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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

How our secular state acted as an enabler of the Kashmiri Pandit genocide and ethnic cleansing

The Kashmir Files” has brought of the truth of the Kashmiri Hindu genocide that continues to be denied by the ‘secular’ political establishment, the media, and the Abrahmo-fascist-leftist cabal.

In his interview with Madhu Kishwar, Shri Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri describes the willful breaking of the threads of the pattern so that we cannot recognize it. This video is an education in itself. It is not just ”A Brutally Honest Account on the Making of The Kashmir Files” but it is, even more, a brutally honest revelation of the pattern cunningly concealed from us of a whole ecosystem that enables and encourages ”religious terrorism”.

While in the Best Bakery case, the Supreme Court of India was pleased to open its eyes to Gujarat and remind the then government of ‘Raj Dharma’ when the Chief Justice instructed the Gujarat government, “You have to protect people and punish the guilty. What else is raj dharma? You quit if you cannot prosecute the guilty…..Just because nobody had been punished for the last 40 years, it does not mean that we should shut our eyes” (as reported by The Hindu on September 13, 2003), but where is their lesson in raj dharma to the J&K government?

Vivek brings up the important point of friendship over human lives politics practiced by Congress leaders right from Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi. The same point has been reiterated by MJ Akbar who says that Rajiv Gandhi refused to act citing his friendship with the Abdullahs even as the Kashmir Hindus were being butchered and forced to lead the lives of refugees in their own homeland.

Vivek concludes with ”hamesha yeh yaad rakhiye, government kisi ki bhi ho, establishment inka hai”…The ”establishment” – that he describes as the rule-makers (in other words, the setters) of the pattern – still controls the ”soft power” ecosystem, and we are still a ”weak State”. 

This is the pattern of the Ghazwa-e-Hind, of the Koranic war of the momin against the ‘kaffir’. This pattern enjoyed the patronage of the government as well as the patronage of the highest political and judicial authorities of the Indian State. This is the most appropriate time to revisit the manner in which the secular state enabled the systemic ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir and bring out the role of those complicit in turning Kashmir into a safe haven for Islamic jihadis.

As much as Congress and their cronies attempt to give themselves the clean chit, in addition to the Abdullahs, while attempting to find a convenient scapegoat in then Governor Jagmohan, the fact remains that Kashmiri Hindus were bein systemically othered in an attempt to make them leave. The January 19, 1990, holocaust of Kashmiri Hindus was in fact the final jihadi nail in the coffin.

The Abdullahs, beginning from Nehru’s friend Sheikh Abdullah, provided political support to the Islamic terrorists using reforms as a smokescreen to deprive the state’s Hindu population of jobs, education, and land. These so-called reforms coupled with terrorist threats had created an environment of fear leading to many Hindus moving out from Kashmir.

What had been building up since much before independence and was furthered by the Nehru-Abdullah combine for narrow political ends, received a major boost during the Chief Ministership of Farooq Abdullah (November 7, 1986, to January 18, 1990) in the form of strengthening the hands of jihadi elements.

The history of the Muslim Conference of the 1930s that turned into the ‘National Conference’ shows that Farooq Abdullah not just inherited the communal Muslim mindset but also carried it forward during his tenure as the CM of the state. It was this party that turned the tide against Maharaja Hari Singh and harbored dreams of ‘independent Kashmir’ under Sheikh Abdullah.

Abdullah turned a deaf ear to intelligence agencies’ warnings and his term saw the build-up to the genocide. An accord was signed between Rajiv Gandhi and Abdullah to bring in the latter as the chief minister in November 1986 after months of hectic negotiations following the dismissal of Abdullah’s brother-in-law Ghulam Mohammed Shah’s government then Governor Jagmohan.

“This 1986-1989 period is significant in the history of Kashmir, which is often ignored. The exodus did not happen overnight. There was full preparation for this. Abdullah fooled the nation with this accord. You can say he was incompetent and he didn’t have any control, or you can say he was totally involved, knew everything, and let things build up”, All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS) President Ramesh Raina has been quoted as saying by Odisha TV.

Highlighting the role of Farooq Abdullah, Raina says:

Fifty per cent Kashmiri Pandits fled on January 19. It did not happen suddenly. Farooq Abdullah knows all. He has to answer. 

Farooq Abdullah ran away to London while the Valley was burning. He was the founder member of Alfata, JKLF. While he was in chair, youth were freely transported to Pakistan through the LoC. How was it possible without his knowing?

