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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Soft state responsible for ISIS-style Udaipur beheading

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that under the watch of the secular state plight of Hindus in Bharat is only worsening day by day. The entire system is heavily stacked against the ‘majority’ Hindus and it is the system that sets the narrative.

Former IAS officer and author Dr. Krishen Kak, says:

The gruesome ISIS-style beheading of a Hindu man for simply making a post in support of Nupur Sharma and brazenly posting the videos and pictures of the beheading including a threat to the life of the Prime Minister is possible only in India. These are not isolated murders, the whole operation with its publicity is to strike terror in the 1.4 billion population that they will meet the same fate if they dare. This is a grave national terror incident mocking the Indian state.

They perhaps know very little will be done to them, they will be arrested and stay in jail for a few years perhaps living a better life in jail, while their community supports their family and they will be let out on bail after a few years by the judiciary, nation will soon forget and the killings will continue on until there is full-scale decimation like partition time.  How did this nation come to this pass?   The compromised and corrupt Judges, the local politicians who are handling these as a matter of vote banks, the compromised and spineless media, and even the Center showing the little will to take on these crimes on war footing are all responsible for this. 

India has now become a soft state terrorized by many players. Just a few days ago we saw 70,000 threats against Nupur Sharma for repeating the same in the Islamic scriptures and affirmed by many Islamic preachers, openly giving a bounty on her head and calling her tongue to be cut, and threatening to rape her and her family. The more we give in to fear the more we gave in to the propaganda and it is only worsening. In the end, what is the point in just arresting those who implemented the crime when it was encouraged and inspired by all those who did before them?

Just recently Saudi Arabia beheaded 81 people on just a single day that are passing as minor crimes in our country. Just learn from Bangladesh which is boldly using extra judicial killings with zero tolerance for terrorism, just learn from China who subdued the threat by subduing a whole region, just learn from Phillippines which subdued a whole island, just learn from Myanmar that drove them away completely from their nation, just learn from the small nation Israel that militarized starting from 18-year-olds, just learn from France which immediately brought in Emergency and made emergency laws into the normal rule.

Look at how the foreign NGOs are openly terrorizing the Government into passing any laws and taking the nation forward and we look at using color revolution tactics.  Look at the media that does not inform the public of the grave danger that larger communities face by not reporting these crimes whether it is West Bengal, whether it is Bhainsa in Telangana, or many killings from cutting throats to beheadings.    Are we setting ourselves into a dangerous civil war by not taking firm action, not on the thugs who perpetrate but the thugs who inspire, fund, and encourage these, particularly by those who are engaging in regime change color revolution?  Are we giving in to the Western color revolution agenda to inspire these for the large regime change geopolitical goals?

India has now become a soft state.  We have utterly failed in collectively putting a deterrent to this.  We are terrorized by Western color revolution NGOs, we are terrorized by corrupt, compromised, criminal, and cowardly judges, we are terrorized by compromised media, we are terrorized by our own perverted liberals and politicians, and we are terrorized by Islamic nations most likely prompted by Western elite geopolitical players,  we are terrorized by our own perverted ideals that we are democratic into not taking firm action, we are terrorized corrupt and cowardly media, we are terrorized by our own willingness to handle this firmly, we are terrorized by ourselves.

The secular state has failed Hindus time and again. The recent observations by the Supreme Court (SC) are yet another reminder of how the state is systematically encouraging Islamists and other anti-nationals. The manner in which NGOs and activists are allowed to bring roadblocks is an indicator of the state having no control or at least conceding space to non-state actors.

We need to rethink the kind of state we want to create because like director Vivek Agnihotri saidhamesha yeh yaad rakhiye, government kisi ki bhi ho, establishment inka hai”…The ”establishment” – that he describes as the rule-makers (in other words, the setters) of the pattern – still controls the ”soft power” ecosystem, and we are still a ”weak State”.

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  1. Dr Kak’s analysis’s is correct. Because of India’s soft stance, the spate of Islamic violence is growing apace in the country. As the Hindus, who are basically shy and non-violent (certainly they won’t behead!), are bleeding the country is heading for a massive bloodbath that may lead to disintegration of the country. To counter this threat Israel has adopted a simple yet very effective survival philosophy: If you see your enemy is approaching, wake up. Kill him first before he kills you.


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