

Brahmin-hate is a sure-shot way of spotting a HINO, it’s a tool they use to mask their hate for Hindu Dharma in totality. Brahmins and other ‘upper castes’ are an easy, politically-acceptable (sadly) punching bag, but ultimately what these people advocate and desire is a post-Hindu India. Anti-Brahminism is their battering ram, but no sampradaya will be safe including ‘non-Brahmin’ ones like Lingayat, Arya Samaj, Warkaris, ISKCON, Ravidassis, Sarna etc. After all, ultimately they are all ‘idol worshippers’ or ‘animists’ or believers in ‘superstitions’ like rebirth, polytheism etc.

So this is how the hate travels: Hindu–>Brahmin–>vegetarianism. The immediate trigger for this tweet against vegetarianism by the former HT reporter was the Leftist propaganda that the fracas that took place at JNU on Sunday was because non-veg food was stopped at the Kaveri Hostel mess. That lie has been busted by the JNU admin itself which said that non-veg was available in all 18 hostels, and the clash happened because ‘a group’ didn’t like havan-pooja being done on Ram Navami. Iftar (breaking of Ramzan fast) too was observed on that day in the same hostel, but the Left had no problem with that, obviously.

To those like Avantika Mehta who say vegetarianism is “casteist/violent/stigmatises others” and is used by Brahmins to “subjugate and alienate”, two simple questions –

1.) Are all Brahmins vegetarian, and are only Brahmins vegetarian? What about Jains, who are the strictest vegetarians? Are they also subjugators?

2.) Why are Bengali Hindus, almost all of whom are non-vegetarians (including Brahmins), being persecuted in West Bengal and Bangladesh? Why are poor Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan being persecuted? Is it because they are ‘imposing’ their vegetarianism on others?

We don’t actually expect any answers to such questions from Avantika and her ilk. This is not a debate that can be decided with logic and exchange of thoughts. We Hindus get that – the hate they have for us is too deep, too visceral.

But we have only one request – please change your names because it hurts actual Hindus named Avantika or carrying the surname Mehta to see someone speak about the Hindu community in such a hateful manner. Carrying a Hindu name while wishing such violence on the community is deceitful. So please be honest, and do a registered name change to something which totally rids you of this identity you so despise, and which also prevents real, innocent Hindus from being fooled. Let’s engage in battle openly and with honor, without any deceitful tactics, shall we?

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  1. Very well thought out article!

    Bird brains like avantika mehta are hopping & twittering gibberish, on the other hand !


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