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Sunday, March 3, 2024

WB Muslim preacher prays for death of 50 crore Bharatiyas through Coronavirus, audience cheers

A video of a Muslim preacher has surfaced online and has gone viral after being shared by lakhs of people. The video recorded live on February 23rd, 2020, features a young Muslim preacher addressing an ocean of followers in Medinipur, West Bengal. He spews venom, not only against Hindus, but Bharat as a whole in the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

In his speech in Bengali, preacher Abbas Siddiqui makes an emphatic appeal to the crowd to pray to Allah to bring death upon crores of Bharatiyas through the deadly Wuhan virus. He starts off by portraying the Coronavirus as ‘Allah’s Maar’, that is Allah’s punishment to the Chinese that befell China after President Xi Jinping allegedly announced to “alter the Quran”. 

Gloating over the deaths in China, he suggests in a celebratory mood that though the media reports the number of dead in China to be in the thousands, the real death toll in China has hit lakhs; villages after villages, towns after towns have been emptied after people succumbed to the viral contagion he claims. He mocks the doctors who are getting infected while treating Covid-19 positive cases in derogatory terms. Emphasizing that despite wearing protective gears, doctors caught the virus, he claims that Muslims who are roaming around without any masks or “packing” have defied the Coronavirus. The crowd sprawled in front of him hails ‘Allah’ in thundering chorus. 

He tells the crowd, that after allegedly witnessing Muslims remaining unaffected by Corona, the “Prime Minister of China” has unlocked doors of Masjids and is encouraging all Muslims to get into Majids to pray, and he (PM of China) has himself queued up at the Majid to offer namaz to protect himself from Corona. He states that non-Muslim corona-infected Chinese people took shelter in Masjids, emulated Muslims offering namaz, and were cured by Allah without any medicine. 

While the video was being shared to expose the cancerous and vile mindset of Abbas Siddiqui and the followers he had amassed, secularists jumped to the defence of Bharatiya Muslims claiming that this malicious preacher was not from Bharat, albeit from our bordering country, Bangladesh. 

However, anyone with the slightest knowledge of the Bengali language can call the secular bluff. In the video lasting for over 6 minutes, Siddiqui can be heard saying “amar Bharat sarkar” multiple times, which translates to, ‘My Indian government.’

Excited by the news of the global pandemic, he encourages Muslim gathering to ‘pray for Corona to hit India soon’, to which his audience responds in resounding Aameen (so be it/ May Allah fulfill this)

He calls for  “Allah Amar Bharat borshe emon kathin ekta virus dik, ei bharat borshe jano, 10-20-50 koti log more jaye”  (Allah, please bring a deadly virus to this Bharat Varsha, that kills 10-20-50 crore people)

The audience resounding responds, “Aameen”

He questions, “did I say anything wrong?”

The audience responds, “No.”

They all share a hearty laugh. When a few members in the audience appeared unconvinced with his intentions, he provoked them saying, “so what if I or you are among those dead, only when I die will I be able to meet my Nabi, my Mahammed in the grave. When an imandar (believer) dies, the Nabi (prophet) comes to see him in the grave. Say with me loudly…”

“Subhaan Allah,” (Allah is perfect) the chorus returns. 

It is harrowing that such malicious assemblies to pray for the deaths of crores of Bharatiya citizens (with 80% being Hindus, the intended target is clear) are being held on our soil, and such poisonous preachers have not been arrested for spreading hate or treason. 

It is embarrassing that West Bengal police under the TMC Government, known for apprehending people for tweets exposing the broken condition of healthcare in the state, for sharing memes on state ministers, and which stands accused of beating a man dead for stepping out to buy milk during the lockdown, shamefully and pitifully stands helpless in front of radical Islamists cocking a snook at the country and law of the land. 

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