Why were terrorists being released from jail then? Why did he resign overnight and the next day the exodus happened? It was all planned because then all would have come to his head. So he resigned. But could the exodus have happened without a plot behind it.

Government employees who were mainly Kashmiri Hindus were being kidnapped even as the state and union governments remained mute spectators. Intelligence inputs raising concerns over large numbers of youth from the valley crossing over to PoK for arms training were also ignored by the governments of the day.

According to Shesh Paul Vaid, J&K’s DGP from December 31, 2016, till September 6, 2018, “first batch of ISI trained were arrested by J&K Police but ill-thought political decisions had them released and the same terrorists later on led the many terrorist organizations in J&K”.

The entire groundwork for Islamist jihadi take over of Kashmir was undertaken during the tenure (October 31, 1984, to December 2, 1989) of Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister even though the final explosion took place when VP Singh was the PM. However, it must be pointed out that Singh assumed office only on December 2, 1989, and was a little over a month old when the genocide took place.

This is not to say Singh owed no responsibility but to highlight the fact that had Rajiv Gandhi been serious in tackling the terrorists rather than mollycoddling his friend Abdullah then things would have been different. The tragedy could have been averted if Gandhi had been sensible enough to heed the advice of Jagmohan who during his first term as the governor from April 26, 1984, to July 11, 1989, repeatedly warned Gandhi of the jihadi threat.

Jagmohan was reinstated as the governor in January 1990 and remained in office till May that year. He has been made the fall guy by the Congress and its ‘secular’ allies to deflect attention from their failures. Shri Jagmohan wrote in his letter to Rajiv Gandhi how he was being targeted while bringing forth the point that he had been repeatedly alerting the government about the situation in the state. Shri Jagmohan wrote:

…Need I remind you that from the beginning of 1988, I had started sending “Warning Signals” to you about the gathering storm in Kashmir? But you and the power wielders around you had neither the time, nor the inclination, nor the vision, to see these signals. They were so clear, so pointed, that to ignore them was to commit sins of true historical proportions…

…To recapitulate and to serve as illustrations, I would refer to a few of these signals. In August 1988, after analysing the current and undercurrents, I had summed up the position thus: “The drum-beaters of parochialism and fundamentalism are working overtime. Subversion is on the increase. The shadows of events from across the border are lengthening. Lethal weapons have come in. More may be on the way”. In April 1989 I had desperately pleaded for immediate action…

…Around that point of time, when the police set-up was getting demoralised, when intelligence was fast drying up, when infiltrators in Services were bringing stories of subversive plans like TOPAC, your protégé Dr Farooq Abdullah was either going abroad or releasing 70 hardcore and highly motivated terrorists who were trained in the handling of dangerous weapons, who had contacts at the highest level in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, who knew all the devious routes of going to and returning from Pakistan and whose detention had been approved by the three-member advisory board presided over by the Chief Justice…

…The truth supported by the preponderence of evidence is that before January 19, 1990, the terrorist had become the real ruler. The ground had been yielded to him to such an extent that it dominated the public mind. He could virtually swim like a fish in the sea. Would it matter if the sea was subsequently surrounded?

In your attempt to hide all your sins of omission and commission in Kashmir and as a part of your small politics which cannot go beyond dividing people and creating vote banks, you took special pains to demolish all regard and respect which the Kashmiri masses, including the Muslim youth, had developed for me during my first term from April 26, 1984, to July 12, 1989. Against all facts, unassailable evidence and your own precious pronouncements, you started labelling me as anti-Muslim.

The media and ‘intellectuals’ provided the necessary ammunition to whitewash the entire episode by shifting the narrative as they are seen doing even today. The Kashmiri Hindu genocide is a collective failure of the political class that was (& still is) interested only in power, ‘seculars’ for whom only certain classes and religious groups matter, the system, and last but not the least Hindus ourselves who have simply sought to ignore every instance of Hindu genocide in the name of ‘maintaining communal harmony’.

Hindu society needs to realize the onus is not always on us and for every genocide, we brush under the carpet we are only encouraging more such atrocities. We have not even sought closure for the numerous wounds inflicted on the Hindu society, let alone seeking accountability for them.

(Featured Image Source: IANS)

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  1. Even now, not just liberals, intellectuals, leftist media, hindus by name are against the sanatan dharma. Some hindus still believe dialogue will resolve the issue, we need to remember pandavas did not get 5 gramams by the kauravas.


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