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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

“Conversion is the way forward to stop BJP’s growth in TN”- Activist and DMK sympathiser comes clean about the real agenda

A self-proclaimed Christian activist and writer in Tamil Nadu has openly called for religious conversion “to stop BJP’s growth” in the state. A DMK sympathiser, the so-called activist expressed her fear that atheism will only benefit BJP which will use it as a weapon to strengthen its spread across the state. However even DMK sympathisers, who have views similar to her told her that conversion will give fuel to BJP to further polarise the state and gain electorally.

Shalin Maria Lawrence, who claims to be an activist and writer posted in her Facebook page that there are only two ways to arrest the growth of BJP in TN. The two ways she mentioned were “conversion” and “taking Ayodhidasa and Ambedkar to every household”. She feared that BJP will use atheism as a weapon. She further said in the post that only “cultural changes” or “restoring history” will defeat religious hate campaigns.

Ironically she could call for religious conversion and want to defeat religious hate campaigns in the same sentence. This appears to be an effect of BJP winning 300+ seats in local body election. While it is not much it seems to have triggered a meltdown among DMK sympathisers as their main campaign slogan was “BJP will intrude the state” if people didn’t vote for DMK. Uma Anandhan, a temple activist contested on BJP ticket and won from 134th ward in Chennai. This appears to have disturbed the mental peace of Dravidianists who were gloating that the current assembly is 100% Brahmin free.

The post appears to be reaction to her victory as many in her comments related to the same. However the commentors, from her own coterie pointed out that religious conversion will only work in favour of BJP like how it did in Kanyakumari. The most number of wards were won by BJP from the district. As fellow Dravidianists themselves criticised her call for conversion she played it up as conversion to Buddhism as advocated by Ambedkar. Yet she deleted the sentence where she advocated for religious conversion after it received backlash from fellow DMK sympathisers.

It is no wonder that missionaries and evangelists in the guise of activists have started openly advocating religious conversion to “rescue” the state and its people from “communal forces”. CM MK Stalin had said in a CSI church event, “this government was formed by you(Christians)”. His party’s Christian MLA Inigo Irudayaraj felicitated nun Sahaya Mary who was mentioned by Lavanya in her dying declaration. Sam Esudoss, a Pentecoastal pastor, had revealed in one of his tele-sermons that Christian denominations had “pledged support and received some promises”. “We have gotten some promises from their politicians. Leaders and brothers who lead the party have assured us that they will protect Christians”, he said. He had also vowed to bring Bharat under Jesus.

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  1. Where were these Christians before the British came to India, British came, raped hindu women, converted them and left. Christians r dirty minds, spreading ill abt other religions.

  2. If christian missionary want to convert , they can do so but with Muslims and if Muslims want to convert they can do it with Christians . Remember don’t do mistake to take Hindus for ride.

  3. Who is “communal”? Christian missionaries who want to convert everybody to Christianity; or Hindus who want to protect their religion?

  4. The DMK’s real agenda of allying with Christian missionaries has been exposed. The way forward is to amend Article 30 and extend it to all citizens, scrap the NOC by creating a National Commission of Hindu Educational Institutions, and fully fund Hindu schools for RTE admissions through electronic fund transfer directly from the federal government bypassing anti Hindu state governments like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Dravidianists who believe in atheism should be separated from the Christian filth; who deserve to be punished.

  5. Why is this hypocrite Shalin Maria Lawrence abusing our ‘BINDI’ and SAREE?
    Why is she allowed to do so without being put to task?

  6. If bjp doesn’t want to grow in TN first stop criticising destroying hindu beliefs, temples, conversion activities by foreign religionsetc.. Because every action there is equal and opposite reaction as per Newton’s law in other words it is karma ie what you do it will come back.

    Change to Buddhism is not a solution. China also following Buddhism. Because Buddhist also human. Their behavior at srilanka by destroying tamil temples is also will develop bjp..
    That’s why ni tamilnadu political parties which are made hue and cry about Srilankan tamils are keeping silence now about destruction of temples. So the miri e propaganda to change from Hinduism to any other religion is not for Peace only aim to destroy India’s unity, peaceful life if indians are evident.
    China also adopts Buddhism.

    These unproductive conversion attitudes, speeches, propaganda, etc, are to be stopped. You people are creating developing intolerance towards human race.

  7. The need of the hour is to engage in a multipronged approach to preserve our places of worship and also stop religious conversion.

  8. Why only xtianity and Islam…why not Buddhism, Janis or Sikism. You have forgotten atheism which was also prominent for Dravidian parties for their existence and eventual rise to power.

  9. TN has rich culture with the maximum number of Hindu temples in India. We should be proud of our Dravidian culture which dates back more than two thousand years before the vedic period.
    And when we convert why only xtianity and Islam..why not Buddhist, Jain or Sikh.. ..is atheism followed by dravidian parties dead and gone

  10. Hindus should organise themselves, organise and get information about places where structures of other encroachments have been done and take it upon themselves to make govt machinery break such structures… If govt backs out, then it will show the world this govt is bent only on destroying Hindu religious places and not working for higher good of clearing encroachment… Public can start with madurai bench of high court…

  11. Dravadian movement was a strategic move by missionaries to capture power / conversions in TN, a place of Cholas, Pandyas, Kattabammanas etc…they got to change color from Justice party to Dravadian movement via DK, DMK etc..but aim was to convert to evangelism…now reverse trend started with back to Hindus…will pay back in the same coin, otherwise Jihadis will kidnap Christian girls for love jihad…beware…stop narrative


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