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Thursday, October 6, 2022

What Drives Hit-Jobs Like Outlook’s #BabyLift Slander Against RSS?

Outlook news magazine, in its 8th August issue came out with a cover story, “#BetiUthao” (#BabyLift), which screamed that RSS is involved in ‘trafficking’ of 31 tribal girls. Perhaps there was a bloated hope that the title will turn into a twitter trend that would undermine the current Governments in Assam and elsewhere in Bharat.

A couple of years back, newspapers and news magazines could come out with even more outrageous and incendiary, sometimes treasonous pieces, and get away with it. Indian Express came out with the infamous ‘coup’ story  in 2012, that, to many like me, was a shameless effort to carry out a hit job on behalf of the Government in power. The consideration, though not proven, is not hard to imagine.

Those days one could get away with such slander, but to see the same being attempted in 2016 was a real surprise. In response to the latest Outlook article authored by one Neha Dixit, I tweeted my views here. This is a follow up to those tweets.

The article in itself is a clever skulduggery of words, carefully avoiding truth yet failing to hide the intent. The author has sunk so low that in her blind hate for RSS, she tramples upon the rights and dignity of people who are simple, trusting and not educated in the Christian education system.

The author has been tenaciously churning out extremely prejudiced articles against RSS for over a couple of years now. None of her attempts to create a mountain out of a mole hill created as much as a whimper in the media. They were all ‘also ran’ stories, probably because most could see the lack of objectivity in her stories as a direct result of her clear lack of perspective. Later on, she wrote a piece on Muzzaffarnagar rape victims, who filed complaints about 20 days after when they were allegedly raped, and incidentally could afford high flying lawyers from Delhi’s ‘big bindi’ club. Not surprisingly, the elite club that sustains these rabble-rousers rewarded the author with recognition but in the real world, she still was an insignificant featherweight in her calling.

The article is based on false premise. Neha Dixit makes out a headline that suggests that RSS is running a girl child trafficking racket and such children are stolen from their parents. If you have no idea of what RSS stands for, you would think that the organization is a lecherous underground organization that runs a prostitution racket. It appears the article is not intended for people like you and me, who have lived in Bharat the last few decades and have been touched by RSS in some beneficial way or the other. It is for those living outside Bharat who gain by painting RSS in black, because RSS somehow has the gall to thwart powerful forces attempting to change the demographic composition of Bharat in order to keep the country in a constant state of disruption and economic subservience.

The author paints a romantic picture of a kid in a picturesque idyllic Assam village brutally snatched away by a ruthless organization for ideological gain. What has been carefully hidden is, the locale is Kokrajhar, Assam scarred by the communal riots of 2012. Later in the article, we also read about the time the same children spent in refugee camps. These children have been provided an opportunity by RSS to build a life and break free from the cycles of violence, poverty and soul harvesting.

There is no doubt, even as per the article, that the children have not disappeared, but are put up in far-away schools. But the headlines in the article say just the opposite: ‘Stolen babies’, ‘girl child’ and ‘trafficking’ make the headlines while in fact they were not babies, were not stolen and are not trafficked.

Missionaries & Child Trafficking

It is not that Bharatiya children are not abused in the name of religion and priests. New Hope for Children Orphanage, run by Christian missionaries invited a rapacious pedophile to visit their orphanage and spend time with the children. Many other similar orphanages received Richard Huckle, one of the most sinister pedophiles of our time, with open arms. He in turn, ‘donated’ money to them. Read here my petition to Government of Bharat that went unheeded.

The sexual abuse of children in many Christian orphanges/ children homes is so common that many liberal elites like Neha Dixit are no more bothered about it. Glaring examples like ones in Bangalore and Jaipur were very disturbing and demand a special committee to probe why Christian organizations are infested with pedophilia.

As per children rescued from the above mentioned Bangalore ‘Church of Christ Home’ in 2012, the people in-charge even used smoldering equipment to torture them. The stories of children rescued in 2014 in Jaipur are equally horrible – this ‘Mercy Home’ pastor used to unclothe them and beat them; a 12 year old rescued girl accused the pastor of raping her; children were not given food and expletives were used to address them.

Now deactivated twitter user @sighbaboo was a veritable chronicler of Christian orphanages indulging in sexual abuse.

