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Monday, June 5, 2023

Dravidianist bats for ‘Hitler model’ to curb Brahmin participation in public life

A Dravidianist leader has called for a ‘Hitler model’ to swipe away Brahmins from public life. He said that only on the day when there is a government order banning Brahmins from being employed Dravidians will attain absolute freedom.

Athiyaman, the chief of Adi Tamilar Peravai, is an ally of the ruling DMK. While talking at an event organised on the occasion of EV Ramasamy’s death anniversary opposing Spiritual Politics, said that the government should issue a decree like Hitler banning Brahmins from being given any jobs. He was talking about Rajinikanth’s entry into politics. The latter had promised to do spiritual politics when he entered the field.

DMK being only against Hindus was rattled by his announcement. Dravidian organisations and ideologues like K Veeramani, Suba Veerapandian, etc started abusing Rajini as a stooge of RSS/BJP and Brahmins. Athiyaman’s speech was along the same lines. One should note how Dravidianists set up an SC leader(Athiyaman) to abuse a potential OBC threat(Rajini).

Athiyaman said that Brahminism has been the root cause of everything and even backward castes follow it now and behave the same way as Brahmins. As it is difficult to do away with Brahminism, Hitler’s model should be followed in this case, he said. “Brahmins are everywhere now. Not just in one field, they are in every other field. Hitler faced a similar situation. Jews were everywhere. He passed a decree saying “No government job for Jews anymore”.”

He proposed a similar ‘solution’ to get rid of Brahminism. He said, “Will there be a government in TN one day which will issue an order that Brahmins can’t have any job here? When that happens, that’s the day when Dravidians will get freedom. Why don’t we do that I ask you?”. Then he said that Brahminism is trying to enter Tamil Nadu through Spiritual Politics implying that Rajini is controlled by Brahmins.

Dravidians have the habit of terming anything even remotely against their interests as Brahmin conspiracy and tag anyone who dares to question or stand up to them as a Brahmin stooge. But that doesn’t affect the non-Brahmins, for they have the protection of the constitution through reservation. It is difficult for Brahmins to get government jobs as it is, and they don’t show much interest in it either, considering the slim chances.

But it must be noted that, unlike Hitler, Athiyaman didn’t specify that Brahmins shouldn’t be given government jobs. He said , “a government issues a decree saying there is no job for Brahmins here” which could very well mean barring Brahmins from finding jobs even in private institutions. The next step would be to snatch Brahmin entrepreneurs and businessmen’s wealth on some flimsy charges. The only time when Brahmins are hired by the government is for the post of pujaris in government controlled temples. Even there people like Athiyaman have demanded that non-Brahmins should be “given the opportunity” regardless of the sampradaya and Agama followed by the temples.

While Dravidianists may not have succeeded in removing Brahmins from private employment in TN, their jealousy of the latter’s success in foreign countries has caused trouble. Dravidian organisations, in the guise of ‘Dalit rights’ organisations have been harassing Brahmins working at multinational companies in countries like the USA alleging caste discrimination. Some recent reports claim Apple and IBM have included caste discrimination in their employment policies. There is also news that Apple plans to “train” its managers on the caste system.

If one takes Athiyaman’s speech as a sample, one can understand what the managers will be “trained” on. Two months ago, a DMK spokesperson had recalled EV Ramasamy’s words about killing Brahmins and turned wistful about not having done it right then. A few days later, a Periyarist threatened that “Rivers of blood will flow” if Brahmins don’t “reform”. Unfortunately, this kind of blatant discrimination and call for genocide isn’t even noticed by the governments. Let alone taking action against those who speak this language, the Information and Broadcasting ministry doesn’t even take note of the YouTube channels publishing such content and take action against them. Perhaps we cannot expect it from a part which EV Ramasamy, who was the first to call for a Brahmin genocide.

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