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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘Dalit Christian’ Quint columnist wants to use SC-ST Act on Brahmin neighbour for allegedly objecting to a wi-fi line

The Quint columnist and a self-acclaimed Christian ‘Dalit activist’ wanted to use the SC, ST Prevention of Atrocities Act on a Brahmin neighbour for allegedly objecting to a wi-fi line going through the latter’s house. As people started calling out her hypocrisy, she deactivated her account for a while, playing the victim card, and claiming abuse all the while abusing critics using obscene language.

Shalin Maria Lawrence, a Tamil ‘writer’ and ‘Dalit activist’, had shared her personal issue with her neighbour on Twitter and lamented that she couldn’t use the SC, ST Prevention of Atrocities Act in retaliation. She claimed that her neighbour had messed with the wi-fi line going through her house and it stopped working. It is anyone’s personal liberty to decide whether something is a nuisance to them or not.

But Lawrence attributed her neighbour not liking the wi-fi line passing through her house to her caste and wanted to file a case under the draconian SC, ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. She lamented that she couldn’t do it as converted Christians do not get the privilege of using the act. The woman claims to be a ‘caste activist’ and talks about ‘casteism’ day in and day out. But when Twitter users called her out for her bigotry, she called them “RSS supporting Shudras”.

She also started abusing using cuss words as she couldn’t counter the logical questions and deactivated her account for a short period. In the past she had posted in her FB page that conversion is the only way to stop BJP’s growth in Tamil Nadu. She feared that BJP will use atheism as a weapon. She had jubilantly shared the news of a murti worshipped by Hindus for decades being declared as the idol of Buddha. She also called for all “Buddist temples” to be “redeemed and restored”.

As a Dravidian ‘Dalit’ activist, she propagates the same myth that Tamils were originally Buddhists which is used as a ploy to trick SC Hindus into leaving Hindu dharma. The recent issue with the Quint columnist shows how the draconian SC, ST Prevention of Atrocities Act is used to harass Brahmins and OBCs under frivolous charges. It is to be noted that while Lawrence has openly declared herself as a Christian, many converted SC STs do not do so to continue enjoying the privilege of reservation and other benefits. It shows how the act is designed against a particular group of Hindus even if the affected do not follow Hindu dharma.

Recently CBI had busted a gang that filed fake cases under the SC ST Prevention Atrocities Act to extort money. 2 lawyers had filed a PIL after they were falsely implicated in a gang rape case under the SC ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. Taking up the issue the court directed the CBI to initiate inquiry in 51 cases suspected to have been filed under fake charges.

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