Liberal Rage Against RSS

But none of these abuses have bothered Neha Dixit. She has taken cudgels against RSS which has an impeccable record of decorous behavior towards children. She is angry that RSS has instilled values such as patriotism, honour and valour. She frowns upon the tribal folks who identify themselves as Hindus. She badgers the poor people who help young children from their society to find education, as a matter of duty and honour, unlike the evangelists who live in comforts. Worst of all, she manipulates simple, trusting village folk to get them to make self-implicating statements. She froths at the mouth that a girl she met a couple of years has turned into a self-confident one, not willing to put up with Neha’s bullying. Neha raves and rants that the ground reality stands in stark contrast to her theory that she has come to prove.

Neha discounts the deeds of RSS in supporting the riot-affected tribals. She claims that RSS has a hidden agenda in running camps for the poor. She is sure that Adivasis should not count themselves as Hindus and it rankles her no end when an Adivasi disagrees with her. She fumes when a poor sod in Assam seems to have a Hindutva agenda.

Neha may have felt terribly cheated to find those working for RSS are not rich or corrupt. One senses her frustration for not having found anything foul with the RSS foot soldiers in the village. Hence she attempts to trick them and engages them with topics that village folks are not conversant with, to show them in poor light, as crude, crass and ignorant. Such is this breed of #ESIE (English Speaking Indian Elite).

It is difficult to believe that this article is about child welfare. For example, consider the questions she asks her victims –

“What do you do as an active member (of RSS)?”

“What is our duty to the Hindu nation?”

The interview is vicious, hateful and has an undertone of mockery. And I suspect that she might have even made up a part of the interview!

The real targets of these forces Neha seems to represent are – Sewa Bharati, Vidhya Bharati and Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA). VKA has cared for tens of thousands of forest dwelling children, providing education, hostel facility and support to break them free of their embittered living, in some cases, due to the unjust categorization of colonial powers, that the Congress government never addressed for over 6 decades. There have been articles in various leftist newspapers of West Bengal wailing how Vanvasi Kalyan Ashrams are taking children away from their (Marxist) ideological factories. The projects undertaken by Sewa Bharati, Vidhya Bharati and Vanvasi Kalyan Ashrams are chiefly funded from sources within the boundaries of the country. The financial clout of these organizations is minuscule in comparison to the evangelist forces which do not even hide their agenda to turn Bharat into a Christian nation.

In this light, any reasonable observer would conclude that RSS is responding to a threat by a disproportionately wealthier and stronger adversary and putting up a stiff and honourable fight. Our educational institutions are virtually handed over to Christian organizations –RTE has dealt a body blow to Hindu Educational Institutions, almost irreversibly. The children of this country are automatically forced to imbibe a foreign Christian education and are being prevented from receiving indigenous education. But RSS is fighting back.

For people like Neha, this is a problem. The Hindus and RSS refuse to disappear from the scene and make way for what they (elites) have decided as modernity, ushered in by Western inspired ideologies of various hues.

Neha is from what I call #ESIE (English Speaking Indian Elite) who know what is good for us, the plebeians. Their education in JNUs and St Xaviers and indoctrination by Marxist professors may or may not have poisoned their minds, but surely has set them in a Bharat-loathing mode.

The other Bharat is here. These churners of articles in magazines like Outlook have no relationship to the poor people that Hukumdev Yadav ji portrays so well in his speech. What angers people like Neha is that more and more people are in agreement with Hukumdev, who does not even speak English, while the #ESIE is losing followers. The gall of Hindi speaking Hukumdevs posing a challenge to champagne sipping Nehas! The temerity of the uneducated (in English) to refuse to accept the wisdom of an #ESIE like herself! This is what drives hit-jobs like this Outlook piece.

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Krishnan Murali
Krishnan Murali
Reader, Indian-History buff, walker, rider, blogger, politically right and not correct. Twitter id: @dwimidhaM


  1. We have to deal with the abrahamic problem at some point, beside civil war I don’t think any ideas are being put on table.

  2. This tells all of the people of the world, not just Bharat, that Outlook magazine is going to the dogs. No point in buying this shit who doesn’t even worry about the stinky quality of it’s article !

    • I strongly condemn what report published by Outlook. But why is this press release on Google Doc, please provide the official government website link that ends in “.gov.in” or “.nic.in”. I tried to search but but i could not get any such link

  3. Dear Mr.Murali, Well done for your rebuttal to Nehas article in Shit Look.I am pained to read about RSS by her Why do’nt RSS sue her and the magazine sothat they think twice before publishing such shit


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